So, this has been a very trying week for me and my family and for Dawn and her family.  Because of that, I am going to postpone posting the next post for the series. Once I have the frame of mind and the actual TIME to edit and post so that it’s not junk that I’m giving you guys, I will.

We very much appreciate your patience with this and with our lives sometimes being wild. Your follows and comments and likes and shares keep us very much in-tune with the stories of these wild characters of ours. We hope you enjoy reading it all as much as we enjoy writing it. And if you ever have requests or questions, please feel free to ask!


I wanted to share something special that we had access to here in NC… one of the local shops had a shrine room in the back of their store. It had a collection of all kinds of special items and quotes and people even wrote personal wishes, prayers, and favorite thoughts down and shared them in this lovely little corner. People of all ages, religions, and backgrounds added to it. Well, after 15 years, the shop closed down, but the shrine room was moved to a local Buddhist Temple that has their space open to the public. The sentiments of this place can now live on.  Very cool!

The following is a video I took during the last day the shop was open and it shows you just half of what the Shrine Room consisted of. The photo is also from that room and has someone’s favorite quote on it – and I, too, love that description for me and my characters.

It started as a whimsical, little gesture and became something that an entire town and surrounding population loved.  Let it be an inspiration.  Cheers!