Walking the Blade

The stories of those who walk the fine line between the reality most people know and the supernatural reality on the other side of the blade.

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The Premise:

In this post – one of the main characters, Senias (the dragon), also known to the audience as Jean-Michel Raudine (The Tasker to Gabriel Kennedy, the human Councilor of Crimson) is explaining his world to someone mundane.  

Many centuries ago, humanity discovered these permanent magical things called portals. The point is, the world was losing the energy known as magic. It’s a type of energy, don’t be fooled into overthinking. It was much like electricity. It could be manipulated to cause certain effects in the natural world. In the other world, which could be reached through these portals, magic was used everywhere and in every thing, much like electricity is used here in this world. And just like electricity helps run the impulses of the creatures of this world, magic does the same in the other world…and used to do the same with some of the creatures from this world as well.

The draining of magic from this world caused many a migration from this world into the other. Hence we have recordings of mythical creatures here that no longer exist in this world. As those beings who have magical based nervous systems migrated, the portals they walked through became permanent.

It was decided that the portals were dangerous things. Easy access between the worlds could be…problematic. Especially considering those left in this world would be unprepared for the magic in the other. And oddly enough – those in the other world would be unprepared for the technological advances of this world. Therefore two groups were formed to keep these portals and the supernatural world secret and safely guarded. 

The portals and supernatural people are governed by a group called simply, The Council. It is made up of members representing almost each race involved in the two worlds.  Like every governing body, they must also have a group of people willing to make sure their laws and decisions are upheld. Crimson is that law enforcement body. This group is lead by a Director and made up of agents. There are others tasked with situations that go beyond what a normal Crimson agent can handle. As I said before, I’m one of those – a Tasker.  I do what must be done; what I am tasked to do by the Crimson Director or by Council rulings.



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