The next time Gabriel woke his body was stiff from sleeping on the floor, though his pillow was warm and comfortable. He was smiling as he sat up and stretched to ease the aches in his body. His back popped several times and he sighed as he carefully climbed to his feet.

“Good morning… again.” Senias smiled.

Sen was still awake, which was unusual, but Gabriel didn’t question it. He was probably lost in his own thoughts. “I’m going to shower want to join and then breakfast?”

“Sounds like a plan. “ He pushed his palms down into the down comforter which was pretty flat at this point, and sat up. He held his arm out to get some help from Gabriel, after all, he was stiff, too.  He really should’ve forced Gabriel to get up on that bed.

Grabbing Sen’s arm, Gabriel helped his lover to his feet and chuckled, “I guess maybe the floor wasn’t the best option for either of us. Next time we’ll return to the bed.”

“Definitely. I don’t think I’m as young as I was when the ground outside beneath the stars was welcomed.” He walked into the small bathroom that had been made from a spare sitting room that had once existed between two guest rooms.  Turning the shower on, he patiently waited until the water was at a comfortable temperature before he moved aside to let Gabriel in. He looked forward to cleaning his lover and perhaps enjoying some more love making, or at the very least some carnal intimacy before they had to face the world again.  He knew whatever they did, it couldn’t take too long. They were guests in someone else’s house and they both had things to do.

It didn’t take Gabriel long to step in and beneath the heated water. There was a groan of pure pleasure from him as that water ran down his spine to ease muscles that ached. “How long do you think we have before they invade?” Gabriel swept his wet hair back and stretched his arms up while his hands laced behind his head. The move felt wonderful and he wasn’t the only one enjoying some stretching.  

Senias had joined in the tub and using the tiled wall, he was stretching. Bones popped and muscles slowly came out of their knots.  He looked back to Gabriel and lazily moved his hand over the man’s beautiful physique.

“Uscias is still awake. They didn’t go back to sleep like we did.”  He could feel it. After all, he was a dragon encroached upon another dragon’s territory.  Even being in clans – dragons tended to go their own ways and only came back to gather like the lycan did into pack activity on special occasions or for mating and caring for young.  “Or as you remember him… Nathan.” 

The soap was in the tray and he lathered up his hands and enjoyed rubbing Gabriel down well and good, both massaging and cleaning his kindred.   

“Which means he’ll be calling us soon won’t he?” Gabriel tilted his head back into the water so that Sen could wash the rest of him. He turned around and presented his back for the same treatment and enjoyed the soapy massage while he could. He was in no hurry; future time with Sen was not guaranteed, and he want all he could get while he could get it. It would probably be awhile for them after this.

As the soap was rinsed away Gabriel smiled and plucked the soap from the tray. “My turn. Hands up where I can see them. I wouldn’t want you getting the wrong idea about this shower sir.” Where Gabriel tended to be stiff and stern with most everyone, with Sen it was different. He even became playful at times which really wasn’t his nature.

Senias gave his lover a dirty look, but held his hands up as if he were giving in. No. He got in as many swats and touches as he could while he was being washed. The way Gabriel was handling him, forcing him to do as told? It was very different for the dragon. Senias kind of… liked it.

Gabriel lathered his lover up and only teased him here and there knowing they didn’t have the time to get hot and heavy like they would both really like to. He laughed and stayed out of reach only returning when Sen put his hands back up like instructed. It was definitely a fun shower!

He felt Gabriel move his hand over the scarred place at the bottom of his shoulder blade and he closed his eyes. For the moment, they were both silent. He had not allowed Gabriel to have any time to truly look the brand over, always conveniently turning so that the crest was not seen or touched.  The dragon did not do this today.

Feeling the instant reaction the slight touch received had Gabriel curious. He rinsed the area clean and traced the design out with his fingertips. His touch was feather soft as it graced over the Kennedy family crest and his breath caught at the response it got from Senias. It was a highly sensitive spot which meant..

Gabriel ran his tongue over the design and then kissed it as his hands slid around his lovers hips. He had just found and wrapped one hand around the hardened length of Sen’s shaft to stroke when he was mentally ground to a halt.

~ Alright! We’ve got things to do! So do you! Get down here for breakfast or fend for yaselves. ~

When Uscias’ thoughts went ringing through their heads, Senias groaned and turned once again to face Gabriel.  

