WARNING: ADULT SEXUAL SITUATION AHEAD. To be reading this work, you should be an adult, anyway. However, thus far, we’ve taken a fade-to-black approach to our writing. I’ve had some requests that we stop holding back so much. Let it not be said that I didn’t warn you.  


The soft pattering of rain on the tin roof along with the rumbling roll of thunder was what woke Gabriel a few hours later.  He laid there quietly with the warmth of Sen pressed against his back and the man’s arm laying over his waist. It was nice just to feel his lovers steady heated breaths against the back of his neck and shoulders. It actually made him smile and the wine in his system still had that warm languid feeling settling over his body.

He loved rainy nights. They were good for everything from being lazy and laying around to taking the time thoroughly enjoy a lover. The second choice was what Gabriel was wanting to do and what made him smile as he was right now. 

It was but a moment or two before Gabriel felt the change in Sen from his breathing to the way he stretched that told him that his dragon was waking up.

“It’s raining…” Gabriel’s voice was low and husky sounding as he covered Sen’s hand with his own. “I like this weather.” He slid his lovers hand slowly down from his waist  over the flat hard expanse of his abdomen to slip inside his boxers to help the sleepy man grasp the hardening length within.

He was still in the throes of waking when he felt Gabriel’s forward move. His lover was already hard and needing and he had no issues in helping. He wrapped his fingers around Gabriel’s cock and began stroking very gently, slowly.  

Gabriel’s breath caught and left him in a slow shudder. The feel of Sen’s hand wrapped around him was absolutely heaven. “Damn… Senias… this.. ? This I love..” There was a husky chuckle from him that was even more of a tease to his dragon.  

“Question is, would you love this even more?” Sen raised up on his free hand and then sat, while continuing to stroke. It was still dark in the room and the rain was making him feel like they were in another world altogether.  He stopped the movement to tug at Gabriel’s shorts and finally removed the material completely from his way. Turning Gabriel to his stomach, the dragon let his body press onto his kindred from above. Soon, he nipped and sucked on the skin of his neck and shoulders.  Moving down Gabe’s body to nip and tease and kiss, Sen already had a plan in mind.  He stepped off the end of the bed to remove his own underwear and spat on them to move the material between those taut globes of muscle.  He knew Gabriel was a clean freak, and even though Sen had been into every sexual situation under the sun, he played on what Gabe liked. Having wiped the area, he then helped adjust Gabriel to his knees, ass in the air so he could go to town on that sensitive place with his tongue.

“Ah…my Gah..” Gabriel groaned as he gripped the bedding with both hands. He was completely caught off guard but in a good way. It wasn’t often that Gabriel wandered out of his safe zone. It wasn’t their usual play and yet he really wasn’t complaining!

Oh the sounds told the dragon he’d done something good for his lover and that made him all the more amorous with his tonguing. Soon, he reached between Gabe’s legs and began stroking him as well.

Even as Gabriel’s stomach muscles tightened, he knew this was just the beginning. He’d awakened in a mood and Senias had no problems feeding it. When it seemed that he was being kept teetering on an edge, Gabriel moaned low and gave a broken chuckle.

“Mmmm… I love what you’re doing….but…what more do you have for me?”  His entire body was becoming sensitive which made every sensation both torturous and pleasurable. For most of Gabriel’s sexual experience he had been the dominant and yet with Senias he had never pushed for control. He liked Sen in control. No. He loved it. 

The sensation stopped and his voice was direct.  “Lie back down and see.”

As ordered Gabriel eased back down on the bed and went back to laying on his side. What ever Sen had in mind, Gabriel wanted to be ready for it. He’d never had a lover like Sen. The man made a point of making sure that Gabriel was well pleased and brinking on exhausted by the time they were finished. What came of this time was more than he had expected.

As soon as Gabriel was on his side, Senias was behind him, spooning him. However, he moved the man’s right leg up and placed the tip of his hardened cock to that area he’s already been pleasing with his tongue. He reached around to hold his kindred steady. The lubing had worked well, for he pushed directly in with one thrust.  He paused to reach around with his right hand and stroke his lover some more, helping him relax after the intrusion. he didn’t need to move much to feel good. As a matter of fact, as Sen stroked Gabriel once again, he had to take a few deep breaths to keep himself from cumming hard right then. 

Sen was pushing in and deep before Gabriel could really catch his breath. To take that sting away though, his lover was stroking him and Gabriel relaxed as his body opened for the welcomed intrusion. Reaching back with one hand he gripped Sen’s hip to keep him close. He loved the way the movement made his entire body tingle and the grip on his shaft would tighten just enough to bring him back from losing it too soon. “Fuck… I’ve missed you..” He groaned and shifted his hand up to the back of Sen’s head to rake his fingers through his hair.

