The Tasker hadn’t been able to take Gabriel out to partake in anything enjoyable – just the two of them. They had been so very busy with everything Council and Crimson or for Gabriel – the Kennedy Corporation, that personal lives were not often found. Another problem was finding a place where in neither of them would be recognized. Especially since, Senias wanted to hear his name spoken properly and he wanted to be able to show some affection to the man who had managed to capture his heart.

Sure, they could slip away to either his sanctuary in town secretly or to Gabriel’s estate out in the country, but sometimes one wanted to get out and about. Senias or as he was known by most of the world – Jean-Michel Raudine liked a good social time. Unfortunately, Gabriel was pretty well known and now that he was “outted” there were people always trying to get some pics. So, finding a proper place for a date was a challenge.

Senias was up to the challenge. He had found an amazing restaurant in one of the small towns outside of Whitley run by a Parisian man and his wife. The food was exquisite, and since the owner had previously been a true sommelier, the wine list was formidable as well. And wine was Gabriel’s weakness.

He picked up Gabriel at the office in his freshly washed and detailed truck. He was sure to win some points with his picky but handsome Councilor in doing that specifically for him.  When he saw Gabriel walking out the side door, he was there on the passenger side, and opened the door so shotgun was available.

“Bonjour?” he asked, hoping that no matter the answer, this evening could make things perfect.   

At sight of the freshly washed and very clean truck, Gabriel smiled as he came to a stop in front of Sen. Having been in the business office all day, he was dressed a little more casual than the Tasker was probably used to seeing him. Mrs. Shepherd, his ever loyal secretary had seen to it that he left in a cleanly pressed suede colored turtleneck and fresh block slacks for his little jaunt.

“Nicely done, I’m actually very impressed.” Stepping inside the truck he buckled his seat belt while Sen closed the door and made his way around to the driver side seat.

He shook his head at the clothing choice. He really needed to teach Gabriel what casual meant. But for now, he needed to get in the driver’s seat and get them on the way.

Even as he chuckled along with his lover, Gabriel found himself asking, “What’s so funny? You said casual didn’t you? Well this is as casual as I get.” The chuckling subsided and he looked at Sen again, “So are you going to tell me where we are going?”

“La Provence.” He said before getting them on their way. He looked over at the man and added, “One of these days I’ll get you in some jeans – even if it’s with a t-shirt and a nice over shirt. Jeans at least.”  He was wearing a pair right then, with a nice polo that struggled on the top of his arms. He needed to get some new ones in a larger size. He honestly preferred t-shirts, but this was a semi-decent place so polo it was.  

“I actually did own a pair of jeans when I was 12 and I recall my father immediately sending them back to Devon with a curt note that told him see to his own children’s clothing.” He was still smiling, “Haven’t touched another pair since.” He flashed his perfect white teeth again at Sen as he switched subjects back to the night out for them. “La Provence sounds foreign. Not one I’m familiar with in the city, so where did you find it?”

“It’s a French restaurant in a small town nearby,” he turned the truck toward the highway.  “The owner used to taste wine in the south of France for a living.”

“So that’s how you know of it. How long were you in France, Sen?” Gabriel showed his curiosity as he relaxed for the ride ahead. He had dozens of questions for the man but didn’t want Sen feeling cornered in or that Gabriel’s only interest was his past.

His attention was on driving foremost, so he thought nothing of answering Gabriel’s questions. There was so much of his life that he normally never shared. He’d honestly never thought about it – until it was put in his face – that’s how very void of connection he had become.  

“Oh… France… let’s see…” He had to count up various time frames. “All in all I think it’s maybe 1 or 2 centuries?”  

He couldn’t hide his the surprise on his face or the shock as he blinked and shook his head a little, “Wow… that long. That’s a lot longer than most of my ancestors ever lived. That many centuries makes me wonder what you did there that kept you returning to it.”