“Guess we have our answer.”

With the water pummeling his back Gabriel kissed Sen long and slow making sure it was something not easily forgotten by his lover. As it ended he grinned for him, “I swear we will continue this soon and we’ll do it with you free and clear.”



Upstairs Rose walked to her vanity to remove her jewelry and take the pins from her hair to let the mass free. Unlike her daughters, Rose had taken to keeping her hair only shoulder length. It was easier to maintain and these days that seemed a necessity for her.

Watching Nathan through her mirror she smiled at him as she wiped her face clean and rubbed lotion into her skin. “Seems our house guests are feeling better.” Rose knew his mind wasn’t on Gabriel and Senias. It was on their daughters, Isabel was still nursing her broken heart and Ashley was out somewhere hopefully enjoying herself.

“She’ll be home soon enough Uscias, she’s probably been enjoying the club last night and visiting with that friend of hers Meera, Amara… something like that.” Rose was rubbing the lavender ointment that Inea had made her into her hands as she turned to walk to him. With a smile she smoothed her hands over his cheeks and beard while laughing softly at his usual reaction.

He closed an eye as he smelled the lotion.

“Mm now you smell like me.” She rubbed her nose against his bearded chin. The lotion helped her in many ways from easing the aches in her hands to calmed the full throb in her head. Whatever Inea put in it was a blessing for sure.

“It’s nearly daybreak, love. We’ve gone the night helping our drunkards, Isabel is calming down, Alex is fine and John is handling the PR problem for Gabriel quite well so the only one you should be worried about is Ashley, but she’s a grown woman, now. ” Rose was confused by the tempestuous mind of her dragon. He was usually so much more calm. Was it because of the other dragon? 

“Mira. It’s short for Miranda. Or at least that’s her human name. Always thought that was a lovely name.” Uscias sighed and tugged her close to him and kissed her forehead.  “She’s not too pleased with our girl either right now.” He sighed, “Ashley won’t be coming home anytime soon, my dear. She should be at my place in Colorado getting settled in. My staff out there told me the other things were done and ready for her and… her humanitarian project.” He rubbed Rose’s upper arms and in two seconds flat he was getting the expression he knew would be coming when he finally told her the truth. He hated keeping things from her – hardly ever had. But Ashley had put him in quite the spot. 

“Now what exactly is that all about Nathaniel?” Rose gave him that look that said her patience had come to an end on the situation. Her brow arched and her lips narrowed to that thin line as she pressed them together tightly. “What’s this mess about a humanitarian project?”

“She went on a little trip without us to the other side with her friend Mira and Inea of Gorias, you know, the one I allow around to help out with our wards here on the farm? The one that gave you the lotions? And believe me, that dragon wasn’t very happy with what went down on the other side either. But she has other worries.” He sighed. “Ashley called me up and swore me to secrecy and told me what she needed. Since she never asks for anything, I… I couldn’t say NO, Rosie. The look in her eyes?” Nathan shook his head. “But I told her that as soon as things calmed down, you would be hearing about it. Now’s good a time as any.”  He felt guilty as hell and she could feel it. Uscias despised not telling his kindred, but he had been afraid that Ashley would bolt if he had brought her mother into it too soon – and considering the situation? That would have been dangerous, indeed.

Rose’s hands moved down to rest flat on his broad chest and her thumb messed with one of the buttons on his shirt, “Well then stop sweetening me up and simply tell me what our eldest daughter has wrangled you into.” He was right, Ashley never asked for anything, but then she was the eldest when their father had passed away. It had taken her a lot longer to accept Nathan as anything close to a father figure. She’d rebelled by requesting to go away to a boarding school and from there she’d gone straight to college. The only times they’d seen her was holidays and summer break. It had made Rose’s heart ache and when Nathan had confronted her on that point was when he’d won her over. Though he kind of never stopped trying.

“You know how she always wanted to go to the other side over the past few years? How she felt some sort of pull there?”

Both of Rose’s eyebrows shot up, “And so she went without you… which she said she wouldn’t do.” What was she thinking that foolish girl? While Rose had never been the least interested in the other world, Ashley had and it had frightened her mother. Nathan had always said he’d take her but never put any serious thought into it. And now she had gone on her own. “What happened? Please tell me she wasn’t alone at least.”

