The stroll at the waterfront was nice and the sound of the water swaying and the boats clicking against the docks was somehow soothing in its own way. The sounds of music filled the air and once again she wondered why she had agreed to this. She looked at her watch as she continued towards the bar. For the first time in a long time she found herself headed into trouble.

~ Remind your sire that he and Dev owe me big time for this. ~ There was no guarantee that it would work, but obviously their elders thought it was worth a shot. The way Senias had put it “someone much prettier and persuasive is needed”. Raven was surprised that when approached about the idea Starr had reluctantly agreed to this plan. Of course no one else was told and now here she stood at the door to the bar out on the docks away from most of the world.

Tugging at her pink and black braid Raven bit her lip ring as she stepped through the door. There was an old tune “Hells Bells” playing on the jukebox and a few obvious regulars seated around the small interior. Her boots clicked on the old wood floor as she moved to the bar while removing her jacket. Taking a seat on a bar stool she watched the bartenders back as he stood restocking the beer cooler. “What’s a girl gotta do to get a drink around here?”

“Ask, like any other customer,” the bartender replied. His long dreads had shells woven in them instead of beads, but the look was definitely lycan. He turned to look the girl over, thinking to ignore her. Every few days som pretty piece waltzed their ass in here thinking to get bought a bunch of booze by a bunch of under-sexed seadogs, and he was bored with it.  This one was interesting, though. She smelled good to him. He turned back around and finished with the box he had poised against his hip and the back counter. “What kind of drink you like? I can start you a tab. It’s kind of early for vacationers to get in, so you might want ta go on down to the Beachcomber a block away on the next pier.” He was going to assume the worst. If she surprised him, well, it’d be a pleasant surprise, wouldn’t it?

Raven smiled and looked what he had over as she tapped her black polished nails on the bar, “Thanks for the tip, but I prefer this place. I’ll have bourbon on ice.” She looked back at the others and realized they were watching her too. “And a fresh round for everyone else.” Her odd colored eyes were visible as she removed her sunglasses and set them on her head. Raven couldn’t help but look him over because he was a delightful piece for sure. His scent was lycan, but there was more to it then that. He was something much more and that made him even more interesting. The appeal was definitely there!

There were a few cheers from the back of the room and the pool table. The bartender looked over at them to decide what to give them. There were only maybe seven in the place right then. Like he said, the place got busier later at night.  With a deep breath, he scooped some ice in a highball and then poured his best bourbon over it, instead of only pushing half, he gave her a double. She’d already surprised him with the buying everyone a round. Might as well keep those surprises, going, right?  

“So, what’re you celebratin’?” He turned and set the glass in front of her, but then, just stared.

He shook his head a bit and blinked several times. “Damn. Aren’t we a pair?” he whispered, before placing both his hands on the counter. For once, Raven was not looking at brown, warm, normal lycan eyes. She was looking at one blue eye and one green eye. No wonder she had smelled so good. She was a half-breed, like him. He’d never met one outside his family.  

His eyes.. Raven couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. After thinking she was freak one of a kind, and here there was another one. Had Sen and Dev known about this? Was this why they had asked her to do this? If so they were horrible bastards for doing it. Taking a drink she held her composure and offered her hand to him, “Aren’t we now, I’m Raven and you are?”

“I’m Evan,” he took her hand in his and bent down to kiss her pulse point on her wrist before letting go. The scent there told him all the more about her. He felt as though everything was in slow motion. And then, he was ripped back to reality by the shouts from the pool table.

“Right! Hold it down, ya demons!” he chuckled before looking back to Raven. “You promised them booze. I gotta deliver.” he held his hand out for the money. No way he was giving them any spirits without it being paid for.  

“Of course.” Raven stood up and pulled cash from her jean pocket. “Here, take this and whatever is left after I leave, you can keep as a tip.” She sat back down and sipped from her glass again.

“I’ve, uh… never met someone like you, Raven. So I hope you forgive me the staring,” he explained while handling the cash register and then beginning his pours.   