“We’ve not been apart for very long,” Senias pointed out. And he had always felt Gabriel through their bond, even if it was very muted.  That had comforted him. “I’d hate to think what we’d be like if there truly had been a long time between sessions with you.” He nipped Gabriel’s earlobe and then moved an arm beneath him. He held Gabriel with his arms over the other man’s hips and dug in with every thrust. Had they been standing this might’ve been easier, but it wouldn’t feel the same. Senias’ long term sexual goal was to enjoy Gabriel in every position possible. This was one of those positions. And because he was so focused, soon the sound of flesh slapping flesh was beginning to catch the volume of the thunderstorm outside.

Gabriel was drenched in sweat and whatever dregs of the wine had been lingering in his system were now completely gone. He was holding on to both the bed and Sen in rounds because he couldn’t hold both at the same time. Everytime his lover pressed deep it felt like his whole body was struck by lightning. He wasn’t sure how long things would continue but Gabriel knew he wanted to change positions before they ended up on the floor.

Senias was grunting with the climax and felt and heard Gabriel get there, too. He got what he’d wanted, but right as it happened, they slipped off the side of the damned bed!

There wasn’t much of a chance to say anything before they were slipping to the floor with a thud of tangled bodies and bedding. Landing on his stomach Gabriel couldn’t help but breathlessly chuckle and laugh out loud from the surprise. Still buzzing and with his heart racing in his chest and ears. He felt stickiness and warmth and groaned, “Nice..” He had climaxed with the fall and instead of being upset he found it rather amusing. To add to it Gabriel heard footsteps moving outside the door.

Rose and Uscias had been in the dining room having early morning coffee when the commotion had become noticeable. They’d tried ignoring it until the loud thud. Rose was worried they’d hurt one or the other given their drunk state when put to bed. She had her hand on the knob and was ready to turn it when she stopped. Something told her to stop, but then, she heard the voice in her head as if confirmation was needed that this was the right move. 

~ Don’t! Not unless you want to see parts of me that are whiter than a fucking full moon! ~ Senias had heard and realized immediately. He put his teeth on Gabriel’s shoulder and bit in just a bit – nothing that would leave anything but a bruise as he struggled against the mixture of pleasure and pain running through his body.  Luckily, his knees had hit the carpeted floor and not one of Gabe’s legs, so there had been very little pain for his partner. However, the jerk to his cock when Gabe had fallen forward had been a bit dizzying.

“Sss..e…” That was as far as Gabriel got in groaning his lovers name as he felt the bite that instantly squelched any further hint of a laugh. The mixed sensations had him panting and sucking air through his teeth as other parts of him twitched where they were pressed to the floor. His head tipped to the side and he actually smiled, nearly breathless as he reached back to hold Sen pressed to him.

Rose jerked her hand back away from the door knob so fast one would have thought the brass was scalding hot. She’d not heard Sen’s mental voice in decades! She swallowed and she turned back around to look at Nathan who was down the hall a bit.

“They seem to be well enough, let’s return to our coffee shall we?” She wasn’t a prude, but she also had no desire to see her nephew in such a position with Senias of Morias! 

“Fine by me.” Nathan had had no desire to help a couple of injured, drunken lovers anyway. He’d seen television shows based on things that happened in the bedroom and didn’t feel like being part of anything similar to that.  He was making his way to the stairs with a quickness.

Flexing his muscles to better the moment for Sen, Gabriel stretched himself out on the floor and enjoyed his lovers weight as it rested on him. “Mmm I hear retreating steps.. wonder what changed her mind.”

“I mind spoke her before she touched the door handle. I didn’t feel like showing off our … ineptitude this morning. She’s seen me naked enough on accident, I didn’t think she’d want a repeat or to see her nephew as such.”  He chuckled, then kissed Gabriel where he had bitten down. Slowly, he pushed himself up so his weight wasn’t on his lover. He got to his knees and stretched.

“Who told you that you could move?” Gabriel grumbled as he looked back over his shoulder at his dragon. He was glad that Sen had sent his aunt rushing off. No doubt she was keeping Nathan up as it was over them. “It’s pouring down rain right now so come back and stretch out with me and enjoy it.” For the first time Gabriel was in no hurry to get his day on track and in no rush to clean up his messes. No, today he was just being lazy thanks to the weather and just needing that break; a moment with the man he loved. 

“I would’ve thought you’d want to shower and be clean…”

Rolling to his back and pushing up to his elbows, Gabriel had as very serious look right then, “I don’t want to shower right now? Maybe I’ll just stay messy.”

Senias thought about it and shrugged before reaching back onto the bed and pulling down the thick down comforter.