“Well, good news is, I don’t think she’ll want to go back. She hitched a ride over with her friends – both very ab;e to take care of her at least – and she came back with something that she thinks was pulling her there. He’s probably more handsome than I ever thought about being, reminds me of looking at Eva’s lovely complexion but with bright blue eyes and a reddish ring in ‘em. He was unconscious when I saw him. Dr. Keene was treating him. Seems his owners didn’t take into account that he’s part vampire, so… his body is really messed up on the inside.”

“Part vampire.. he..” Rose rubbed her forehead as she squeezed her eyes shut and sighed, “Our foolish, hard headed daughter goes gallivanting over with her equally foolish friend and returns with a man that could have her for a meal? What was she thinking  Nathan? And what possessed her to bring back a man anyways?”

“He was in the pits, Rosie. And Ashley bought him off the dragons that owned him.  She’s in full rescue mission mode.”

That same hand covered her mouth a moment in surprise and shock. “The pits? You said that’s like more than gladiator fights Nathan. Dear lord.. and what is she going to do with him?”

“I don’t really want to think about that part. Not in depth, anyway,” Nathan chuckled, trying to lighten the mood a bit.  It probably wouldn’t work. 

“You said Dr.Keene will at least get him physically healthy, but does our girl realize that she is human dealing with a supernatural that may not be right in the head? What if he goes crazy on her? I don’t like this at all.” Rose was worried about their daughter being alone with this unknown male who was uncertain mentally as well as physically.

“I’m fairly certain that we’re not the only ones looking out after this situation. Inea was apologizing profusely to me before she had to leave for the Crimson Headquarters that day. She looked like holy hell had run her over, but she explained to me that the bringing back of the man was not an intention and that they’d tried to talk Ashley out of it. But Ashley’s a lot like her mother it seems, so I couldn’t fault them their failure. She told me that she had woven spellwork around him to help ease the transition to a new place. My home has a wooded lot that sits to itself for the use of goats, but I’d not used it in a while, so I reinforced it physically and magically. He can stay there til he gets better with his humanity. Hopefully he won’t remain feral. Mira said he had spoken to Ashley, a few words, anyway… that gives me hope for the boy.”

“Well at least there’s that. Are the girls there with her, now?” Rose had eased a little hearing all of this explained to her. She couldn’t help her concern, she was a very involved mother after all.

“The girls are working on their own capers, but they had promised to move back and forth between those and Ashley. Dr. Keene was full of interest as well. Seems he’s from this side. He was purchased illegally. She wants to know who is behind this mixing of vampire and lycan and also who would be selling sentient beings illegally. But, she did mention that him being born and spending time on this side means there’s a better chance of him recovering.”

“Okay, so we need to go there and help. I don’t like her being alone with him regardless of the spells and such put on him. I do hope he transitions well for both his and Ashley’s sake given that she’s obviously very invested in his situation. Perhaps we should let our guests know since slavery is involved – perhaps they can help too?”

“Agreed. We can add it to their list of things to look into and then once we get our two knuckleheads handled and make sure things are settled here, I can take you. I’ve kept things quiet for a few days. Now that they’ve gotten used to that place and everything is set up there, less likely Ash’ll be pissed enough to leave it.”  

Taking her love’s hand she smiled, “Then lets see to them. Cook should be up soon working on breakfast. I’d say feeding them should be sufficient shouldn’t it?” Rose wouldn’t be rude if she could help it.

“I’ll make sure they’re aware breakfast is waiting on them. Neither of them can keep me from mind talking them.” Uscias walked away from Rosie so his mental “yelling” wouldn’t bother her.  

~ Alright! We’ve got things to do! So do you! Get down here for breakfast or fend for yaselves. ~ the elder dragon focused on both Gabriel and Senias.  Though, he did give a nudge to Isabel as well. Might as well have everyone all together this morning and on their way.

Rose used that minute or two to grab a clean outfit for a quick change of clothes. She had never changed for the night because sleep hadn’t really come to mind all night. It had been a long, restless evening with Ashley out and her own migraine. She was very thankful when Nathan knew not to use his mental speak close to her. She stepped behind the screen and removed her clothing from the day before.

As she pulled on her clean clothing she called out to Nathan, “Perhaps we’ll get lucky and they’ll be waiting at the table for us. Why does it seem that our girls are more troublesome than our boys? I just do not understand that at all, but I suppose we should be thankful that neither of them have come up pregnant.” Rose pulled her jeans up that Nathan had insisted she try and she had fallen in love with. They went well with her boots.

