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“Then I’ll have to demand the day from him.” She smiled and Largros would know she fully intended to do just that. Riding up beside him, Izzy leaned down to kiss him once more. “Behave yourself and don’t get into any trouble without me.”

Her horse pranced and took off as she laughed and held on. She waved at Largros before vanishing out of sight to reappear below in the field heading home.

He watched her for as far as he could. He was ecstatic. And then he had a thought. He reached for his phone and called Mira.

“Hello Mira here how can I help you?” She was looking over the books while Derek saw to the staff restocking the bars for the night.

“It’s Largros, listen… I’m fucking charged up and hyper right now. If you want to visit your brother, right now would be the best time. He can draw some of this energy from me. I can’t guarantee it tomorrow.”

“You sound like you did a few lines.” She chuckled, “Okay, I’ll take you to see him. I’ll meet you outside Crimson in ten,” she needed that long to explain to her man where she was going.

Largros didn’t even comment on her thinking that he was high. He was. Just… on the best kind of drug. Turning, he portaled away.

As told, Mira met him there at Crimson HQ and it wasn’t long before they were in the visiting area. “We have an hour, that’s it, and trust me, the extra thirty cost me pretty.”

“It’ll be worth it.” Largros had to admit, he was worried about the caged half-demon. And this time, Dante wouldn’t drain him just to feed Inea energy. He’d keep it. He’d be helped.

Just like before Dante was led in shackled and seated across the table from them. He was sick, his pallor was awful and there were fresh bruises along with his bottom lip being split a second time. He was suffering from the shackles and it was showing. They were killing him slowly with infection and illness that he couldn’t recover from due to the magical blocks.

“Hello gorgeous, nice to see you brought my sister for a visit.” His voice was hoarse and raspy but he tried. “How’s things lovely?”

Largros moved to look at the guard and held his hand out. When the guard hesitated, Largros tipped his head up good and proper.

“I am a Tasker and you are a flea. You let this go on with our prisoners before a judgement, you are nothing and mean nothing in my eyes.  Give me his keys and leave. He is due his privacy.”

Mira was so furious she could have killed the guard that was smirking at them! Her colors even changed as warning. How could they do this to her brother?

The guard handed over the keys for the Tasker to take and nodded before walking out backwards and closing the door and locking it.  

“Hey, no sister dear, calm yourself. I don’t need you in here too.” Dante waited for his twin to turn and look art him. “It’s not okay, but I will survive. We’ve survived worse.”

“It’s unnecessary,” Mira growled before letting her spirit calm and her colors return to the rosy pinks and beiges they normally were.

Dante locked gazes with Largros. “So to what am I owed this visit?” He was happy to see them though he doubted it showed.

Largros moved to his side and let his fingers move over the bruises. “Who is doing this?”

Dante pulled his face away from probing fingers. “Captain of the guard enjoys his past time and besides who’s going to say anything about a condemned demon getting roughed up? Let him have his fun, I’ll have mine when I get out.”

“I’ll have a say about it, as will Gabriel.” Largros unlocked the magic dimming collar once again. The meeting room had enough warding on it to keep magic from being used to cause any problems. But those inside could definitely heal if they had the energy to do so. “I came with Mira so she could see you and update you along with me. I’ve plenty of energy. I want you to draw whatever you need. You don’t to push any into someone else this time. Inea has her other kindred for that, Dante.” 

“You can take from me as well. I’ve plenty. Derek fed me before I left in case you needed it.” Mira offered only to watch her brother chuckle and shake his head at her.

“He’s not feeding you for me you nitwit, he’s feeding you for the baby.” Dante knew the moment the shackles were removed.  “Did you not know?”

“I…I suppose I’ve been too busy to take stock of myself. You’re lucky I put on make-up…” not that she needed face painting, she was beautiful in her own natural way.  As Mira sat stunned, soaking that bit of information up, Dante turned his attention to Largros.

“I can’t fully heal, he will notice and I will get twice as bad and probably won’t make it to the judgment,” He chuckled but it hurt and he held out his hand to Largros, “Got a smoke?”

“Not on me, no.” The dragon persisted, “You can heal everything inward. I know your kind can do it.” 

“Stop being stubborn and take from him. At least heal inside and kill the infections we smell coming out of you. They can’t see those.” Mira growled and snapped sharply at her twin out of fear because she could feel and if she could, so too could Inea who was already not faring well over this. She was afraid for her brother and it was showing.

Tossing up his hands in surrender Dante moved to Largros and drew him close to enjoy an embrace as he pulled from him with a kiss. His tongue danced along Largros’ and the energy was the sweet kind that spoke of passion between lovers. It was more Mira’s type, but then he tasted sorrow mixed in as well and he groaned. ~ Went to see your little minx and she welcomed you home proper. ~ There was a smile with the words as he imagine the pleasure that was found between the two lovers.

~ Part right. I went to see her, but the welcome was more of a punishment. Not that I minded. Sometimes punishment is the best kind of passion. ~ Largros kissed his demon back and as a dragon, had no issue in pushing some of his energy forward for Dante instead of making him work for it.  ~ I hope I can find some more passion with you soon.  After all, I now have permission. ~ That would tell the half-demon that things with Isabel Kennedy were more serious than he had suspected before.  It might ease his own discomfort when it came to his lady dragon. 