“Are you sure you want to knock on that door?” the dragon grinned and let his eyes flash over to Gabriel before going back to driving. “It wasn’t all together, and the last decade was spent more recently so that I could practice modern dialects for my role as Professeur Jean-Michel Raudine. But before that? Hmmmm…”  He wanted to keep things light and so let Gabriel decide how much he wanted to know. He wouldn’t be upset by his past. What was done was done. He had plenty of regrets. But there was no need to dwell on them too much. That’s how you wound up in the bottom of a bottle trying to find a way to the stars. Right now, Senias wasn’t ready for the stars.

There was an actual small laugh from him, “While I am very intrigued, I think I’ll keep that door closed for tonight.” Something told Gabriel that particular conversation was best had in seclusion with a good bottle in hand for them to share.

“I will tell you one thing. Part of the reason I loved France so very much was the countryside. The temperate climate and the beautiful fields were something I’ll always love. It’s lost a lot of the appeal it once had.”  In saying that, he realized he actually meant it on two levels. But Gabriel didn’t want to know about that. “What else would you like to know? We’ve got a good ten maybe fifteen minutes to burn.” He sped up as they got on the interstate.

“There are a few places on this planet that I’ve never visited and that was one of them. At least until recently.”  Gabriel looked down at the seat belt and added. “Maybe one day you can show it to me, too.”

“There are many places in this world I would like to take you, Gabriel. France was not one I planned to return to, but if you’ve never been and wish it, I could be convinced to change my mind,” he was off the next exit in no time at all and making his way through the quiet country roads. “We did have fun in Paris, non?”

Giving the quiet a moment to settle around them, Gabriel found that it didn’t bother him to just sit silently beside Sen the rest of the way. He especially didn’t mind when he felt the man take his hand. Closing his eyes, he leaned back to just enjoy their connection. He could have asked more about France and he was quite positive that the dragon would have answered him honestly. Just as he was equally as sure that he might not enjoy the answer. But then, he was the one bonded to the dragon, not Sebastian Evansworth… A smirk curled his lips.

When they arrived, Gabriel exited the truck and waited for his date to walk around to join him. Here between cars, they kissed like thirsty teenagers – just they did it properly. Walking at Sen’s side, Gabriel couldn’t say that he was comfortable. It was only because a certain appearance had been pounded into his head. That’s why he hadn’t taken Sen’s hand again. It was just like his rule about no public displays of affection. The one time he had let that slip, they’d been photographed and now everyone knew more about his personal life than he had wanted to allow.  He was willing to try. He hoped this evening out with Sen proved that much to the man.

The restaurant was actually in an old bungalow house off of main street in this small town. As such, the parking was in the rear and the front yard and porch had been converted for the use of the staff to maintain outdoor dining. The inside was lovely, as seen through the windows, but Senias preferred the outdoors, with its twinkling lights strung here and there
and iron work fencing and cafe tables. He opened the gate for Gabriel and as the man moved through he placed his palm upon the small of his back, a gesture of polite affection.

He had come here to get away from anyone who might know them, unfortunately… as he walked toward the desk – he heard a very familiar voice.

“Gabriel!” Sam was happy to see her best friend out and about. She had just come back from the restroom  and making her way to the table meant passing by the desk. “Hello! I didn’t know you knew about this little place. Isn’t it lovely?” She opened her arms for a hug.

“Oh.. Samantha.. well surprise seeing you here.” Whatever relaxed moment Gabriel had started to have left  just as quick as he hugged his friend. “I confess I didn’t know about it until just now. Jean-Michel just introduced me to it and it seems like it will be very interesting.”  

“Oh, you can just say Sen around me. If that’s okay with you?” Samantha looked over at the dragon for confirmation.

“I believe that’s fine, Dr. Keene,” Sen said quietly.  

“Oh, look at you trying to butter me up after I kicked you out of the clinic and then challenged you over dinner. I take it, things worked out?” She smiled brightly looking from one man to the other.

“It definitely worked out,” Senias took a step closer to Gabriel, a wicked smile moving over his features.

“Dining alone tonight?” Gabriel asked, and before Sam got to answer, her date answered for her. She didn’t mind. It wasn’t an important question.