Nathan had stepped into the bathroom to clean himself and change shirts. He’d gone out this morning since they had been woken by the crash, and he’d done his morning chores like clockwork and had made sure the foreman had the rest in-hand.  They ran a full farm and breeding and training site for equestrians. It was more than a full time job.

“I’d say neither are addicts, but I think Izzy has her moments of dabbling.” She had her jeans on and was hooking her bra as she wondered if she were talking to herself as Nathan hadn’t really responded. As she slipped her arms into her fresh blouse, Rose stepped from the screen to look at her man. She was starting at the buttons from the bottom up. “Are you listening or have you tuned me out?”

“You’ll have more of my attention if you keep teasing me like that,” he smiled at her. Rosie was a beautiful, full figured woman with curves in the right place. One thing that he kind of felt Isabel would never inherit were those curves, though, otherwise the girl was the spitting image of her mama – at least from the pictures he’d seen of Rose when she was a teenager.  No matter how long they had been together, Rose could turn his head.

She arched a brow at him letting the dragon know that it wasn’t going to happen even though she smiled for him. If he was good, maybe later, but right now she had a mission and with it an agenda which did not include messing around. Sometimes he could be just as bad as a lustful teenager and that thought simply made her eyes sparkle. “Don’t just stand there then, help me out.”

“I forced Isabel up, too. So our little hellcat can enjoy the company and you both can make with the awkward questions for Senias and Gabriel. I know you’re both dying to get hold of them. And since they’re both in a good mood, that’ll be fun to watch before we go see Ashley.”  He leaned down and kissed Rose between her breasts and then lifted his face to kiss her lips before finishing the buttons up to where she normally wore them.

Cupping both of Nathan’s cheeks she stared him right in the eyes before he could move away, “Mmm you are so handy to have around. I may just have to keep you permanently after all.” Rose gave him that soft sweet little laugh that he seemed to love before she took his arm, “Now let’s not keep them all waiting on us. It’d be rude to show up late to our own table.”

He happily lent his arm and walked with his lovely lady down the stairs to their dining room, which was already set this morning.  It wouldn’t be long before the others joined them.




The first to arrive was a half asleep and very rumpled looking Isabel. She had her long black curls pulled back in some half-assed way to keep it out of her face and she was still wearing her pj’s which consisted of an Aerosmith t-shirt and zombie bottoms.

“Really dad.. What exactly do I have to do that you had to scream in my head like some freakin’ drill sergeant?” She grabbed her glass of orange juice that had been awaiting her and drank half of it down before wiping her mouth on her arm.

~ You’ll thank me. Just wait. ~ Nathan teased his youngest. They had a very special relationship, he and Izzy. She was his little spy and the one that spoke her mind, which was quite entertaining. Sometimes it helped out because she’d ask questions he wanted to ask, but didn’t dare to.  

“Well young lady for your information we have a new stud arriving today and I need you to check him over and complete the deal if he looks and acts proper. We also have guests and as you know with company in house, we are all presented at the meals as the family to converse.” Rose sipped her coffee and her nose curled as she added a little more cream and sugar.

“Company? What company? No one was here when I crashed.” Isabel’s question was soon answered as the two men in their clothes from the night before joined them and took seats side by side. “No way..” She propped her elbow on the table and rested her head in the up raised palm as she stared at them with her bright green eyes.

Gabriel felt awkward as they were stared at and yet he took his seat beside Sen and picked up a napkin to place in his lap.

“Good morning Aunt Rose, Nathan and Isabel. I hope you all had a pleasant night.”

“I’ve had better, but at least my headache is finally gone.” Rose smiled at her nephew.

“So you the one with him in the picture or is there another man out there we need to know about?” Leave it to Isabel to go bluntly to the point and bring everything to light without any subtle ease.

Sen just sat and looked at the girl. She was quite the handful, wasn’t she?  

“Isabel Matthews!” Rose quickly chastised though she knew it was pointless to do so.

“What? We all want to know.” Isabel shrugged her shoulders and drank more juice.

“I’m in the published photo with Gabriel, yes.” Senias replied finally.

