Dawn and I have always seen Devon in our minds as Kevin Nash, a wrestler and actor we both know and like. So just wanted to show his likeness on this post. He’s not too pleased right now. 


Senias had not just showered, he had luxuriated in a nice long, hot bath before getting out and getting dressed. Khakis and a t-shirt, he grabbed his boots and made his way down the stairs with his button up over his arm. It was time for some liquid motivation.

He mouthed the words to himself as he thought back over the morning. Seriously?  Dates and sleepovers? What the fuck had they already been doing? Shaking his head, he poured his coffee and started mixing his cream and sugar into it. That’s when he felt the sensation that told him someone was at the front of the house.

Looking at his watch, he realized he was late in meeting up with the others. Did he have any breakfast stuff in this house? Sen went through the pantry looking for something quick and easy.  The lycan were almost always well-fed before doing a damn thing.

Coming through the front door Devon rumble, “Better have some grub ole claw cause I’m starvin’ and I want coffee.” You could actually hear the rumbles of the Alpha’s stomach as he started towards the kitchen where Sen was sure to be.

“You’re usually full by the time you get here. What happened to Eva cooking you a nice meal?” Senias asked before taking out some oatmeal and then reaching for the fridge door, only to find Devon grabbing the other side of it.

“What kind of question is that? Do I look or sound well fed? I’m practically wastin’ away right here in front of you.” Devon was helping his friend look for grub at this point.

“Hell – O!” Derek yelled from the door. “You two still in here?!”

“Kitchen! Lock the damned door!” Senias yelled before just backing up out of the way of Devon as he grabbed food and shoved it over onto the countertop.  

“I would still be enjoyin’ that well cooked meal and hot coffee if not for your boyfriend’s moody looks and strange ways at MY table.”

“My boyfriend? No. I’m not sure what to call him. But, stop getting on his strange ways. He can’t help himself on that.” Having forgotten the oatmeal that he would have been fine with, Senias took the eggs and moved over to the stove.  Getting down a pan from the rack, he sprayed it good and set it on the flames. Time for some protein and fat.

“I’ll get on his strange ways all I like and if he ain’t your boyfriend then why are ya worried about it?” Devon tossed bacon onto the counter to go along with the eggs. He also put bread in the toaster and started up the coffee pot. “I been around the boy long enough to know what he can and can’t help Sen. Besides what are you questionin’ now? Little too late to put on the brakes ain’t it?”

“I’ll have you know I didn’t put brakes on. I just fuckin’ embarrassed myself, because I didn’t put brakes on.” Senias let his eyes hit the floor as he moved to the pan holder above the island to grab what Devon needed.

Dev scowled at his friend, “How the hell did ya manage that shit, brother?” He scratched at his whiskers while watching the dragon.

“I brought you some biscuits from the all night diner, though. Least these might help?” Derek put the paper bag in front of Devon, the smell of roasted chicken and cheddar wafting up from it.

Senias just handed Devon a large griddle to put on the two eyes on the other side of the stove for the bacon. He didn’t feel like heating up the house with the oven, besides, it’d take longer. He continued to crack eggs into a bowl.  

Devon unwrapped a chicken biscuit and crammed nearly the whole thing in his mouth with a moan. He chewed the chicken, cheese and biscuit while rumbling in his chest over the enjoyment of the food. Licking his lips and wiping his face he shook a finger at Derek while mumbling, “Better have… stayed outta T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” He set the griddle into place and wait for it to heat up before placing the bacon slices on it. The toast popped up about that time and the lycan waved Derek towards it to pull it out and toss more in.

Senias stayed quiet, hoping that Devon would forget he was being interrogated to focus on the pup.  

Derek sat at the bar and yawned.

“Look, don’t get pissy with me because you’re HANgry, pops. I brought you food. You should be at least thankful for that.” Derek was playing his own game of not wanting to say anything too incriminating. He wasn’t sure how much Devon knew about him and Mira.  He made to take out the toast, replace it and then spread butter on the hot pieces.

