Rising up from his chair Sebastian was more surprised by the act than by the cold, because he honestly didn’t feel that kind of cold. Leaning until his face as just a few inches from Samantha’s, he kissed the tip of her nose before softly speaking, “Good idea, love.” He hadn’t expected it or the word ‘love’ to come from her lips so easily, but now that she had spoken it in front of others he was not in the least bit hesitant in using the endearment in return.

Gabriel simply stared at his friend. She was going to just leave him to … oh… well… that might’ve been a good thing. He just didn’t look forward to it. 

“Excuse us, gentlemen.” Sam stepped around her chair and made her way around the cafe toward the waiter’s stand to grab a towel before they moved on around the house to take care of business.  Meanwhile their waiter came back and cleared Sebastian’s chair of ice and wiped it out. “Glad this is outside, makes things easier,” he muttered before bowing and excusing himself.

“So…”  the draconic man said very quietly.  He wasn’t sure where to start.

“It wasn’t how you’re thinking Sen.” Gabriel poured himself another glass and eased back in his chair as he drank from it. “I was back from school, grandfather was busy trying to forget his pain, my parents were,” he snorted a little sound, “…my parents, you were off to places unknown and the Weylyn’s were visiting the otherside. I was trying to fill grandfather’s position in the business and the Council while seeing to things at home. It was a lot and I wasn’t doing a very good job at any of it no matter how hard I tried. Sebastian helped a lot with the Council. We ended up working late nights and things happened. just a very few times, things happened.” Taking another drink Gabriel licked his lips, “I didn’t know anything had been between you two until long after that.”

“And by the words, ‘things happened’ you mean… non-vanilla things happened?” the dragon was curious more than hurt. It was a slip. He didn’t want to believe Gabriel had intentionally kept it from him. There were plenty of things he’d not told Gabriel – of course, he had a larger past, didn’t he?  

He honestly looked confused right then as frustration won over and he growled just a little himself.

“What the hell does that even mean? Vanilla? Non-vanilla?” He muttered under his breath, “I didn’t think we were discussing ice cream flavors.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Senias reached over and started cutting into his steak. He took the first bite and around the morsel he had to ask, “You are, aren’t you? You’re joking. You don’t know what vanilla means when it comes to a sexual act?”   

once he was sure no one was listening, Gabriel rubbed the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes a moment. He took a deep breath before looking at Sen and answering.

“No I’m not kidding Senias. I mean, I know a little, but I don’t know what you mean unless it’s that bondage stuff which no I am most definitely not into. If it’s other than that, then no I don’t have the faintest clue.” His teeth clench and spoke low, “I swear if you laugh I am getting up and leaving.” He cut his chicken with a little more force than was necessary.

The draconic man leaned forward to scoot closer to the table and to Gabriel before putting his hand on the man’s thigh and squeezing.  

“It’s not just being tied up. It’s about trying things that aren’t normal and predictable. Vanilla is just plain sex, which is good, don’t get me wrong, but non-vanilla is rough, or kinky, can be unexpected, it’s sometimes just fucking and sometimes very passionate,” he moved his hand a bit farther to rub over the bulge in Gabriel’s pants.  “Thrilling is one word to use. I like both vanilla and non-vanilla. I like tossing you around and finding unusual places, like you did to me after the bar that night and like I’m doing to you right now – “thrilling.” But I also like the idea of making love to you, slowly and gently. It may be considered vanilla, but in my opinion, there is no better way to prove to someone how much you care about them than to do so without thought to your own selfishness.” He backed off, physically, but his eyes remained with Gabriel’s gaze.

His pants we suddenly so uncomfortable that Gabriel wasn’t sure that it didn’t read all over his face. It hadn’t just been Sen’s touch that had done it either, no it had been the touch, the nearness and the words spoken by his dragon. He swallowed hard because his throat was suddenly dry and he really wished right then that they could just leave. He did find his voice though, and spoke rather quickly, “We don’t need dessert, do we?”

“Not here, no.” Senias planned to have his dessert. Yes, he did. But it wasn’t food he was thinking of. He went back to cutting his steak. He took the piece of meat in his fingers and moved it to Gabriel’s mouth. 

Gabe wanted to look around and see if people were watching. He was self-conscious, always. There was a low growl coming from his lover and so his eyes went to Sen’s gaze. The dragon shook his head slowly and waited. Finally, Gabriel gave in and took the steak from his lover’s fingers, sucking on the last one before chewing.