“Same goes for me, I’ve never seen another like me either.” She propped her chin in her hand as she rested her elbow on the bar. “How did someone like you end up way out here by the water?” His scent was absolutely mouth watering. ~ Oh baby what a temptation. ~ It was best to keep Starr in the loop than try and keep things from him. Beside her dragon felt everything from her and hiding it or denying it would just piss him off. ~ Tell your sire that it’s him for sure. ~

“I can hide here. Most people who come here are just here for a season and then gone. Nice place to make a business.” He was being honest. “I don’t owe anyone anything, here.”  he finished up on the platter of drinks and winked at her. “You thinkin’ of disappearing?” He put up the bottle and walked around the counter. He was the only one working right now, so he had to do it all. Lifting the platter was nothing to him. He whispered, “Hold your answer for me, Raven. I’ll be right back.” And with that, he made his way over to the other side of the room to put the drinks down. Then he brought two brews over to the couple at the other end of the bar before returning. Instead of going behind the counter, though, he sat next to her.

“Disappearing? Now why would I want to do that?” Raven gave a soft laugh as she drank more from her glass. She let her gaze move over his braids and shells, her hand reached out to touch a shell, “Interesting twist to that tradition, usually it’s beads and not shells though.”

~ Temptation? More like a full out hunting need, Rave. I think you’ve got me fuckin’ wet, ~ Starrfire was being humorous, but it kind of concerned him. He wasn’t the only one here, on the other side of the bridge. Sure, Russ couldn’t feel her like he could, but that didn’t eliminate their third’s rights to know.  Starr’s eyes actually moved to Russ as he spoke aloud to the others in the Kennedy Kitchen. “She says it’s him.”

~ Well that makes two of us baby. His eyes are just like mine, and he smells absolutely delicious. ~ She sucked the liquor off her bottom lip as she enjoyed the rest of her drink.

Russ set his coffee cup down and stood up, “So we can go in and talk to him now right?” He didn’t like Raven being in there like she was and if this guy laid a hand on her, he’d rip it off for the trespass.

“No, sit down Russ.” Devon rumbled as he refilled Sen’s cup. “He needs to come out of the bar and to us willingly. Stop rumbling like that, pup.” Sebastian wasn’t awake yet and they were waiting for him to join them in this.

“You let mamawolf go undercover to play on another male’s wants to get him to follow her?” Starrfire asked Devon.

“No, can’t say I’d be able to easily.” Devon answered the dragonling with ease.

“Then please don’t ask him to stop rumbling, sir.” Starr could be polite when he wanted to be. He just wanted Devon to understand the situation.

Gabriel refilled the pot and looked back at father and son, “What if she doesn’t convince him? What if he convinces her?” Gabriel looked at Starr, “Are you sure she is up to this?”

“You’re not making this easier,” Starrfire glared this time. His mood was tanking and he was trying to keep himself from portaling right to his lady love. His hands went to the edge of the table and his fingers danced over invisible keys while he closed his eyes and simply tried to keep calm. He took some nice deep breaths.

Walking around to stand beside Starr, Russ took his friends face into his hands and turned him so that they were eye to eye. “Keep it together brother, ya feel her and she’s lettin’ ya know. I’m sure if it was getting bad she’d call ya in.” He touched foreheads together with the dragon and felt a shiver move straight through him. His wolf wanted out and yet he was fighting it because he knew why his wolf wanted out, it was for the same reason that Starr wanted to go to the bar.

“Right,” Starr whispered.

Senias was extremely curious about this. Something was affecting both their boys. What was going on that the adults didn’t know about? His eyes were concerned as they moved between Gabriel and Devon.

Back at the bar, Evan nodded. “I don’t have a pack, if that’s what you’re asking.” He was impressed with her way of digging. “And you’re not lycan, but you have the hint of one on you and you know about their ways. So…” he raised a brow and waited for the explanation.