“No she isn’t Mr. Kennedy, she’s dining with me.” Sebastian Evansworth moved past the two men to take Samantha’s hand in his and loop her arm through his own. Dressed in

dark blue jeans and a nice white button up with a denim coat over it, the elder looked to the Tasker even as he spoke to the human Councilor, “Strange to see you out and away from the Chamber or your office Mr. Kennedy.”

Jean’s eyes remained on Sebastian. He didn’t flinch, but he did offer an explanation easy enough, “All work and no play makes the Councilor a dull man. I’ve convinced him that getting out and enjoying true diversity and enjoyment among other people could help ease the stress of a hard-working life. We’ve even gone to the bars a bit recently.  You remember what bars look like, don’t you, Bastian?”

“No I don’t, but then I lost interest in them a long time ago right after leaving France the last time.” Sebastian answered point blank and then suddenly Gabriel Kennedy was changing subjects.

Feeling the tension between the two men, Gabriel looked to Samantha once more, “Taking up with your patients these days madam? I may have to report you to your supervisor.”

The unusual glint in his warm brown eyes and the way he cut her a partial smile would let her know that he was playing their long standing game. Though he tended to have a dry sense of humor, Samantha was one of the few that actually took time to know him and understand him.

“Well, Mr. Perfect, I’ll have you know that I have no such restrictions in my contract. And I made sure of that. You never know when you might come across a hot patient susceptible to your bedside manner, ya know.”  Sam giggled and she hugged closer to Sebastian. She turned slightly to look at Sen. “I’m so glad you were able to get Gabriel to listen to that mantra. I’ve been trying to get him out to bars for years. But then, I don’t have the ruggedly handsome swagger and awesome accents that you have.” She was glad to see things had worked out after the night at the restaurant a week or so before. And according to Sebastian, the cases Gabriel had pushed forward had both worked out as well. Why couldn’t they enjoy the meal together, then?  

“No more animosity. We should all be friends, here. We have a table on the other side of the cafe area that’s secluded from everyone else. Want to join us?” she asked, throwing caution to the wind.

“Sure that sounds perfect, thank you for inviting us to join your table.” Gabriel took the initiative and soon was walking with Samantha to the table while their dates walked a few steps behind them. From what Gabriel could see they weren’t saying anything to each other, but looks could be deceiving.

Jean looped his thumbs into the pockets of his jeans and walked silently along beside Sebastian. This wasn’t awkward at all. Nothing like running into your ex while you were both on a date with the current flame. This would be awkward, but it helped that he and Sebastian had previously decided to bury the hatchet. However, it still felt at the very least… odd. Sebastian was the reason Sen preferred not talk about his time in France. Most of it had been spent with the vampire.

“How are the clinic operations running? I sent some additional equipment over for your staff to try out and see if it is worth working on and improving.” Gabriel had a vested interest in the clinic these days and made it a personal goal to see that the place remained thriving. He found that he liked seeing the blonde smile as she was right now. Evansworth put color into Samantha’s cheeks and made her happy.

“Oh, I appreciate it all.  We’ve only managed to unpack three of the components, but I’m positive once I get the time to finish it off, we’ll have the ability to use the DNA profiles to 3-D print tissues that are viable.” Sam could go on for ages about the equipment. But she was trying not to be too rude.  “Sebastian, you’ll have to make time to come to the clinic and get your hands greasy putting the machinery together with me. I know how much you love creating labs.”

Sebastian gave a slow smile for her. “Anything for you sunshine.” The vampire elder liked the way her pretty eyes sparkled with excitement at just the prospect of what was to come out of such machinery.

“Be careful, he’ll get so wrapped up in the lab that you’ll not see him for weeks,” Senias pointed out quietly.

“So long as I get to keep him company, I don’t mind that at all,” Sam countered before moving to allow her seat to be pulled out. Having been on two other outings with Sebastian, she knew he and those he worked with tended to be very proper and old-fashioned in their ways. Doors were held open and chairs moved for their dates, and she didn’t mind that as long as they didn’t mind her being a strong, independent woman in the rest of her life.

