Walking the Blade

The stories of those who walk the fine line between the reality most people know and the supernatural reality on the other side of the blade.

A little bit about me…

I’m a Southern Girl (meaning Southern United States).  I grew up in the Deep South in the Bible Belt and I guess my writing grew from an exploration of the culture and the hidden cultures and things I’ve seen in growing up. My escapism as a child grew my imagination and my spirit. I began to write at around age 11 but most of that early stuff was destroyed.

This was before having a computer or even the internet existed. Though most of that writing was destroyed, I could not stop. It was and still is part of who I am.  I met my friend Dawn (who lives across the country from me) right after things like storyboards and clubs and groups for writing partners first started up on the internet. We’ve both got a love of Urban Fantasy and Supernatural Romance and Science Fiction and High Fantasy… but also of Erotica and Alternative Lifestyles.  Once the LGBTQ movement got steam, we both realized that some of our favorite characters could actually, possibly go mainstream.  

We decided to try on serial publishing first. The more followers you get, the better your chances of being able to get picked up by a publishing company. That is our hope.

 As to my writing background – it’s all over the place. Poetry can be too easy, so I challenge myself only to actually write it when I feel something very important should be conveyed. My genres have included gaming adventures, human interest stories for newspapers (which often turn out like short stories rather than interviews), hobby writing in fan-fiction boards (comics are a weakness), romance (rarely ever just a normal one, though), erotica, high fantasy, science fiction, and my favorite – modern fantasy.

I’ve had to be practical over the past years and take on the full time job and have lost the urge to write with the goal of getting published again. But I’ve gotten back into my groove. I have been writing collaboratively for some time as well – to keep myself on a road of improvement. This site will showcase the serial my friend Dawn and I have been writing while also providing some samples of other creativity I’ve gotten myself into.


Rachel Diane Adams

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