“That isn’t what I was asking, I was just admiring the shells. Though to answer how I know, well I have a good friend that is lycan, he’s from Pack Weylyn. I’m sure you know of them since you’ve been in their territory for a while.” Raven held her glass up for a refill, “Ever visited them?”

“Not in a very long time.” His dimples showed as he let on a tight smile. “I try not to be a bother. They don’t like lone wolves that’re a bother.” he stood up suddenly and reached over the counter to grab his redbull.

She checked out his ass because she could when he reached for a drink. “Hmm interesting thought.” She said more to herself than to him.

He sat back down next to her and popped the top. “I’m glad you like the shells. Kind of goes with the theme. I learned to sail when I was a teenager and I’ve liked being near the ocean breeze ever since.” He took a drink and then his eyes brightened a bit. He gulped it down and asked, “Where are you from, Rave? I mean if you don’t mind me calling you that. I guess the way you look makes me think it’s appropriate. You look like you should be at a rave having fun rather than here talking to me.”  

Rattling the ice in her glass so that he would refill it, she replied, “I don’t mind, most call me Rave. I’m from Coven Evansworth, my father is human and my mother is an Evansworth. The one I call sire is from the coven though. I roamed all over for years before realizing I just needed to return to the lair.” She watched his reaction as he filled her glass up.

“You call someone else sire besides your father, whom I presume is gone to the… well.. Dead?” he finished pouring her drink.

“Yeah long story, but he was there when my father couldn’t be and while he’s pretty uptight, and an outright asshole at times, he’s still my dad.” She took a drink and looked down at the ice a moment.

“What do you mean, you just needed to return to the lair? I don’t think I follow,” he took another drink and waited on her explanation. The conversation was slow, but he didn’t mind. He felt good around her.

Her gaze lifted back to him and she gave a much softer smile to him before answering, “I had gone through Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and was in New York getting ready to head towards Florida when I felt the pull to the lair. At first I resisted it, and stayed in the city, I still have a place there. But then I just needed to go and see what it was all about and when I got there I felt different, I felt like I was home.” She took a drink and the smile warmed up, “I don’t live in the lair now but I still visit regularly and I never feel that lost feeling anymore.”

Evan nodded. “Good for you. I’m glad you’re accepted even with your differences. Not many covens would do that. At least, not that I’ve heard. Lord Evansworth must be a non-traditionalist.”  

“He is to a point.” Raven actually laughed a little. “What about you? Where’s home, ever get that calling?”

“Oh, feel home calling? Like, from a pack?” Evan shrugged. “I feel home calling sometimes, but not from a place unless a person is in that place. I’ve not felt that in quite a while. But where I grew up was never what I would consider home and I never found another one, not like you did, if that’s what you mean.”   

Chewing on her lip ring, Raven reached for Evan’s hand on a whim, “What if I told you that you have a Pack that would want you? A place that you could call home and family?”

The contact had the male taking a quick breath, despite himself. The near-electricity there was immediate. His eyes even sparkled for a moment.

“I’d say, you didn’t just happen to come into this bar by accident, which means maybe my belief in fate is correct and my heart just lost a bet.”  He squeezed her hand but didn’t continue to hold it. “Why are you so worried about me finding a home, Raven? Who sent you?”

Pulling her hand back Raven offered more when it seemed that he was at least curious.

“You say you never had a place you’d consider home. I’m telling you they’d accept you, oddities and all. I know them and they are good people, fierce and protective, but loving and nurturing.” For some reason she wanted to hug him and that feeling rushed through her without her realizing it, it went through to her dragon.

The young dragon growled where he sat at the table, his eyes shimmering green, an appropriate color.  ~ Careful love. Temptation doesn’t always work out. ~

~ I just grabbed his hand a moment, it was nothing more than the physical contact love, I promise I’m still alright. ~ Raven assured her Chosen Kindragon while listening to Evan speak.