“Better.”  It was time to see how non-vanilla his kindred could be.




Meanwhile, Samantha made good use of her hands to help Sebastian get as much water rubbed from his shirt and jeans as she could. She enjoyed the teasing touches she could manage.  They were just around the corner from the public eye and it was kind of thrilling. However, she needed to scold him just a bit.

“You did that on purpose and that was evil of you for no good reason. You know I don’t mind evil for a good reason, but that?” She pushed her finger into his chest, “You deserved a lot worse than water, Lord Evansworth.”  Her tone was both serious and humorous as well. Sure, there was a lesson in control to be learned here and she was damn sure going to teach it – because Gabriel was one of the very few friends she had. She didn’t like making friends. She didn’t feel like losing one.  Sebastian wasn’t used to having friends. So she just wanted to be clear about this but she also didn’t want to lose the buzz she had.

Taking the finger she had shoved into his chest, Sebastian bit it gently before he smiled for her.

“He’s a big boy, they both are. They can handle it. I did, didn’t I?” She’d teased him and he let her finger go but kept it and the rest of her hand clasped in his own hand as he pulled her close to him. “both literally and figuratively,” he chuckled. He felt like he’d been the one drinking the wine tonight. She made him this way. 

Sam let their bodies rest together and couldn’t help the sigh. However… back to business.

“Yeah, but he’s so different from you. I know you see so many things that are the same, but I’m looking from outside the box here… can ya follow me?” She asked.

“Of course I can, sunshine.”

“Even from my point of view, you’re a reality that my brain can accept. You’re mythology coincides with rational explanation and science in ways that Senias’ existence just… does not.  You have a coven, and now you have me. This guy has what? Tasking? A lair full of treasure? I have no idea about that so stop chuckling…” Sam raised a brow and tried to look pissy. She probably failed at that.  “So why make things difficult for them?”

Making sure that she was enjoying his now damp clothes as much as he was, Sebastian wrapped his arms around her not caring who passed them or what they saw.

“Sen and I have a long history together. It’d take a long time to explain it all, but let’s just say I was in your friends shoes at one time and it didn’t end so well. Senias is great at being a friend and even a lover, but anything deeper than that he shuns or at least, he has shunned before. He tends to find any excuse to back away. i don’t want to be an excuse. now it’s there on the table before them. If Kennedy means as much to him as he says, it won’t matter. But they don’t need to keep secrets, especially not one I’m involved in. I’m trying to prevent history for repeating itself because Kennedy doesn’t have a couple of decades to sacrifice and you don’t want to pick up those pieces do you?”

“No… now that you explain it like that.” Sam had a pout on her face as she thought this over. “But then, it’s kind of up to him. I decided a long time ago that I’m willing to be there for him through the good and the bad.”  Sam found herself kissing his chin and jaw before she left her fingers move underneath his vest to feel his body a bit more. 

“I should at least get rewarded for that shouldn’t I?” Sebastian rumbled low to her and wondered just how much they could get away with in this little nitch they’d found themselves in.

The next set of people walked by, but because of being in a corner where the fireplace was set inside, they weren’t seen. From the opposite side, there was a huge cascade of wisteria.  The situation kind of had Sam wondering how long they could get away with being out here. She could feel her body wanting for more. The way he touched her and looked at her told the doctor that her lover was also in the same state of mind.  

“You know what’s better than the backseat of a car? My back against a wall. I’m wearing a skirt with no underwear,” she whispered before unzipping him and pulling him free of his pants.

“Mmm, Ms. Keene who’s evil now?” Sebastian turned her and pressed her against the wall while drawing her legs up his to wrap around his waist. They wouldn’t have long before they were spotted or their dining partners came looking for them. A little adjusting and Sebastian was pushing into her warm inviting body. Now this was so much better to focus on.

“That’s Dr….Keene….” she gasped as quietly as she could and closed her eyes, her head leaning back against the wood siding of the house. When he started moving into her, she had to lean forward enough to muffle her voice in his hair. Being held, like this had his shaft so far inside of her!  It took little to nothing for her to come for him.