As Sebastian slid the chair back into place with it’s new occupant politely tucked into it, he took the seat to her immediate right. It was thus per vampyric custom; Chosen’s sat on the left as it was to show their importance in life. One’s heart was to the left and so life’s blood flowed to the left. Therefore one’s life sat to the vampire’s left. Sebastian was showing Samantha that she was very important to him without her even realizing it.

Before Gabriel could take a seat, Senias was pulling the chair out for him in the same manner.

“Jean says that this place has an excellent wine selection. Shall we share a bottle over dinner?”

“Oh, absolutely!” Sam managed. “You get the first one and I’ll get the second. So long as these guys pick it. I’m not a very good judge of wine. I’m more a straight liquor kind of girl.” Sam never held that back at all.

When the waiter made his way to their table Gabriel looked to his date to choose the wine since he’d been the one to mention it on the way in. With the wine, appetizers were ordered and then conversations began. Sam was quite pleased to hear more stories. A human lifetime held quite a few stories, sure, but nothing so incredible as perhaps these two men had. Sam knew the Tasker was a supernatural and her own beau was a vampire, so this would surely be of interest.

“I’m sure with all the traveling the two of you have done throughout the years, Evansworth, that there must be hundreds of fascinating stories to share. Sen says he’s been to France several times, have you as well?” It wasn’t often that Gabriel missed the glaringly obvious, but in this case he was either purposefully misunderstanding or really wasn’t understanding.

“Well…” Senias started to reply.

Not wanting to ruin the evening but really not wanting to do this the entire time they were sharing a table together, Sebastian cleared his throat looked over at his ex and then looked towards the human Councilor.

“Yes I have been to France several times Mr. Kennedy. I was in France with your dragon on several occasions. We were warlords in the early days, there. You might not have realized that, because our names were changed or omitted in the old stories and texts.” Bastian took a drink. He had just assigned possession of Senias to the Kennedy heir. He hoped that was a good way to show he had accepted the arrangement.  “Just as I was in England, Scotland in the highlands, Ireland, the Welsh country, the Netherlands, Russia, Romania, several parts of the Asian contents, the Mongolian territories, Canada, Alaska and the young Americas before it was actually the great U.S of A that it is now. Together, he and I traveled as allies first, then friends and later as lovers. Now if your curiosity is sated for the time being why don’t we enjoy the rest of this evening and leave the past where it belongs, in the past.”

Senias sighed and would have said something akin to an apology for the misunderstanding, but the damned waiter was back already. He stifled his need to explain and waited for the man to be off.  

The waiter brought the wine and filled the glasses while they all sat silently to allow him to do so. He took their orders and departed once more to leave them to their conversation. Sipping from his own wine, Gabriel placed his hand on Sen’s thigh beneath the table as he looked at Sebastian Evansworth.

“Thank you for the clarification though that wasn’t entirely what I had meant. I simply meant that either one of you would have a story to share with the rest of us to pass the evening in friendly conversation. I know about your relationship with him, but I’m sure that every waking second of your life wasn’t spent at his side just as his wasn’t spent at yours. So understand I wasn’t making a jab at your past. I’m just a little curious while my friend Samantha tends to be much more so.”

“Oh definitely. I could regale you with stories of clinic life and my adventures in DWB, but I’m sure you two have much more exciting tales. So long as you don’t mind them. If they’re painful or depressing, just skip it for the night,” Samantha requested. She took Sebastian’s hand and squeezed it to remind him that he could relax. At some point, these two had been very relaxed around one another. It was just plain wrong to continue being uptight around each other after so many years, especially when it seemed  both of them had someone interested in spending the future in their lives. “I thought we’d come past the awkward stage when we all got together before Dante’s judgement.”

The draconic man placed his hand over Gabriel’s and clearing his throat, looked to Samantha.  

“We did. I guess it’s just difficult to get rid of baggage when you’ve carried it for so damned long, eh Sebastian?”

The vampire nodded. He looked at Gabriel. “Apologies. Enjoy them. They’re not often given.”

Gabe held his free hand up dismissively. “I can’t imagine. I hold grudges. And I hold them for things that you two would probably find comical considering how long you’ve already lived.” He took another drink, the feel of the warmth came before the taste this time. “So you talked the night before the judgement?” Gabriel thought back. The night he was taken to Sen’s lair? The night they bonded?