“What’s happening? She’s just supposed to talk him up and lead him out. She’s wanted to try on Tasker work for a while now. Is she not ready for something like this?” Senias looked between Russ and Starr. He took another drink of his coffee.

“She overstepped herself, Starr will keep her on track. She’ll do fine.” Russ assured his mentor as he kept eye contact with Starr.

Evan turned to face Raven.

“My brother is a doctor by now and my sister, I failed her. But my mama? She’s happy. She has a new family and new pups and I have a stone under an oak. I haven’t existed to her in a long time. I’ve come to accept that. So why are you wanting to change all of that?” She obviously knew him or of him so there was no point in pussy-footing around.

Tracing a water rivulet down the side of her glass Raven caught his gaze again, “Your brother Avery Azrael Weylyn is currently working at getting his life in order after being a slave across the portal. I can’t tell you anything more than he’s working at the clinic again. Pack Weylyn is currently working on finding your sister.”

“What?” He got up from his stool, a growl deep inside of him.

“Your mother may have more pups and a mate, but I can promise that you’ve never left her mind. She thought all of you were dead and her heart has hurt for each of you every day. She would be thrilled to have you in her life even if you don’t choose to stay.” Raven rose from the seat and slid her jacket back on. “I’m not wanting to change anything, but your mama deserves this bit of happiness from that heartache don’t you think?”

“You can’t just drop this kind of news and then think to leave. How was he a slave? He’s been fine and safe and I got him an new identity and everything! That makes no sense. And why are they looking for Becca? All of my contacts said she was killed. She shifted and took out some of those bastards, but she was… they said she didn’t make it!” His hand caught her shoulder before she could step back. “How do you know all of this?”  

When Raven turned around it was to pull his hand from her shoulder slowly, “I wasn’t leaving, I was going to ask you if you’d like to go out to smoke with me.” To prove she was being truthful Raven reached inside the jacket and pulled her cigarettes and zippo out. “I’ll tell you what I know, but not in here where everyone is listening.”

Evan turned and looked behind him at the people staring. He was normally very quiet, so the outburst took them all by surprise and the things he was talking about, he figured only a couple understood. The rest were not supernatural.  

“Stage production. Don’t laugh! I fund the local kids at the Y, remember? They talked me into it.” he shrugged.  Most chuckled or nodded and went back to what they were doing. A good portion of them hadn’t even heard. He turned back to see her walking out the door. Grabbing what was left of his Red Bull, he swallowed it and tossed the can over into the trash.  Then, he pulled out his phone and headed outside.

Once they were outside Raven lit a smoke and offered Evan the pack.

He took it as he was finishing his call. “Yeah, Jack, just come in. I’ve got an emergency. I’ll stay til you’re here. Yeah.” He let the phone drop to his hand and then it was in his pocket before he tapped a cigarette out and handed the pack back. He put the thing to his lips and waited on her to light it.

“I know all of this because I know the Weylyn’s and while I haven’t personally met your brother, I am sure that he is doing well at the supernatural clinic with Dr. Keen. I don’t know what happened with your brother, Evan you will need to ask him that. All I know is that the Weylyn’s are looking for all three of you and when they heard you may be here at this bar they asked me to check into it.” She took a drag on the cigarette and let the smoke roll out of her mouth, “Honestly I knew you belonged to Eva just by looking at you. You look a lot like her.”

“You didn’t know I was like you. That’s why the surprise was real?” He wasn’t focused on what she had said about him. He was focused on her.

“So,” he sighed after she lit his cigarette, then sucked in a breath of the tobacco. Letting the smoke out of his mouth slowly, he continued. “They know I’m alive now and they found me and sent you to be sure. Why not come themselves? Afraid I’d bolt? What’s stopping me from bolting, now?”   

“I was surprised and I won’t deny it. They felt maybe it’d be easier coming from someone kind of like you. And honestly there is nothing stopping you, but I think you want to see your brother if no one else and you want to help find your sister if it’s true that she isn’t dead. I’d suggest at least meeting them and seeing your siblings if nothing else.” Raven took another drag on the cigarette and let it out with a slow exhale.