There was a low deep chuckle that sounded more like him, “I’d like that too.” He was looking more himself the more Largros gave. Mira rolled her eyes at hearing an answer to an unspoken question. ~ Once I’m out and my lady is seen to I will make time for us. ~

It warmed Largros, knowing that time would be made for him.

Replenished, Dante returned to the table and his sister provided him one of Derek’s smokes. Enjoying the bliss he listened to the updates from them both.

“Derek says to tell you everything is in hand and running smoothly so not to worry.” Mira reached for Dante’s free hand and squeezed it, “He loves me and takes real good care of me so don’t worry about me either okay.”

“Gabriel, Inea, Zenlial, and I met with Darius. He plans on coming to your judgement to explain his part in everything. That’s why we need you to keep going until then. I know he’ll clear you of wrong doing.”

“I’m sure it will be for a price.” He drew on the cigarette and let the smoke roll from his mouth. He turned and kissed Largros again just to feel the contact. They had no idea how fucking brutal it was on his senses to be severed from them all over and over again. The physical contact was a balm to his senses.

This time, Dante had caught him off guard. But Largros could tell that the demon wasn’t drawing anything from him. He was just enjoying. The dragon said nothing and enjoyed as well.

As the kiss ended he licked his lips and coughed to clear his throat.

“So when’s my hearing? How much longer do I have to last? I just need to prepare myself that’s all.”

Mira watched the kiss and felt the desperation that Largros didn’t. “Don’t stop on my behalf, I love a good show it feeds my voyeur side.” She hoped it would urge Largros on to hold her brother longer without actually being told to. “Two days brother, the second night… and we will have you before Council.”

Largros leaned further in to Dante. He kissed the demon’s jaw and cheek before looking over at Mira a bit drunken. The demon smelled so good. But he had to speak, so he slowly pulled himself back properly in his seat. 

“So, not much longer.” Largros hoped Inea wouldn’t be too upset with them for coming without her. She had gone back to lair once they came home. “When I get out of here, I’ll be sure to file an injunction for keeping you away from the captain and his people. They’re not headquartered here. They have no right to be your guards. And Skinner can be called into question for allowing it.”  

“Skinner is the Director and won’t get more than a slap on the wrist for this we both know it so don’t get yourself in his targets over me. And no more visits until the session, then. I can hold out for two days, but if I keep severing and reconnecting my ties… it hurts and not just me. So when they go on this time they stay on until they are off permanently.” It was Dante’s way of saying he couldn’t go through it again. Skinner and the Captain had been trying to break him with no success. If only they had known that the shackles were the key he would have been broken a long time ago. 

“Only if you’re sure…” Largros whispered.

“You’ve given too much..” Dante smoothed his hand over Largros’ cheek and along his jaw in return as he pushed some of the energy back. He caressed and just enjoyed the touches without the energy exchange. His hand smoothed over Largros’ chest and he just had to slip it under and feel the flesh beneath. No physical contact and only moments of mental contact was for a incubus the equivalent to a man in desert suffering with no water or food. 

Largros took a deep breath when the demon’s touches were combined with the push of energy. The warning knock on the door signaled ten more minutes and Dante rumbled in disappointment.

“What I’d love to do to you if we had more time lover.” He bit Largros’ ear lobe and sucked it gently as he pulled his hand away. Dante knew he would be sporting his hard on for hours but it was okay, it was fun getting it and next time he’d have fun using it.

“At some point, we’ll have plenty of time,” Largros was saying it to Dante, but he was hoping for it himself. He got up and rebuttoned his shirt. He moved to take the collar and very slowly placed it back on the man before him. He could see the grimace when the connections were lost once again. “I’m so sorry.” 

“It’s your duty. Don’t apologize, Tasker,” Dante moved back, the shackles tinkling as he shifted.

When the guard entered he started to the table and went for the shackles only to have the demon’s sister snatch them up. He held his hands for them and started to call in assistance when she moved forward to him. Before the guard could back away she had him and his eyes glazed as she mesmerized him.

“You’ll take good care of my brother and see no further harm comes to him. This evening bring your buddies to the club for a drink on me, alright?” She smiled and took the shackles’ handled length to the guard.  As Dante was led away she whispered that she loved him and then she turned to leave with a very dangerous look of determination on her face. Before the night was done the guard and his fellow guards would be in her snare and like a spider with its flies she’d use them and drain them dry. They’d do anything she asked by the time she was done and her brother would be safe until his judgement day. That was what she could do for him.

“Thank you, for all of that. I know you didn’t have to.” Mira was speaking to the dragon as they left Crimson HQ. “You should check on Inea, she would have felt him.”

“I know. I don’t look forward to that meeting.” Largros walked toward the park, which was the mandatory leaving point for magical means. He was feeling horrible.  He was actually concerned about the situation. Seeing what they had done to Dante infuriated the dragon.

“I wouldn’t either, but hey – bright side is she is probably at the estate with Kennedy. At least he’ll be a little help or her other kindred will be there, right? He usually is if she needs him.” Mira had to head back to the club, it seemed she had something to talk to her lover about. The big bad wolf had kept a secret, shame on him.

“Goodday, Mira,” Largros said as he watched her body be surrounded by reddish black darkness.  The dragon walked to the shaded bench he saw nearby and sat down to collect himself. Lady Inea would want an explanation and she might not like that he and Dante planned future exploits.  She had claimed him. Dante was hers; in her eyes at the very least.

And sometimes? Sometimes dragons didn’t like to share with other dragons.


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018