“Yes. I think we both realized where we stood that night and who held our hearts. You hold mine and are completely my kindred. Samantha is Sebastian’s Chosen in everything but transformation. And since his coven has accepted non-transformed humans into their group, she’s been accepted – at least I would imagine?”

“She’s been accepted.” He sipped the wine. He still liked the taste, even though he couldn’t drink much or he’d risk getting sick off of it.

“Well, by almost everyone, anyway. Raven’s mother isn’t very pleased.” Sam muttered before stuffing her mouth with a small piece of bread covered in diced tomatoes and drizzled with a lovely red wine vinegrette.

“That one’s still around? You know, I could be tasked with…”

“Uh, changing the subject? Yes. that would be a wonderful idea,” Sebastian spoke quickly. “She’s around for Raven to know and that is all. Moving on?”

“How can you be so very big?” Sam decided to ate some of her curiosity since Sebastian didn’t want to touch the subject of Sasha. However, she hadn’t exactly worded it correctly and so, both Gabriel and Sebastian got some chuckles in.   

“Eh, sometimes basic physics can’t explain what magic does. You’re not used to dealing with magic that creates a dimensional pocket and tunnel for one form while allowing another form, both of which are bonded with the same brain and soul, to be used. That’s something that perhaps a very open-minded scientist specializing in theoretical physics could help explain.  Most people just accept it and say, ‘Oh, it’s magic.’ and move on. But if you’re anything like Gabe and Bastian, you’ll be going straight to a library after tonight and looking things up on the subject.”

“Uhhh…yeah!” Sam said it as if they should know that was obvious. Her eyes couldn’t stay off of him for a while. “How did you know that’s what I was thinking? I kind of goofed the question up.”

“Well, your thoughts were pretty loud for me. I, uh… that’s to say, we use a form of telepathic connection for communication as well as auditory and physical stances when we’re in our true forms.”

“There are more.” she asked and stated.  And then shook her head because she realized it was a stupid question. “Of course there are. And they’re in plain freakin’ sight! Wow…”

“We haven’t …” How to say this. Senias leaned back in his seat and thought about his words. “We’re not exactly like the lycan. We aren’t family oriented. That’s not to say we don’t clan. But doing so in this world can be dangerous. So instead, dragons tend to be very solitary for the most part. I know there are more, but I’ve literally not had contact with any in decades until more recently. Seems they’re coming out of the woodwork all over the place,”  he let his eyes meet those of his kindred.

“All over the place,” Gabriel shook his head before drinking some more.

“Family? Is that the same as Clan?” she asked.  

“No. Yet, if there is a family dynamic, it would usually be between a matriarch and a patriarch of higher power within a clan.  I left that dynamic behind before I even met Sebastian… though I still consider myself a member of Clan Morias – I took myself from the hierarchy and therefore any politics.”  Sebastian would know he was being vague for a reason. The memories surrounding such a move were tender to the dragon. Both of the old warlords had lost their family in horrible ways. It was one of several commonalities that drew them together previously.

“Even though he says it, they still seek for him to lead them into the flames.” Sebastian left the rest of that age old prophecy off. He had come across the scroll in Spain and brought it to Sen’s attention.  Those that make the ground quake beneath their every steps, the winds move to their bidding at every move of their mighty wings, will make the world once again burn when their true leader returns to them and retakes his rightful place.

“Upon that day, the world shall once more burn and mankind will return to the ashes they were made from.” Gabriel was staring into the wine glass swirling the liquor within as he finished the words of the old scrolls that Evansworth had started thinking about. When he looked up and found the three gazes on him, he shrugged his shoulders.

“You reading minds now as well, Councilor?” the vampire asked.

“Why so surprised? I sometimes spend entire days in the libraries at the Chamber.” He drank from his glass and set it back down. “Besides, if I’m to present the case against black-listing dragons, I need to be aware of everything. I don’t need anyone coming up with something that could stop my progress. I’m going to get this overturned.” 

