Yes, I voted while wearing a t-shirt from Magic Hat Brewery and a hat from Guinness. When we walked the sidewalk to the early voting site, I felt like weilding a sword against the people there still trying to ask us to swing one way or another. Like – why would I be here to vote early if I didn’t already know my mind on these things? Anyway… I hope they were impressed by my lovely wardrobe. Hehehe…

Anyway, I had to write a scene with characters that are all mine this week and since it was Samhain / Halloween / Post-Twitchcon / Pre-Fall Party / Pre- Travel Week – welp, I have been VERY busy. I hope you can be patient with me on this scene. Dawn should be available later this afternoon and will be helping me with the scene.  I could post the next scene (which is finished) but I would feel icky about it being out of order, ya know?

If I cannot get this scene done by the end of the afternoon, I will definitely post what comes next. No matter what. I promise!

Thanks for being a follower and thank you for your patience and support – shares, likes, and encouragement.

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