Unwrapping the second chicken biscuit, Devon took a bite and left very little in his fingers as  he rumbled at them both. Flipping the bacon the Alpha moved to pour himself a cup of coffee and took a nice long drink of the fresh brew.

“First batch, up.” Senias dumped the scrambled eggs on a plate and passed it over.  Then, he went back to cooking. He figured the less he said the less he’d have the target on his ass.

Lifting the bacon from the griddle Devon dropped it on a plate and then move to grab a few from the cabinet for them to eat from. Scooping eggs to his plate along with several pieces of bacon and a few slices of toast, Devon moved to one of the stools to take a seat where he could glare at them both while shoveling food in his mouth.

Senias put the next mess of eggs on a plate for Derek and continued.

Waving at Sen with one pieces of the toast, Dev mumbled around bites, “So what the hell happened?” The look he gave Derek said the younger lycan best keep his own mouth closed or he’d be the next thing Dev took a bite out of.

“I don’t know,” Senias stated plainly as he created his own plate, a little lighter on the yummies than Devon’s.  “I remember last night, every detail. We went out to eat, we accidentally met up with Sebastian and Samantha Keene at the restaurant. But, I had told Gabriel about the vampire.  Turns out the fang gets around,” he grumbled the last bit before stuffing his mouth full of egg.

“Around as in..” Devon paused there. Then he chuckled as he caught on and whistled low and watched his friend. “Gabriel? How’d that get by my mate?” He shook his head. Eva usually knew everything about every pup in the pack, and she protected Gabe like he was one of them. She’d missed this one!

“What’d ya say about that?” Wasn’t every day that you found out that your ex and your current significant other had been together.

“I just accepted it. I took him home and decided to share the lair last night.”  

Dev almost dropped his fork.

“As in your lair? Like dragon’s lair? Not this place?” Derek asked, his surprise obvious at the thought. He knew enough about dragons to know that was not some small step.  

“Yes. Aurumn and all.” Senias continued eating. Had he made a mistake? “It wasn’t the first time in a lair, but it was the first time there. And…”  

Licking his lips and picking up a piece of bacon to crunch as he thought this over, Dev rumbled.

“Isn’t bad to share yourself with him if it’s that serious. It is that serious?” The look Senias gave him had the Alpha taking a deep breath to rumble again. “He didn’t react like you expected? Did he insult ya? Mess with your things?”

Senias shrugged. He didn’t feel like getting too in depth with the pup around. It was bad enough he even felt this bad that he needed to talk to Devon. Normally shit like this would just roll off the Tasker’s shoulders and he’d move on and be done with it. He couldn’t just do that with Gabriel.

“Dayam…” was all Derek could say. Their dragon friend had fallen hard! “I never thought I’d see the day someone whooped you, Sen. Not like that.”  

The draconic man glared but continued to eat.

Realizing Sen may not talk as much with Derek present he started in on his food again and rumble, “Finish stuffin’ your face and get back out to the car. I am far from done with you, son.” He hadn’t mentioned the succubi only because of Sen’s past with her.

“Yeah, kinda figured that much.” Derek grabbed his plate, some juice, and an apple from the bowl on the counter before heading back outside.  

“He messed with my things. But that woke me up and I was fine with it. He was respectful. I was calm. It was more or less just – interesting – to watch and talk about. He has a medical name for it. So how could I hold it against him?”  Senias answered the previous question before drinking some of the coffee.

It wasn’t so much what was as what wasn’t said that concerned Devon. “So if not that then what?”

“It was later. He said we should take baby steps; date and have sleepovers… that’s what pissed me off.”   

That even made the Alpha cringe while drinking his coffee and finishing his eggs.

“He’s taking a page from my own book. I just thought this was different.” Senias looked at Devon. “I thought we were mid ladder, not at the first rung.”

“I’m not gonna make excuses for him because, yep, that was a fuck up. I will say maybe he’s worried or hell even scared a little.”