“Kind of end of the world gloomy for you to just deadpan it,” Sam pointed out before taking a drink of her own wine.

“Yes but that particular scroll I acquired in Spain.” Sebastian pointed out. “It shouldn’t be in the Chamber.” His gaze rolled to Sen as one brow lifted towards the dragon. Had he really given it to the Council? ~Really? What else did you give them?~

~ It wasn’t from me! The scroll you got for me is still where it should be, tucked away in the Parisian lair. I’ve not moved it. I’ve not even been there other than to check on the place in 200 years. ~  Sen glared at Sebastian for even suggesting that he’d give Crimson anything more than he’d had to. He’d never give them anything from Sebastian at all. He’d not parted with anything of their time together, nor had he been back to even look upon it for more than a few minutes.

“I’m not sure what you are talking about but I was referring to a parchment we received from England not Spain.” Gabriel watched the silent exchange as the waiter arrived and placed the spinach and feta stuffed mushrooms on the table along with their salads.

~200 years? Why haven’t you cleared it out?~ Sebastian needed to know and he glanced at Gabriel then at Samantha before adding, ~You should. We have new lives that the past doesn’t belong in.~

~ You think I haven’t tried? ~  He took not just a sip of his wine, he downed the entire glass.  Maybe they had new lives. But he had only just begun this section of his new life. He was still rather unsure about it. And it wasn’t as if he was under some stupid fantasy that they had anything after what he had done to Sebastian in France… it was just that there was a deep pain involved in looking back at the memories encased in that lair. He didn’t want to face it.

There was a slow intake of breath, ~When it comes to you, Sen.. I never know what to think.~

~ Good? ~ he winced just a bit, but responded as if it were good that he could keep the vampire on his toes. He honestly wasn’t sure how to respond to that.  ~ If you want to clean it out, I can open it to you. ~ The lair was filled with nearly 700 years worth of trinkets they had collected together. It wasn’t as though it were all his to be rid of. And the memories were quite staggering within those walls.

“Dressing?” Gabriel asked Samantha and offered her more wine. He even smiled a little and spoke to her across the table as it seemed their dates were having some kind of silent discussion of their own. “He’s rather gloomy for your tastes isn’t he?” Using her own word against her as he took a bite of one of the mushrooms.

“No, actually. He’s excitable and marvelous and passionate when we’re talking about our nerd-stuff.” She took the offered dressing and used it, “Your nerd stuff is books, travel,  and research. Ours is science and medicine. Not many people enjoy petri dishes and microscope slides as much as I do. So when I met someone like that, I decided I should accost him as much as possible, get him addicted to me, and that way he’ll never want to leave.” She winked at Gabriel and took another drink.  She ended the drink in a quick sip to add, “Or at least that’s the plan. But don’t tell him that.” She absolutely knew the other two were talking silently. It was rude, so she could be just as rude with Gabriel. “What’s your plan?”

There was a low deep chuckle as he shook his head at his friend’s words. Her question actually caught him by surprise and setting his fork aside he wiped his mouth and smiled a genuine smile at her.

“My plan was to enjoy the time while it’s ours to enjoy. I made no demands and neither did he.” Gabriel wasn’t delusional about this, he knew that Sen was going to outlive him. He knew long before that the man would grow bored with him. So reality said enjoy things while they lasted.

“Something tells me there’s a ‘but’ ?” Sam leaned forward a bit, intrigued.

“But… we bonded that night. And even though he’s being rude and not including me in the conversation right now, I can still feel him and I can influence him. Watch.” Gabriel lifted both of his brows and dropped them before closing his eyes and concentrating on his dragon.

Sen cut Sebastian off and looked to his kindred immediately. “What’s wrong?”

The small bit of chuckles and giggles from their dates drew Sebastian from the mental conversation with his ex. Lifting Samantha’s hand he kissed the center of her palm and breathed her scent in, “What are the two of you carrying on about beautiful?”