He took another draw and huffed the smoke out before flipping it into the water below the pier. The crash of waves told them both the tide was in.  he just stood there, looking out at the night sky, the grey of the clouds over the ocean the only light change. He closed his eyes and held his chin up, letting the ocean wind moved around him.

“If you can find me, anyone can. If the coven is still intact, they’ll come for me. I’ve made a lot of enemies. I thought if I stayed away, those enemies wouldn’t come a-callin’ where it might hurt anybody else.”

“That won’t work anymore Evan. Come with me and meet your family and see your siblings. At least with them you can work to protect them against your enemies and theirs right?” Raven looked him in the eyes as she crushed her cigarette out on the heel of her boot before tossing it in the water.

A jeep pulled up at the front parking lot of the place and Evan nodded. “My back-up. Let me go talk to him and then, I’ll meet you on the other side of the lot.” The lycan walked away from her to make sure the keys were handed over properly and the guy knew what was happening. Evan knew he couldn’t stay here. No sense in bullshitting.

When he was done, he walked over to Raven. “Well?” He then stopped her from doing anything else and put a finger on her mouth. “Things are different when we leave here, I know. But, I wasn’t the only one that felt that… back there, was I?”

Raven had taken his hand and was about to shadow them when Evan stopped her. There gazes held for a heartbeat and Raven swallowed hard and forced the words past her lips, “Doesn’t matter what you felt, I already have a Chosen and a lover so unless you’re willing to join their numbers it’s pointless to discuss further.” Before Evan could answer she was shadowing them to the Kennedy estate where the others were waiting on them out on the back patio near the pool since she couldn’t take him inside.

Russ had a hand on Starrfire’s shoulder, otherwise the dragon would’ve bolted toward his Chosen. They were standing at the window looking at what Raven had been tempted over.

“Give her a sec, let her introduce him to the elders and then we’ll go out to them.” Russ was rumbling due to his wolf feeling possessive right along with the dragon.

“I’m the skinny, pale, red-head. What’ve you got to worry about?” Starr whisper-muttered to Russ. “Look at that side of beef. Hell, I’d fuck him…”

“Really? He’s my brother.. If she chooses him over me then I have to be social due to mama. Did ya think of that?” Russ looked out the window and almost groaned, “We are so fucked..”

Once they appeared she stepped back a pace to let him get his barrings and to put a little distance between them. “Welcome to the Kennedy Estate Evan, let me introduce you to Gabriel Kennedy he owns the place, Tasker Senias of Morias, he is Pack brother to the Alpha. This is Devon Weylyn the Pack Alpha and your mothers mate. He’s been avidly searching for all of you to reunite with your mother. And this is my father Sebastian Evansworth Lord of the Evansworth Coven.”

Devon stepped forward before the others could say a word and he reached for the pups forearm to clasp as he smiled and his eyes shimmered with joy. “Welcome home Evan.. ya mama will be so overjoyed to finally see ya. We are all so thankful that ya came to at least meet us.” The grasp wasn’t demanding or possessive, it was warm and friendly without overstepping his grounds.

“Thank you.” Evan used the same force as Devon did. His odd-colored eyes looked from the lycan over to the others and back. “I didn’t have much else to do.” He was being very reserved. He wasn’t sure of the situation and he definitely wasn’t sure of his place in it.

Unlike the lycan Sebastian hung back and let the others do the cheerful greetings to the half breed. He had helped locate the man and that was his part completed. Senias was also hanging back. He was there for Devon, but if he needed to leave, he would. He remained closer to the door for now. He wondered if the boys were coming out. This entire situation had been very entertaining and interesting to him. He could see Starr and Russ both watching from the window, but neither made moves to come forward, yet.

“Can we offer you something to drink?” Gabriel was a little more reserved and yet played the proper host.