“The Councilor who will run right into the middle of danger for no good reason than curiosity?” Senias gave his lycan brother an incredulous expression straight from his heart.

“I know, don’t look at me like that. I know it’s Gabe we’re talkin about, but I also know the boy hasn’t really had that great a couple to take example from in his life.”

“I know his parents were a waste of space, but he also had you and Eva. he had his grandparents, too.”

“Eva and I don’t count. Yeah we were there, but we didn’t birth him and he didn’t pick up after us ya know. He didn’t get anything but stories about Jonathan and Amelia and a few good memories, not many. He wasn’t moren’ a kid when she passed. Besides you’re his first serious relationship.”

“Your point?”

“Well, I’m sure your first serious was as perfect as mine.” Dev chuckled at the hint of sarcasm he’d had to put in. He’d told Sen on several occasions just how insane the first elf was that he’d been infatuated with.

“As a human? I was just muddling through the new body, the possible ramifications of said body, and trying to hide.” Sen looked over the granite at Devon. “Is that part of it? Hiding? Does he think I would not want to hide?” Sen was confused and he growled in frustration. “I’m just not sure what to think. I’ve only ever hidden the fact that I’m draconic. I could care less what people think of who I sleep with or fuck.”  

Senias paused and closed his eyes, remembering the way they had come together the night before and the way they had held one another.  A warmth of emotion spread through him.

“I shouldn’t be feeling this. Not after last night. Last night was not a fuck…” he grabbed his plate and glass and put them into the sink, the sound of the things breaking filled the room.  He didn’t care.

“Get away from there before ya cut yourself and I have to answer for it, too.” Devon waved him off and cleaned up the glass before washing up their breakfast mess. He’d be doing a lot of cleaning soon if Eva needed the help. Especially if she was carrying twins again.

“What are we supposed to be doing today? And what the hell did Dare get into this time? I need a distraction.” Sen wanted to move on. He wanted to get his mind off of the conundrum named Gabriel Kennedy.

“Got some rogues in the area and unregistered fangs, too, so thought we’d check it out.” The rest he waited on answering until he was finished and drying his hands. “The other part? Well, don’t go gettin all snarly on him that’s my job and Eva’s once she finds out. I thought I’d give him a chance to talk first.”

“Why would I get snarly with the boy?” Senias was curious now.

“Well seems he truly is serious about this thing with the succubus. The reason he’s back on this side workin’ with the underground is because Kieran didn’t want nothin’ ta do with him after Mira turned up over there to claim rights to him.” Dev refilled his cup and listened to his friend.

“Mira? You sure he can handle that much woman?” Senias actually chuckled as he slipped on the button-up over his t-shirt. She’d been so pissed at him for choosing someone else that she’d poisoned him and felt it was justified. And now she was already on to Derek? “She’s not exactly right in the head.”  

Devon harrumphed in response as he put away the dishes and wiped everything down.

“You know, if you want to know where Derek stands in this situation, talk to Mira. She’s dangerous, but she’s got a soft heart in there, surrounded by all those thorns and a big brother that acts like it’s his duty to scrub the floor with anybody that comes near her.” Senias wasn’t worried in the least about the boy. “Dante’s approved?”

Devon nodded. Apparently it was so. Otherwise Derek would be back tail between legs. He hadn’t been to his cabin since leaving for the other side to help with the war.

“Ever thought about maybe…introducing him to someone else?” Senias asked. “Though, not sure he wants a lycan.”

“And why do ya say he doesn’t want a lycan? He’s lycan and he needs a lycan mate. Prowling is one thing, matin’ is another.” The old traditionalist that he was showed through.

“How long have you had him here all by his lonesome? I know you’ve got pack duties and Eva and the kids – but he’s been loyal to you through everything and never once have I seen that boy even try dating amongst the pack. Maybe that’s why he’s looking outside. Maybe he’s making a choice about it you don’t like?”

