I felt the quote was appropriate both to the time of year and the spirit of the person who spoke it. It really caught me off guard and resonated within my psyche. I remember thinking something similar when I was a child. When I could feel and see things that the adults ignored.

So, as you may can tell, Dawn and I have decided to allow some of the more erotic scenes to slip through. There have been many more, to be honest, but we weren’t sure if people would like that or not.  We like it… hence why I love some of the authors that I do!  And now, we’ll see how everyone else feels about it.

I had to push pause on the editing aspect of the first book until now. My schedule was just all over the place and I was having trouble concentrating. I’m pulling it together. Instead of writing a draft for NaNoWrMo – I will be finishing this edit so that beta readers can begin the wild task of telling me how much things need to be fine tuned! YAY! That being said – I NEED BETA READERS!  Please let me know if you are willing and available.

Where has the year gone?

I hope you don’t mind us adding more and more characters to the series. We kind of just went wild. We’ve fallen in love with actually many more that you’ve yet to meet…lol.  If we continue this wildness, you may get to meet them all!

Elections are coming up and I encourage everyone to look into the issues and amendments and people that will be on your local ballots – be informed – and go vote. Here in our area, early voting began this past week and so I will be hopping to it. It’s your duty to have a say in the government. Please don’t shirk that duty!

I’ll be posting up my game/streaming team’s humble bundles for books in here whenever I get the update. I know lots of people who like those things and this company makes it cheaper to get and yet also supports not only our fun but a charity of your choice as well.  If you want to see more offers and specials and stuff from other authors and artists – check out the twitter page.

Thank you – everyone for your follows, likes, shares, and comments. Your support means the world to us!