“What are you two carrying on about? Because Gabe and I were just discussing how different our plans were for the two of you. I plan on kidnapping you and taking you away for my own pleasures for as long as I can have you. Gabriel, on the other hand, was just going to go with the flow and see where it leads him.”  Sam’s blue eyes held Gabriel’s gaze as she added, “You know, that sounds more like something a flower child would be into – the whole go with the flow thing? And you’re just not that type.” She studied Sen, and then shrugged. “Maybe he is. He seems more like the throw the dice and see what happens kind of person.” She giggled at the incredulous expression the draconic man gave.

“See what happens when you don’t pay attention?” she began eating her salad and immediately felt like she’d died and landed in heaven. This was definitely 5-star cuisine if they made a salad taste that good.

“Touche.” Sen whispered.

“So if I’m not the go with the flow type and not the roll of the dice type, then what type am I?” Gabriel had taken another bite, sipped the wine and wiped his mouth.

Watching the pattern Sebastian answered, “The predictable type.” Resting his elbows on the table Sebastian steepled his fingers as he held gazes with human Councilor. What he was about to do was summed up as a parlor trick and had gotten them into several brothels and taverns over the years. He gave a very slow and yet very wicked smile that showed the tips of his incisors over his bottom lip. “You take a bite, you sip your wine and you wipe your mouth. You dislike mess and detest germs. You like neat and tidy wrapped in a bow. You’ll wait for him to make the first move and it will be very vanilla.” As Samantha giggled and Gabriel began to flush he added, “Oh Gabriel, does Sen know just how non-vanilla you can be? Or have you hidden that from him even though you’re bonding?”

They saw him as boring; everything by the book. He flushed even with as tan as he was. To prove them wrong Gabriel leaned towards Sen and drew him in with a hand to the back of his neck.

Now this had Senias stiffening at first, because Sebastian was correct in that the dragon saw his lover as very predictable when he was in public.  He could already hear some gasps and whispering from around them. But that soon faded away.

Gabriel kissed Sen then, he teased his lips and deepened the kiss until he felt Sen growl. It was then that the kiss was slowly ended and Gabriel smiled as he picked up his fork again, “Didn’t see that coming, now did you?”

Samantha laughed wholeheartedly at the way Gabriel just went right back into eating and to stifle her need to do so, she stuffed a bunch of lettuce and spinach in her mouth to chew. But catching Gabriel’s eyes, she gave him the thumbs up.

Senias had to recover. He was back in his seat and a bit red in the cheeks from the entire situation. His breath had been taken from him!  Of course, everyone went back to whatever they’d been doing before the show, but he was just a little astounded. However, not so much that he could ignore the words that had been spoken before the kiss.   And that kiss? Well, that just made the dragon all the more curious.

“How… non-vanilla can you be?” he asked before reaching for the water to gulp. “And…”  ~ How would you know? ~ “How would…” His mind finally put something together that he hadn’t expected at all.  His gaze moved between the two men and he set the glass back down. He and Gabriel had talked about a lot of things, but this was not a topic that had been broached.  

The flush remained with Gabriel as he looked to Sen and opened his mouth to answer. What stopped him was their main courses arriving. As the wait staff set their plates down Gabriel busied himself with preparing his food.

Sebastian on the other hand simply gave Senias a very slow all to knowing grin. It was the cat that ate the canary look and he was giving his to his ex lover regarding the new man in his life. He could lay to rest the dragon’s concerns but really where was the fun in that?

Seeing the look on Sebastian’s face reminded the doctor of what an ass he could be.  Not that she minded what had happened in his past – just like she hoped he didn’t mind what had happened in her past.  Her reaction wasn’t about that at all. It was about breaking him out of whatever evil spirited moment he was enjoying way too much at her best friend’s expense.  She eyed the basket of bread across the table next to his water glass.

Before Senias could actually react to this new information, the sound of Sam’s voice broke through along with the sound of a glass falling and a surprised noise from Sebastian as ice water fell all in his lap.  

“Oh! I’m so sorry… but you know…” She looked into Sebastian’s bright, surprised eyes and added, “At least it’s just water and won’t stain.” She stood up and grabbed his hands in hers to tug on him. “Want to go and get some cloths to dry you off with after that cooling off, love?” Her eyes told him she was not pleased with him being such a naughty vampire… 


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018