“Not happenin’ as long as I’m Alpha. I already made that clear and so did Kieran on the other side.” Devon stalked to the sink and washed his cup out before putting it back in the cabinet a little rough to the point the dishes protested by clinking. “It’s just askin’ trouble. Our mates have to be tough, like us. Anything else can be harmful. Remember Izzy?”

“How could I forget,” Senias whispered under his breath.

Devon nodded as if that was enough to be said. “And she was human – the one kind of other creature that lycan can mate with and have very few consequences. Look what that led to for my boy.” He shook his head. No. no half-demon. This needed to stop.

“But half-demons are tough, too. And when they feel something for someone, they’re loyal to their bond. I’ve learned that much, Devon.” Senias had to be devil’s advocate here.

“Enough talk about this. Let’s get this day goin’ I have an expectin’ mate to get home to.” He gave a sly grin to his dragon brother as he said that and headed to the door. He’d sort the situation out with Derek soon enough, but first he needed more details. That meant a trip to the club.  

“How many pups are you two going to bring into the world? Are you trying to populate it?” Senias chuckled, but clapped his brother on the back. “And thanks for the warning. I’ll need to bring whatever she’s craving with me whenever I visit from now on and have bad news.”  Eva’s mood swings when she was pregnant were well known to the draconic man. He’d gotten slapped so hard one time (yeah he’d deserved it) that he’d had a fat lip for a week.

“Ya welcome. And I think we’re tryin’ to build our own Pack.” He winked and chuckled. “Coffee flavored chocolate is a new thing she wants to try.” He gave the hint as he walked with the old claw out of the house.

They walked out the door to the sound of music playing in the big SUV.  But there was another truck pulling away from the gate that caught Sen’s eyes. He looked over at Devon. He never took deliveries here.

Devon looked at Sen and then moved past the SUV to investigate. As he passed he slammed hard on the door to get Derek’s attention. Approaching the gate the warrior lycan looked in all directions and took a deep breath of the air just to make sure it was safe. What he caught was the scent of rose which made his brows shoot up. Opening the gate he lifted the large basket of sunset roses and turned to look at Sen. “Addressed to you. Want me to read the note?” He plucked the small envelope from the center and held it up between two fingers.

Derek hopped out of the vehicle and watched what was going on.

Senias was a bit taken aback. They were beautiful and the smell told him they were from a local greenhouse and not shipped in. With a grunt, he snatched the envelope from Devon and opened it to read what was inside to himself.

“I’m sorry. I’m an ass even without the stick. The madhouse door is open to you – for you and all of your belongings anytime you are ready. Love, your suit.”

Senias’ smile spread very slowly upon his face. He leaned over and sucked in a big breath of the rose scent and luxuriated in it.  

“It’s an apology from Gabriel. Seems he changed his mind?” The dragon was blown away. He hadn’t been expecting someone to crush his well thought out bad mood.

“Expensive apology, but then, he’s loaded,” Derek pointed out. “So are you, so… I guess it’s the thought that counts?”  

“He found out from Eva what my favorite was; and sent it to me. Yeah, It’s the thought that counts.”

“Well you gonna put those away so we can get this show on the road or what?” Derek asked as he moved to get back into the driver’s seat.

“Let’s get our asses in gear before Derek starts havin’ a tantrum.” Devon chuckled before moving around to the passenger side door. As he climbed in he grumbled under his breath as he looked at Derek and then turned the music down. “You ain’t deaf but ya makin me deaf with that stuff.”

“Look, I have to stand near the drums every month at the celebration, so I don’t want ta hear it. At least this music has more to it,” Derek cut a sidelong glance at his Alpha.

“That position you complain about is one of honor as my eldest. Remember that when ya complain about it pup.” Dev corrected him as he buckled himself in. Everyone needed reminding of their place in life at times. This held true for lycans too when they got too full of themselves or showed a lack of respect to an elder.

“I’m not disrespecting you, Dev. Sometimes I just get tired of being told my place and the expectations on me and not having a say. I’m not tryin’ to be full of myself, but sometimes…” He sighed heavily. Then he looked over to his adopted father, “Sometimes don’t you just get the urge to set out on your own for a while?”