“Like, how long have you been gay? I mean, is it like an always kind of thing or is it just a fad? Did some girl screw you over and turn you gay? Or is it something like a one night fling and you found you like it better with a guy than a girl?” She heard her mother over and over trying to shush her but Izzy had never taken such cues very well.

Nathan drank his coffee and kept his mouth shut. His eyes were smiling when he looked over at Senias, who had in the time that Isabel had taken to bombard Gabriel with questions, turned to look at the other dragon before looking over the table at Isabel again. 

“You’re cute.” Senias left it at that while he brought the biscuits to their plates and halved first one to place on Gabriel’s plate then another on his own.  He handed the bowl to Rose and took the gravy boat next to finish things out.

Isabel smiled as she plucked a biscuit from the plate.

“I…” While he had known questions would be asked, Gabriel had no idea that he would be bombarded by them. He was really uncomfortable right then and it showed with the way he was gripping his napkin beneath the table with both hands. This was a topic that he was never at ease discussing and found it rather invasive of his private life. He didn’t want to be rude though after his Aunt and her kindragon had been gracious enough to welcome them in during the night.

Senias paused in preparing their dishes with the lovely breakfast foods on the table and slipped his hand into Gabriel’s beneath the table while sipping his coffee with the other one.  

“One is born with the basic desire for a specific gender or multiple genders. I don’t know about Gabriel, but I’ve been attracted to males more than females for all my life, though there have been a few females along the way.” the dragon turned to Gabriel. “Did you not want to answer the personal question, or…?”  Senias would uphold Gabriel’s right to not answer the questions should he not want to do so.

Clearing his throat he tried again, “No really it’s alright.” Gabriel licked his lips and went on, “My whole life. Military school was hell, but I did learn how to fool others. The women were for show, I never slept with any of them. It wasn’t like they were going to announce to the world that I didn’t find them attractive. He’s the only one that I’ve ever been photographed so intimately with.”

“You mean the only one you’ve ever been caught with in public.” Isabel attempted to correct her cousin.

“There’s no need to go on Gabriel.” Rose tried to soothe her nephew.

“Actually that isn’t what I mean at all. I mean he is the only one I’ve ever given personal attention to in front of others, much less touched in public.” Gabriel clarified as he thanked the one who filled his cup with coffee. He sipped the black brew and enjoyed the rich flavor of it.

“Is that enough, Izzy?” Nathan asked while placing a piece of toast on Rose’s plate near the poached egg she already had.  It was something dragons did…taking care of their kindred when it came to food. And Nathan had taken note of the actions where Senias was concerned as well. It told him the two were serious. 

The dark haired hellcat waved off any admonishments that were directed her way as she focused her green eyes on her cousin’s lover.

“And what about you? What are your intentions towards my cousin? You serious with him or just enjoying the ride for now?”

Senias grinned, a wickedness in his emotions before he replied to Isabel. Challenge accepted. He leaned forward a bit on the table and looked her square in the eyes.  

“I don’t see why those two things have to be mutually exclusive, my dear.”

Nathan coughed some coffee when he laughed while taking a drink and was busted for enjoying this little tete-a-tete a little too much by Rose.

“They don’t have to be, but I want an answer to the – are you serious about my nephew – portion, for sure.” Rose had lifted that brow at her own dragon which squelched his enjoyment of the moment and then looked at the dragon she’d known since birth.

“The girl’s obviously trying to be edgy and rude as she can be with the questioning, so why can’t I be an ass in return?” He looked from Rose to Isabel.  “I suppose if he can tolerate me for long enough I could let him ride me instead. I’ve never let anyone else try it. Might be something quite pleasurable with someone you love and trust. Is that serious enough?”

Gabriel flushed at where the conversation had gone and that flush crept farther as Isabel replied.

“There’s a first time for everything and besides you might like being on the receiving end for change. After all, only greedy assholes hog the fun.” Isabel smiled as she bit into her biscuit while her cousin coughed and choked on his coffee.

“Never realized you gave birth to a miniature version of yourself, some warning might’ve been polite,” Senias raised a brow as he looked back to Rose.

“I beg to differ, I don’t recall myself being quite so blunt or rambunctious as this one is. I blame Nathan, he’s such a bad influence you know.” Rose smiled and leaned to kiss her bad dragon. Izzy was a daddy’s girl and Uscias had spoiled her terribly over the years. She had followed him like a puppy as a child so Rose was telling the truth, it really was his fault. ~ Control your wildling before she strikes the wrong nerve. ~ Rose was serious when she actually used her own mental speak to her dragon. After all, it was risking more pain. 