“I just left my bar. If I were thirsty I would have had something, there. But thanks.” Evan swallowed. He took a step back. “I’m not sure what to say. They need a Hallmark card for this kind of thing.”  He was awkward and he knew it, but he had no idea what to say or whom to direct it to. And then… he sniffed the air. His eyes landed on the window. There was a low rumble from him and he took another step back. He could smell the one he had smelled on Raven.

Raven put a hand on Evan’s back to stop him and smiled at him. “It’s alright they aren’t here to hurt you.” She looked towards the window and nodded, ~ Come out and let him meet you both.~

“Well, here goes nothing,” Starr muttered. He looked over his shoulder at Russell. He could already see and feel the trepidation. He didn’t like it.

As he followed Starr outside, Russ wasn’t so sure this was a good idea. He’d fight dirty if he had to though because this one was as big as Clint if not bigger. He wasn’t ready to explain that to his mama, but he would if he had to. He waited for Starr to introduce himself first as Raven’s Chosen Kindragon. It was his right, Russ knew he was nothing that close to Raven. They were enjoying the moment, but eventually it would fade. The question was would this be that moment? By the looks of things it could be possible.

Senias placed a hand over Gabriel’s shoulder when his love came back over to him. He was close enough to Sebastian to feel the tension on the vampire as well. ~ First time being stuck in an awkward dad moment? ~ He asked the vampire.

~Yes and I’m ready to be out of it too.~ He glanced at Gabriel and smirked, ~But obviously your boyfriend is enjoying the sight.~

“Starrfire of Clans Morias and Gorias. Russell Weylyn, here with me? He’s your brother, or one of them. Raven and Russell are my kindred. We, uh… have a mental and emotional connection. But, perhaps you already know that.” He held his hand out to the big guy. It might have surprised all of them for him to include Russell, but the lycan was his best friend. He wasn’t about to downplay that.

“She said something… like that,” Evan looked over at Raven. “But not that you were a dragon or that he was my brother.” That made things complicated. He grasped arms with Starr and then turned slightly and held his arm out to Russ.

After the surprise wore off of being referred to as Starr’s kindred, Russell stepped forward to take the extended forearm and clasped it as his father had. There was a slight difference considering the tension in the air between them that hadn’t been present with his father. “Rave’s gotta bad habit of withholding tiny important details like that. Ain’t that right, darlin’.”

Evan took his hand back, but his eyes remained locked on those of his brother. Neither seemed to want to back down.

Stepping between all three of them, Raven ran a hand across both lycan chests to get their attention on her and not one another. She then stepped closer to Starr and stood before him with her back pressed to his chest.

“Down fellas, cause Raven is her own being, remember?” She smiled and slid her arm around Starr’s arm, “Now come on and walk with us down to see your mother. A bit of walking might do all of us some good.” She smiled for both lycan males before urging Starr to lead her down to the Alpha’s cabin, knowing the brothers would come too.

“Come on. I love Eva. Gonna love seeing her get all happy and weepy all at once,” Starrfire pulled Raven close to him as they walked. He kissed the side of her head and focused on the positive, despite knowing full well that his best friend was not all that happy at all, right now.

“I guess that could have gone worse?” Senias looked between Devon and Sebastian.

Shoving his fingers through his hair Devon sighed heavily, “Yeah a lot worse. Let’s go to my home, my mates waitin’.”

“Well, we only have to find their sister, now, right? And make it through the decision and the dismantling?” Senias was trying to look at the bright side. “And maybe without the threat of the Coven hurting more people, Laramy and Evan can help us with knowing where everything and everyone is.”

Rolling his eyes Sebastian shadowed without saying another word. Sen and Gabriel could hand Dev and Eva in the rest of this matter. He was going back to Samantha. He was tempted to tell them about Rebecca but she wasn’t ready for all of this.

“He’s gettin’ mighty good with those quiet exits,” Devon grumbled.

“He’s trying for a patent on it, I’m sure, Gabriel smirked. “Go home and deal with the family, Devon. We can wait on the rest. This reunion needs to happen first.”