“No I don’t.” Devon stated it point blank with no hesitation. He’d been born knowing that one day he may be Alpha. He was trained as a warrior and a leader. He’d gone to war after the deaths of his brothers and had fought at least two before his mate. Dev had been imprisoned during the end of first one and by the third war he’d had his mate and pups.

“I was in the wars as soon as I could handle it. You know that. I’ve been towing the line ever since. Sometimes I feel when I run, I just want to see where the wolf takes me is all.”

“So why don’t you?” Devon looked to the younger man in the driver’s seat. He’d seen him born, had watched him grow. Dev had taught Derek to walk and talk as well as to fight and protect. In many ways the boy belonged more to him than to his own father.

Devon rested his hands on the dashboard and took a nice deep breath. “I fought wars, buried loved ones, suffered imprisonment and lost territory. But I also found my mate, built a family and moved a Pack across a portal. My life is dedicated to my family and my Pack.” Holding up a hand and shaking his head, Devon gave a very serious look to the other, “I took an oath same as you did to this Pack before my feet hit the ground during my first battle. Run all ya like and prowl until you’ve got it outta your system. But then Derek ya need to find a lycan female that steals your heart and soul, make a mate of her and have your family.”

He was a breath away from asking Devon – what if my mate isn’t a lycan? It was a thought that most lycan would find incomprehensible. He had thought of it that way for most of his life. But then, he’d never found a mate in all his years. The only women he had been drawn to in this world had been outside the lycan pack. He thirsted for knowledge outside the pack. He loved the world of the humans – outside the pack. He found women that challenged his intellect and kept him on his toes – outside the pack. Mira was outside the pack.

Derek shook his head slowly as he thought about the past month. As far as he was concerned, Mira was his mate. He already knew he cared about her before going back to the other side. She had won his heart when she challenged his pack for him. She had come for him and they were working together, here, in the world both of them enjoyed. He hadn’t stayed with the pack when he came back over, because he knew it would get back to Devon soon enough. He knew pack ways. She wouldn’t be welcome and because he was with her, he wouldn’t be welcome. If they really and truly went by pack decree, he’d be considered banished – a lone wolf. Even speaking to his brothers might get them into shit with the elders.  

“Look, a choice was made. I’m sticking by it. You can like it or not. My heart’s already stolen and my soul’s following. If the pack can’t accept that, then don’t worry. I won’t be coming home to cause problems.” Derek could feel Devon’s eyes on him, but he just kept looking out the front window. Seeing Senias come back out of the side of the house, Derek huffed. “Discussion ends here, pops. We can take it up later.”

The back door opened and Senias, now with a smile on his face,  jumped in to join his lycan brothers.

“So, what’re we up to now?” He looked between Derek and Devon.  

“Has Sebastian mentioned anything about fangs from other Covens being in the area?” Derek asked the Tasker. “There are three males and two females but none are identifiable to Evansworth’s Coven. So I thought I’d ask you.”

“Not that I’m aware of. Though, I’m sure Bastian will want to know and find them. He doesn’t like others in his territory without his knowledge. Was there anything else about them? Have names and places for me?” Senias was used to investigation. He pulled his black notebook from his back pocket and a short pencil.

“Yeah, I can tell ya the wheres, but…”


“A day or two before these vampires were spotted, according to witnesses – these four lycan were seen in the same areas.” Devon motioned for Derek to continue this. The younger lycan retrieved his phone from his pocket and pulled up a surveillance image of three men whose eyes were shimmering in the night, reflecting the light nearby.  

“A shop owner Dante’s works with gave me the files.  It’s set off all kinds of warnin’ bells with me.” Derek watched closely as Sen took the phone and used his fingers to enlarge the image.