~ Pull it back a notch, sweetheart. ~ Nathan took another drink of his coffee while urging candor in Isabel and also putting his strong hand between Rose’s shoulders to rub. He hoped she hadn’t pulled another headache.

Licking her lips Isabel looked from the one called Senias to her cousin as she sucked on her fingers to clean them.

“Okay all that aside, why the late night sleep over and why do you both look like you need to be tossed in a dryer set on wrinkle free?”

Gabriel shared a look with Sen, ~ Now I know why my visits are every few months. ~

There was a soft laugh from the green eyed wild child as she snatched up a piece of bacon. “Bad binge night? I’ve had a few and they suck.” Her brow lifted towards Gabriel and she opened her mouth to say more but quickly shut it.

“Then don’t have them. And yes, we had a few too many bottles of good wine. We can’t be sure of privacy anywhere else so your mother and father let us come here.” Gabriel scooped up some drenched biscuit and gravy to enjoy. He hadn’t even prepared it… 

“You are always welcome, Gabriel. You know I want to look out for you as much as I do my own kids. As embarrassing as the conversation has been, I’m happy to see you happy. Both of you,” Rose looked between the two.  “I assume you gentlemen have other pressing matters to attend to today. Can we have one of the men drive you someplace?” Rose sipped from her cup and enjoyed her toast.

“We’ll get out of your hair as soon as we have breakfast, thank you for your patience with us.”  Senias looked to the two. He could be nice when he needed to.

“You are no trouble Senias, you should know this by now. I don’t like running off and leaving guests. My mother would come back from the grave to haunt me should I do such.” While the others at the table would not understand the reference, Rose knew Senias would. He’d been around Amelia Kennedy long enough to know she was a stickler for manners and courtesies. “We are happy to have the two of you anytime. I just wanted to know if I should make arrangements now for you.”

“Oh, well… yes, go ahead. At least for me,” Gabriel nodded before taking another bite of the meal before him. Rose nodded and took out her phone to text someone.

“And for the days you don’t want to deal with all the niceties that come with being a house guest of my mother’s, there’s always the guesthouse. Just let dad know so you don’t set his alarms off and give mom a migraine,” Isabel giggled, “No questioning there. Promise,” she bit down on her strip of bacon. 

“That’s still happening?” Senias asked, concern washing his face.  

Rose put away the phone. Sometimes her children didn’t know when to stop.

“Not all things change simply because you step out of my life Senias. I am fine and Uscias makes sure I stay that way.” She grasped her loves hand and squeezed it gently.

“You’re fine?” For some reason that didn’t sit well with Gabriel. “Have you been to a neurologist?”

“Yes, and I have check ups every three months with them. My husband takes me to them and they discuss everything with him.” The way Rose scolded Izzy with her gaze said a lot.  The girl shrugged and went on with her eating.

~ Is it me or is she not telling us everything? ~ Gabriel finished his coffee as he looked towards his Aunt along with Sen and apparently Isabel.

~ She’s being very defensive. It’s like watching a wall being built. Might as well drop it and we need to catch her when she’s not on her guard.  Or rather I probably need to talk to her. I owe her an apology, obviously… as she just pointed out… ~

“Well, that’s fine, Rose. So long as you’re taking care of yourself and Uscias has your back.” Senias made sure to give her a warm smile with the reply. But he would not let this drop.    

“Thank you.” Rose cleared her throat before sipping from her cup again. This usually meant she’d over done it on the mental chat thing. “Now let’s enjoy breakfast.” Subject closed and now she’d be in full hostess mode. She rang for the rest of breakfast to be brought out and actually took several pieces of fruit for herself.

“Where are you and mom taking off to so early?” Isabel tossed a berry in her mouth to chew as she looked to her father for an answer. If she was being left to see to the new arrival which tended to be their thing, it had to be for a good reason.

“I have to go take care of business out in Colorado. I still have my property there, ya know? Where we tried to teach you kids how ta ski?” He put special emphasis on the word ‘try’.  “Anyway, thought it might be a good idea to tear your mama away from all the ruckus happenin’ here.” And that was just the beginning of a very nice family conversation for once. You’d never guess how much drama was actually unfolding all around the family as they enjoyed breakfast.  


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018