The big Alpha nodded. He walked on to follow the rest of the group.

Exchanging a look with Evan, Russ started walking but couldn’t help but rumble real low at his new found brother, “The odd eyes are interesting, but not enough to get her. Better have more than that big guy.” Russell held nothing against Evan, he just wasn’t ready to give Raven up to him so easily.

Evan smirked.  Instead of replying vocally, he replied using telepathic means, a gift of his vampiric heritage.  ~ Oh, I have a lot more than the colors. I have a side of me that’s more like her than either of you have to offer her. I’m older, more experienced, and there’s more of me to enjoy, little bit. ~ if the pup wanted to challenge him, he was up for it. The way he figured – someone like Raven was one in a billion and definitely worth it.

At the mental intrusion Russell stopped in his tracks and growled low at his new found sibling.

Evan stopped, turned to watch Russell with nothing but a grin on his face and challenge in his eyes.

The only thing that stopped him from reacting to what Evan said was the feel of Senias’ approach behind him. If he let his wolf loose more than Evan would feel it and that was unfair to the others. It did test his control though and that was dangerous. “Good luck cause neither of us give up willingly and while you may beat me out I know ya won’t beat him.” Russ gave a vicious grin as he continued on behind Raven and Starr towards the large two story cabin.

While she knew what was going on behind her, Raven didn’t stop nor did she give the two any further attention. If Russell seriously wanted a place in their lives then he needed to stand up for it. She adored Russ but the wolf was a player and she and Starr knew that from the get go. He was fun to be around and fun to play with, but he several lovers all over the place and they weren’t exclusive. The only one that ever held her body, mind, heart and soul was Starrfire and he would never be replaced by any of their playthings.

~ Are you okay? You got him here and didn’t have to fight. That’s so cool… ~ It was Starr’s way of saying he was proud of her. She rarely got the chance to do stuff like this. He just hoped things hadn’t gotten too uncomfortable. Considering what he felt from Russ, this was not going to be an easy transition.  ~ but are you okay? ~

Raven smiled for her kindragon, ~I’m alright, I just feel something with him Starr that I don’t understand. ~ She looked down at the ground a moment and took a deep breath, ~ I shouldn’t feel anything for him, I just met him… and yet.. I don’t know babe tell me what I should do? ~ Raven’s odd colored gaze lifted to meet Starr’s and there was confusion there. He was her heart and she trusted him completely. There had been so many moments in their time together that his opinion had helped her make the right choice. Raven knew sometimes she made terrible choices and for that reason she always conferred with her love on big things like this one.

~ Right now, I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask. Whatever you were feeling, it kind of… it made me overreact in front of everybody. I’m sorry. I just, it’s a lot to think about. ~ Starrfire was honest, even if it wasn’t what Raven needed. He swallowed hard and pulled her closer as they walked. It was a loving gesture, not a possessive one. ~ It scared me. I don’t think it was because of me, though. Not sure that makes sense. Give me some time and maybe I can put it into words? ~   

Eva was putting Aaron and Michael to bed when she heard the door open downstairs.  She smiled, closing the door. She didn’t want the kids to be woke up by Devon getting in late. And considering she heard other voices, seemed like she’d not only be heating up his food, but making coffee or, who knew what.

She got to the stairs and made it half-way down them before freezing into place.

Evan’s eyes looked up at the woman he’d had in his life for only the first few years. He knew her scent like the back of his own hand. She had made him feel safe in a world that was always changing and always on the brink. He’d been around 10 when they were taken from each other. He didn’t have a home. She was home.  

“Hello, Mama.”  It was the first show of emotion since they had met him.

Eva moved down those steps so quickly… Evan went to his knees and he accepted the warm hug from the little woman. She cried quietly and moved her hands over his soft locks and let herself smell him and just feel his warmth against her. Tears streamed down both of their faces.

“Welcome home,” she whispered in his ear.    


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2019