“Devon…”  Senias looked closely at the picture he was handed. He turned it left and right. “These are feeders. The lycan. Look at the tattoos.”  He handed the phone, picture displayed, of the lycan to the Alpha. They had already dealt with something like this that had touched on his mate’s past.  She had been able to find her son, Avery, because he had been sold by the coven that had held them both to arena masters on the other side of the big portals.  Her other two were still missing, unfortunately. “But you already knew that, didn’t you?” Senias could read the lycan he called brother very well.

Looking at the picture Dev rumbled low, “Yeah I knew that. I’ve seen feeder tattoos before.” Every Time he saw the designs it made him remember times best forgotten. “Avery has them..” Devon looked at the picture again.

“You’re hoping for leads?” Sen asked Dev.

“Mind filling me in?” Derek asked the other two.

“She’s still missing two and so I’m always looking for leads.” Devon looked towards his pup, “These may lead us to Eva’s missing pups. I have a boy and girl out in the world that I gotta find.”

“The vampires may be Eriksson Coven. Maybe the lycan got loose and now they’re being hunted by their masters.” Sen suggested.

“No lycan should have a master.” Devon snarled just a little. He went from cranky elder to over protective father to now the most dangerous of mates. “Call Evansworth see what he knows. I want them Senias.” His golden eyes shimmered as his wolf shown through just a little. He recalled the pain and misery his mate had been subjected to before they’d met. He could still hear her cries at finding Avery. Eva still had night terrors occasionally from what the Eriksson Coven had done to her.

“Which ones? Or do we want to set a trap for both?” Senias asked. “They’re definitely out of their normal territory, that’s for sure. I’m positive Sebastian would help considering his territory is being encroached upon.”  

“All of them. I want both so we can settle things and keep it from returning later on.” Devon rubbed a hand over his face, “I need to call Eva.”

“Maybe we can handle this without her even knowing. Right now, she just needs relaxation, not excitement,” Senias concluded. The woman worked her tail off and gave and gave and gave of herself. When she was pregnant, she deserved help and calm. “Maybe we call her if we find out about the other pups? Not til then?” Sen’s eyes held fast to those of his brother, even seeking the wolf side.

“Yeah you’re right.” Devon calmed himself and looked at the intel again. Then he gave the phone back to Derek.

“Any chance we can pinpoint some of these spots? We might catch their scent and track them.”  

“Looks like it was taken a few days ago in one of the gardens near the main quad. All those dogwoods only bloom in a certain week or two. I can see a monument base in the distance behind those lycan.  They were really close to the HQ. Maybe they were looking for help. Too bad they went to the wrong location. The vampires in the area weren’t photo’d?” He asked Derek. “Because if they were hunting the lycan, that’s ballsy.”

“I can check around again. So far, no.” Derek silently agreed with the ballsy part. He took a turn and made his way toward the place Sen was talking about.  He wondered if anyone would say it…

“I hope you can figure out their scent and then track through that area. Tons of visitors and people are through there daily.” Sen took a deep breath.

“If I can’t what the hell use am I as a seasoned warrior?” Dev was lost in his thoughts as he stared out the window as the scenery changed.

“You know, it wouldn’t be a failure, brother. You have to be calm on this…”

“I’m tryin to stay calm, but for what they put my mate through I’d like to rip them to pieces.” His hands fisted as he took a deep breath.

When Derek pulled to a stop Devon almost groaned. Sen was right there was a lot of heavy traffic, but he had to try.  

Senias got out and opened the door for Devon. “Thought you might need the help, before you tell me what the hell use you are.”  He was trying to poke some fun and get his brother out of the dumps.

There was so many scents in the air that it made it hard to focus. Closing his eyes Devon raked his fingers through his hair, “What help are you suggestin’?”

“Let me call our fang that actually works with us.”  He stepped off to the side and rang Sebastian Evansworth. He was pretty sure Sebastian was either asleep or in his lair handling business out of the morning sunlight.  When it went to voicemail, he got irritated.

