( I know, it’s short. But at the same time my partner in crime, Dawn was going through a surgery, I wound up with my chronic illness hitting me hard. So, we didn’t get the rest of this post done in time. Apologies!  But I wanted to at least end this introductory for two of our favorite recurring characters. )


“I am Becca,” she whispered, knowing that’s all she had to do for him to hear her. He seemed wary of the Coven Master. She wondered which coven had found her? Had they claimed her?  She had not thought to ask her benefactor.

“Nice to meet ya, Becca. As ya heard I’m Cody, there ain’t much to me just so ya know.” Unlike his fellow lycan Cody was clean shaven and his hair was cut extremely short. But he was broad built and well muscled like them. And he knew how to handle himself like them, too. As Sebastian left them alone Cody moved across the room to look out the window and watch until the fang was seated on the swing, then he relaxed a little.

“You don’t trust him? Or you don’t trust any?” she asked. However, she would not be getting an answer. He was definitely all about the business.

“My rules are simple enough. Keep to the wrists for ya feedin’ and respect my privacy which means no one hears of this or of me. I’m off everyone’s grids and that is just how I like it. Ya come here when scheduled to. Knock and wait for my answer. Don’t just invite yaself in.” He turned and walked towards the living room area. Taking a seat in his chair Cody rolled up the sleeve on his plaid shirt and held his tattooed wrist out to her. The proof was on his skin, Cody had once been a blood slave to a Coven. That meant all his main feeding areas would be tattooed with thick tribal designs and scarred with the many bite marks he’d most likely endured. The designs would be familiar to her as well. They were the designs for her own Coven, Eriksson.

Becca gasped and stepped back. He was a slave. She had been raised to use them, but had stopped when she realized that she too was a slave. She had seen the tattoos, same as her own, but they had been bitten and used, where as she had been treated well, unless she refused a service. She had only been used for blood once. And it had been right before she had gone into training. After that, she had been elevated in status. She could pass. Her training was in infiltration, spying, defense, and in the end, they had placed her with the medical labs, where she could take care of and defend the children that had been orphaned – or so she thought.  She had barely felt the sting of slavery. Cody had been a slave and used and mistreated. She felt ashamed for wanting to taste his blood.  

Misunderstanding her reaction Cody frowned,”No drugs taint my system. No alcohol either. Ya won’t catch nothin’ from drinkin’ from me girl. I’m tattooed, not toxic.” His hands turned palm up and then down so that she could see for herself that there were no needle tracks on his forearms or between his fingers. “See I’m clean.”

“I can’t do this to you.” She was shaking, she wanted it so bad. She could hear his heartbeat and that was bad enough. Becca started for the door to tell Sebastian he had chosen wrong. She wouldn’t do this to him free or not.

Cody growled before shaking his head at her.

“Are ya hungry or not?” He knew she had to be hungry, so couldn’t understand her hesitance.


With a snarl he bared a claw and slashed it across the bared wrist creating a nice steady trickle of coppery scented warm crimson to begin to flow. Cody knew how to entice a fang, especially a starving one, like her.

The scent, the smell of the pure essence hit her and she growled. Her hand placed against the door; she had gotten so close to leaving. She turned to watch the flow. Her fangs popped and she was drooling. Her stomach pulled into knots again and she couldn’t leave. She couldn’t. Within seconds, the girl was down on her knees in front of him, licking his wrist, trying to figure out how best to accomplish this. She had not drank for so long, little on from a wrist.

“Don’t bite down or you’ll hit bone and hurt us both.” He turned her so that she was between his knees, facing outward and his nicked wrist was easier to place at her mouth. Also, in this position, if she wobbled, he could catch her well enough. “Ease ya teeth in and drink slow; don’t gulp or you’ll make yaself sick by takin’ too much, too fast.” She wasn’t the first young fang to feed from him. He’d had to teach a few through the years to keep from getting injured in the feedings. Better to teach them right than to hurt for their inexperience later.

Becca looked over her shoulder, up at him, her big brown eyes full of pain. She then went back to the wrist and followed his guidance and eased the fangs into the flesh and then lifted slightly to let the blood flow slowly onto her tongue. Once the flow was established, she barely pulled any at all, for fear of hurting him. She just let it come to her naturally and she swallowed whenever her mouth was near to full.

A hand went to his knee to better steady herself while drinking. The euphoria was moving into her now. She could feel it hit her hard. She smiled because for the first time in a while, she didn’t feel hunger pain. Her weight, such as it was, moved against his other knee. This position was fortuitous, indeed. Had she been in any other position, she would’ve hit the floor by now.

Quicker than expected, she relinquished the bite and sealed his wounds with her licking – licking that continued until she had cleaned his entire wrist and hand. This was definitely not like a normal fang. Her grip was gone and she slid down a knee, her arms around his lower leg. The drunkenness helped her; soothed her. She tried. But her tears were already welled and before she could stop herself, she was whispering, “I’m sorry,” to the big male over and over. She was sorry she had to drink, sorry to have hurt him.

There was a gruff grunt and huff as Cody rose to his feet and easily scooped the feather lite female from the ground. “Sorry for what? Ya don’t have nothin’ to be sorry for.” He was in the process of carrying the young female out to her supposed chaperone.

“They did wrong. Slaves are wrong. Treat you like nothing. I…” Becca quieted, unsure what to say to him. She had fed on others like him at the coven. She hadn’t thought a thing about it until she was out on her own, running for her life. They had all been slaves. They were all possessions of Coven Eriksson. And she finally began feeling emotion, so much more emotion. Especially when she thought of what might have happened to the babies, the pups… No one was there to defend them or the feeder slaves.

“Wasn’t you that enslaved me and took from me. I gave this to ya. Free will.” There was a low rumble that was filled with not only a fierce anger, but also a touch of the pain he felt deep inside.

The rumble brought out a low rumble in her own chest, a response to his pain after having drunk from him, after being close to him. Lycan often acted on more of a pack mentality even when they weren’t officially part of a pack. She felt her ribs begin to ache.

“No… not now…” her hands went to her chest. She took deep breaths trying to calm herself and soothe her body to keep from shifting. She was sweating and felt the pain. She supposed it was drinking the blood, feeding for the first time in so very long and his emotions that made her inner instinct want out. But, to be honest, she didn’t think she could actually take a shift.

Cody was confused. Sebastian had said she was vamp and yet it felt and looked like she was trying to shift! He hated being lied to, and the thought of being possibly duped almost had him snarling.  Before he could deal with the falsehoods he’d been fed, the vampire elder was pulling the door open to take Becca from his arms. The worst thing was that the Coven Master was within his rights.

“Nooo….” Becca groaned. But she honestly had very little strength. She was drunk off the blood and scared about the shift. And then she was in the other man’s arms and the world spun and she was out. There was no shifting, just sleep.

“Thank you, I’ll bring her again in a few days.” Sebastian turned and walked away from the cabin. He needed to get his ward back to her room and then make his way to his Tasker whom apparently was in a bit of a snag himself.

As the ursa watched, Evansworth vanished and left him standing in his own doorway. “What the hell have I gotten mixed in to..” Cody rumbled to himself as he rubbed a hand over his short cut hair and turned to walk back inside.

~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2019