After about five thrusts Sebastian felt Samantha spasming around him. By the tenth thrust she was  biting into his shoulder to muffle the sweet little sounds she made with her orgasms. Only this time, Sebastian found himself joining her as his body stiffened and his hips jerked with his own climax. He grabbed at the wall with his hands and heard wood crunch from the pressure. he forgot his own strength. He was so into the moment, the vampire actually growled for her. His fangs dug into his own mouth as he clenched his teeth together to keep from biting her. Her scent pushed his control so hard right then that he thought his heart would burst in his chest!

She sucked in a breath and shivered when he removed himself from her and she was gently put back on her feet. Sam moved the towel to cover him and so he could clean himself. She had to lean on the building and just let another, smaller orgasm happen. She sucked in a breath and then ventured to look at him. She could feel the warmth rise in her cheeks.

“I’m…I’m gonna need to go to the restroom…when I can walk,” she smiled after she realized the humor.

After cleaning himself up Sebastian smiled at his lady love and moved to help her.

“I can get you there unseen if you like. This place isn’t warded to prevent it.” They were both laughing just a little at the situation and yet he knew they were both still feeling the rush from it too.

Gabriel and Senias were half-done with their meals by the time a freshly clean Sam and Sebastian came back to the table.  He helped her with the seat and she immediately eyed the food with renewed vigor. She kind of hated that Sebastian didn’t get to enjoy food. She couldn’t imagine life without it.  

“Sooo… you get all of that water out of your clothing? It’s not gonna stain is it?” the dragon asked with a chuckle. He knew very well what non-vanilla these two were up to.  They actually made a very good couple. With the exception of course of the humanity versus supernatural. That thought made Senias pause in his next bite momentarily. He continued without saying a word because he didn’t want to ruin the night.  But he wondered if Sebastian had considered the future as well? How long would they wait? Would the smile on the vampire’s face once again be lost?

As it seemed the meal was winding down Sebastian called the waiter over in case any wanted dessert. He looked at Samantha then the two men in question.

“Dessert before I have our bill paid?” He pulled his wallet out to count out the bills needed. He lifted a brow at Gabriel when the man chuckled. 

“I think my dessert is at home,” the Councilor explained.

“Ahhh…” Sebastian sent the waiter off to get change as he stood and helped Samantha from her chair.

Sebastian took his love’s arm, “Good enough to make you happy?”

“Yes. Very much so.” Samantha replied.

Standing up Gabriel moved to shake hands with the vampire Councilor. 

“Thank you for the dinner and the… entertainment?”

“Best to have things said than hidden.” Sebastian could feel the other two look at him so he added, “You’re welcome,Gabriel.” Letting go of the Councilor’s hand, Sebastian simply nodded to Senias before stepping back to wait for Samantha.

Unlike Sebastian, Samantha received a warm hug from the usually stiff and starched business man. He held her a moment longer and whispered low, “You need to pay me a visit at the estate. Mrs. Reeves would enjoy seeing you and it would give us a chance to talk more over tea.” The cook of their house, who also happened to oversee all the rest of the goings-on loved Samantha.  

“Yeah, we definitely need to catch up,” Samantha looked over Gabriel’s shoulder to Senias, who was waiting patiently for the Councilor.  “And you need to make sure you find a loophole or something. He’s a keeper, I don’t care how much you claim to just be enjoying what you can.”  

“Oh, didn’t you hear?” Gabriel stepped back from her and let his back settle against Senias, who immediately and protectively wrapped an arm around his waist. “I brought it forth right after Dante was freed. So long as I’m not Raudine’s immediate supervisor we can be a couple. I had to compromise for now. I’d love to have him as a Tasker, but there were arguments that neither I nor Sebastian were ready for. So, for the time being…”

“On paper, Raudine is my Tasker,” Sebastian finished. He shrugged. “We’ll revisit it later. I think there are more important things to deal with.” 

 Sam winked at her friend and then took Sebastian’s arm to walk away with him. 

Watching Samantha a minute more, Gabriel then turned to look at Sen.

“Let’s go. It was for the most part a good dinner with friends. Thank you for bringing me out.” As they walked from the cafe together he had to shove his hands in his pockets to keep from giving the public yet another show. 

“So… where to from here Mr. Morias?”

“Your estate. If you’ll allow me there.” He had opened up his own sanctuary to Gabriel, and Gabriel knew about the lair beneath his own house, but they’d not really spent much time there. 

Gabriel actually paused and looked at Sen as if really studying him intensely.

“You’ve been to the estate before. You know you are more than welcome there any time.” The fact that he was being asked permission actually had him wondering. He started to walk again with Sen and smiled as he cast another sideways glance at him, “But if you need to hear it then yes, Senias, I’d like it if you came home with me tonight.”