“Bastian, we’ve got confirmation of Eriksson coven moving around in the Whitley area. You know anything about it? Call me back.” It was short and sweet.  Looking over to Devon he shrugged. Then he just looked to find the exact place – the side of a monument was in the background of the picture. Where…

“Here.” Senias took steps backward from the second monument he had come upon. There were still blooms, but not many. But yeah, he’d make a bet on it. This was where those lycan had been standing.  

As Devon looked around the monument he caught several scents and growled as it seemed those of the fang’s faded to nothing. The lycan ones though were still very strong. “Can’t trace the fangs, but I can track the lycan.” He started walking down sidewalks, across parking lots and even through yards. Devon would pause a moment to catch the scent again but then he was off with single minded determination. The noise around him faded to nothing as he zig zagged down alleys until finally stopping across the street from a house that didn’t really stand out as much. They were inside and he knew it.

Derek and Sen were right on his heels. Dare had never pretended to be a great tracker. Senias just knew to let Devon go do his thing. He was there for support. They had all three worked together so many times before that this was nothing. Derek looked to Devon’s line of sight and just walked by the other two to go down the street further, then cross over.

The Alpha didn’t have to instruct those with him. Derek would make his way to the back while Sen went through the front with him. There wouldn’t be fighting unless they pushed the point. Right now, all Dev wanted was information.

Senias simply knocked on the door and waited.  

“So. 5 buck on the back door.”  They might have a way out they didn’t know about or they might answer the door. Somehow he thought they were more likely to try out the back and run into Derek.  

He listened closely, he knew Devon would as well. The sound of a gun cocking was very distinct. He didn’t want to hear that, not within range of so many pedestrians.  

“Not wise to cock a gun on me in my own Pack territory! You’re either, desperate, ballsy or stupid!” Devon rumbled as he turned the knob and shoved the door open. Only one male stood with a pistol aimed at them. The sound of the back door opening told them that the other two were trying to run. This one didn’t look nervous nor did he seem like he was backing down.

Sen moved to the side so he wouldn’t have to take a bullet. That would suck.

“I’m going around, hoping your speaking skills win the day,” Senias grunted as he turned to hop over the bungalow’s porch railing to get to the back.  

Derek was in the mode to handle this. His memory training had him taking one down and blocking the path of the other with the swinging body of his own friend. He held that one at arm’s length and then shoved him backward into the mudroom on the back of the house.

“Do you have any weapons?” He asked with full authority while picking up the first one and putting him inside so he could close the back door. “Don’t try and use them! We’re not here for hurtin’ you.”  He brought his arm up just in time to shield himself from a knife attack. The little guy growled at him. Derek growled back, his eyes shimmering with the possibility of shifting.

The other was already coming out of the basement when Senias got around to him. He saw the door open and leapt forward to close it, snagging the lycan’s left leg and sending him falling forward onto the ground.

“Nope! We need to talk…” the draconic Tasker pushed off the door and wound up on the lycan’s back to try and keep hold. “Crimson Authority! Stop struggling!”

It seemed both Derek and Sen’s pleas went ignored. The two still had fighters on their hands.  

Devon’s growl was much deeper and held a great deal of authority. As it rumbled forth the one before him lowered the gun and dropped his gaze to the floor. In turn, the other three followed suit. This told Dev that the trio were definitely familiar with lycan custom and Alpha authority.

Sen saw the sudden halt of fight or flight in the male before him. He was on the ground, the trip had probably wrecked that ankle for a bit. He held his hand out to help the guy up. “Sorry bout that. But I couldn’t let you run.”

“Fair enough,” the guy took the offered hand. He got up and limped toward the back door where the two with Derek had turned and walked back inside. They all looked like they had tails tucked when they came back inside. Sen made sure to stay at the doorway to the back exit. Derek was inside but closed the front door. Devon was there in front of the others.  

“You’ve come to this territory, why?” Devon asked sharply to keep them off kilter.

Lifting his head the obvious leader spoke, “Both running from fangs and tracking fangs. We were there when the Coven tried to cleanse their sins.”

“You four want to take on five vampires? That’s suicide.” Senias pointed out as he turned into the door, but leaned against the doorframe. “You must know those assholes have backing? Where’s your backing?”