“Here, there’s nothing worse than laying on a had ground. At least shove this under us.” He didn’t give a damn. As soon as he had a bit of a fluffier space, he pulled Gabriel to him and nuzzled his love before using his arm as a pillow and letting his eyes close. He hadn’t even wanted to stand up to get back on the bed. Fuck it.  

Gabriel used the sheet to wipe himself clean before letting Sen pull him close. He was getting his restraints down a little but couldn’t give up all the way. Resting his head on Sen’s chest, he laid there with his eyes open listening to the rain and the steady beat of his lover’s heart. The moment wouldn’t last, they never did. He wanted to enjoy while he could.

“Tonight, I’ll get Dante free and stop this harrassment against the demons. I’m also going to change the rules regarding relationships among the heirarchy at Crimson.”

“Well, haven’t you been busy?” Senias chuckled.

“I set up the session for my case to remove dragons from the blacklist. Just three weeks I’ll present my case to the Council and I want you to be there. I want to give you a chance to tell them what you’ve told me. I can plead the case for dragons, but you can give it life.” His hand moved over the hair on Sen’s chest and he wondered when they’d get time like this again.

“Really? Do they understand what it’s about?” Senias asked, his hand moving lightly over Gabriel’s shoulder.  He was both worried and excited at the same time.

“Somewhat. They know I’m going to present a case for a position on the Council.” Gabriel relaxed even more beneath the lazy caresses of his lover.  “It isn’t my fault if they have false presumptions.” The outline he had presented was for a new seat at the Council for a long forgotten and sorely misused race. No doubt the other Councilors were assuming it was a race like the shapeshifters and in some ways the dragon’s plight was indeed the same.

“When does Skinner get to know about it?” Senias asked.

“Why does it matter when he finds out? He can’t stop me from calling a session. And unless he’s directly involved, he usually takes no notice at all about such things he thinks are political.”

“I ask because I need to know when to prepare for things.  He’s onto you, love. He knows what you’ve been researching. If he’s working with Tel’Secus to insure there is no competition from dragons and demons… he doesn’t want you to succeed.  Hell, he has a fucking slave in me, why would he…” Senias took a deep breath.

Gabriel’s head lifted and he reached up to smooth his over Sen’s cheek. “Hey, don’t… he won’t get to keep you. I promised didn’t I? I just need the hook to catch him and I’ll find it. It is out there I know it.”

“Our boy Johnny.” Sen nodded in agreement this time. “We weren’t talking. But Sebastian and I, we’ve been snooping. Well, Johnny volunteered to help. He’s working on getting information that Skinner was worried about. He’s going to bring it to you. You’re the puzzlemaster, after all. I need you to be ready for it.” Senias breathed in Gabriel’s scent and hugged him close again.   

“I’ll be ready, or I’ll at least give it my best shot,” He whispered. Then he looked to his lover again. “Are you sure the tech is up for this and not setting you up?” The last thing they need was for Sen to get arrested too. If that happened they’d never clear dragons. “What is it that he’s bringing me?”

“I don’t know what to tell you to expect. Everything was so cryptic. And don’t worry about Johnny. He can get on my last nerve, but he adores me,” Senias winked when he knew Gabriel was looking. “He’s a big fan.” 

“should I be worried?” Gabe raised a brow but lost the expression when Sen chuckled.

“Anyway, he’s digging something up that Skinner doesn’t realize I have. I found out about something the previous technician had unearthed before she was … killed…” Senias still didn’t want to admit he had done it. But, she was already gone. There was no way they would’ve been able to help the girl. “To be honest, I have no idea what it is or what it means. I’m hoping Johnny and then maybe you can figure it out. So just be ready for it. I’ll tell the boy his time limit, now that there is one.”   

“Very well.” Gabriel was quiet as he thought about this new information. He laid his head back down and felt the man beneath him sigh. The sounds of the rain dominated the conversation, now. He hoped whatever was brought to him really was enough to bring Skinner down. There weren’t many in this world that he could say he loved. There were only a few that ever heard the words from him. He wondered if this dragon knew how much he was loved. Gabriel hoped everything he was doing proved his feelings were real. He shifted just a little closer if it were possible and with his head on Sen’s chest he closed his eyes and relaxed.

Senias was awake. He didn’t dare sleep. There was no guarantee that they’d have a moment like this together, ever again.  He had never cared for someone so much as he cared for Gabriel. The thought of the uncertainty of tomorrow had never scared him. Before Gabriel, he had thrown himself into the possibility of death for the thrill of it at first, but more recently for the thought that he actually might die and there would finally be an end.  He purred from his chest for a moment and hugged the sleeping man to him.

Now, uncertainty was his enemy.


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018