“A. Oh, no I did not have permission to be at the estate for quite a long time.  And B. I like hearing it from you. I like the way you give permission. It’s well, non-vanilla.”  He chuckled as they made their way back to the truck.

“Well now you have permission. So… non-vanilla hmmm?” His hand smoothed over the hood as he made his way around to the passenger side of the truck. Pulling the door open he looked at Sen through the inside, “Never going to let me live that down are you?” He climbed inside and snapped the seat belt into place. “I could have lied you know. I could have told you I was just plain vanilla boring.”

“As far as you knew – you were. It was Sebastian that said you had a non-vanilla streak in you. And since he’s an expert at non-vanilla, I’d say that means he was pleasantly surprised as well. It made me both curious and oddly put-off to think my ex knew this about my current lover and I didn’t,” he admitted before cranking the truck.  

Gabe’s eyes squeezed closed a moment and he shook his head, “I somehow never imagined Sebastian as an expert on anything sexual.” He continued before Senais could comment. “I get that I’m obviously wrong and he’s a master at it. But, I promise one day to let you in on what happened and you’ll see that it was probably pretty boring on the scale of non-vanilla-ness.” He chuckled as they continued that references and grinned knowing that he had this little tid-bit that may actually get beneath Sen’s skin a little because it was something he didn’t know.

“I never said the fang was a sexual expert, but he’s definitely good at non-vanilla. And that includes what stuff you don’t like.” Sen smiled as he backed them out of the parking spot and turned to get them out of the small lot and into the street to begin the journey home.  

“The tying up, stuff?” Gabriel’s eyes sparkled. Did his dragon like being tied up?  Why wasn’t he asking? What made him pause?

“However, there was a very valid point made at the table tonight. And that is, we don’t know one another as well as I thought we did. Perhaps we should work on that.”  Senias knew he was being cautious. Considering how much they had been together…physically… he supposed that he had been taking that as closeness and intimacy. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t enough.  Not when he thought back over the silliness that Sam and Bastian showed and enjoyed in one another tonight. Not when Gabriel kissed him without a second thought. Had he been playing it safe all this time? Had he been too cautious?  Who was he really protecting? These were the questions the dragon had for himself.

Shifting side ways just a little in his seat, Gabriel watched Sen as he drove them to the estate.

“Okay, so we have some distance to go before we reach the estate. Ask what you want to know?” Sen had been open and honest with him, so he could be the same in return.

“What other surprises wouldn’t I know? That’s the apt question. But then again, do I really want to know?” he chuckled at his own apprehension.

He felt it. He felt the bit of queasy excitement mixed with worry from the man that he loved. Their bond had worked. And now he had to face it. Gabriel had to think the first question over for a minute before answering. 

“I don’t really have many surprises. But I’ll try, let’s see.. I am OCD and I don’t sleep much at night. I pace a lot. I have issues with public displays. I can be possessive at times. I’ve never been in a serious or long term relationship. None of my lovers have ever been to my home, much less my bed. I’ve never spent the entire night with any of them.” He gave a small chuckle, “And I don’t discuss intimacy. Well, I don’t discuss sex well. It makes me uncomfortable, especially around others.”

“So being with me has brought you out from that comfort zone, then?” Senias asked.

“Of course it has,” he whispered, playing a bit bashful.

“Do you prefer vanilla or did you like non-vanilla?” 

“I…I think I prefer vanilla. But I can’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy what we did.”

“Have you ever dipped into anything dominant or submissive before?”  Senias asked, with a teasing glint in his eyes.

“Not sure…” Gabe’s brows drew down even as he chuckled, “As to the dominant or submissive thing.. I’ve been the top in all but maybe two occasions. With all my previous lovers it just seemed fluid and worked itself out. We didn’t purposely set out to be one or the other. I just tend to take the reigns.”

“What’s something no lover has done to you that you’re curious about but have never admitted to?” Sen asked next.  

Gabriel wasn’t sure how to answer that one and the look he gave Sen told him so.

“What? You got me on the subject of sex for some reason. It’s difficult to get my mind off it once it’s there.” Senias laughed.

“I suppose that could be a good thing,” Gabriel commented as he looked out the windshield to see the upcoming gates to the Kennedy Estate.  He hoped the subject didn’t change.


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018