“Have you any idea what that Coven has done to our people?”

“I’m more aware than you think. I can’t let you hunt them down like strays, though.” Devon explained.

“If they’ve been part of the problem, you can be a witness to Crimson, we get the bad guys, the bad guys face Councilors, things get shut down. That’s how it works.” Senias added.

There was a huff of sound from the one closest to Sen. It was definitely a scoff of derision. He rubbed his ankle and looked at the Alpha, “We tried going to Crimson and they wouldn’t listen to us.”

“He’s right, we tried over a month ago.. eight before they slaughtered all those at the lair.” The leader tucked his pistol back into the back of his jeans.

“Do you know that these vampires are personally responsible for any actions against yours?” Dev wasn’t really defending but he couldn’t condone a blood hunt either without purpose.

Senias was up from his leaning immediately and bolt straight. “Dev…”  He knew where his brother was going with this and he didn’t like it. Senias liked doing things on the quiet side. War wasn’t something he liked getting into. And he especially didn’t want this to happen while Eva was expecting. Although, something told him that part of the reason Devon was so very desperate in this was because Eva was expecting – he wanted the entire family whole.  

Glancing at Senias, Devon asked again, “Do you know for sure or are you just hunting all of em down?” Whether Sen liked it or not this was going to happen. For too long the Eriksson coven had gotten away with their bullshit and now if Crimson would see them pay, Pack Weylyn would.

“One yes, she was responsible for torturing and bleeding many of ours. The younger female, no I’ve seen nothing with my own eyes, but if she is being kept safe by that harpy then it is for an important reason.”

“What about the three males?” Senias asked. Derek stood quietly watching them. He didn’t want to let them get by in case they were stupid. But he was also listening.  If these guys were so easy for them to find, they were easy for others to find. He planned to ask that they be taken to the packlands.

“Guardians and handlers.” One of those with Derek spit on the floor to prove his disgust. “They are no better than the harpy! And how do we know your Council will do anything? That Coven has been doing this to us for decades!”

“No proof, no judgement.” Dev put it plainly.

“But your testimony and the proof of what you have in your mind circumvents…” Senias shook his head and walked over to Devon, his hand on the immovable bicep of his brother.  “Are you sure you want to do this? They’re not actually part of your pack…”

Turning his face toward his dragon brother Dev rumbled low, “What if it were Gabriel that had been abused and left nearly dead? Would you want to do this?”

“Yeah, I’d want to, but I’d have nothing to lose. You have a pack and pups.”

“He also has two pups that these bastards have used and abused out there. None of us are better than the others, Sen,” Derek pointed out.

“How long before I can call it?” Dev would give Sen time to do it right, but if it took too long the hunt would happen regardless.

“As soon as I can get Sebastian on the line. He can confirm what they’re saying using his telepathy. Or, maybe someone else with telepathy that Crimson will trust? And then you can have your blood hunt by lycan law. Crimson can only clean up until they get ahead of it. But Devon, it’s no holds barred on BOTH sides.”

“It’s always been that way brother, you’ve just gotten used to all the rules this world puts on everything.” Devon gave a slow grin. In the other world Sen wouldn’t have to hide and he would be able to soar the skies knowing few would challenge him. That wasn’t true in this world.

“You forget, this is my world, such that it is.” Senias took a deep breath.

“Hasn’t been your world in a long, long time, claw.” Derek didn’t mind the scowl he got from the dragon. He slowly raised his bright blue eyes, shimmering.  “Crimson needs a lesson. It’s corrupt and it’s leadership is corrupt. Gabe’s been doing a good job of taking out the trash. Now it’s our turn. Maybe someday you’ll do the same instead of playin’ that fiddle.”

“Pup…” Senias began. But he was interrupted by Devon taking out his phone and the sound of the call being made.  

The phone rang a few times and then it was answered, “Devon? I’ve missed you!”  

“Hello Zeni are ya busy?”


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2019