Derek was actually to the other side of the bonfire and his howl rang out above the drumming. He wanted her to hear him and know that he was waiting to get to her. She was who he wanted. She had come for him.  

Mira didn’t fear the other females that were out there, she was strong in her own right. The succubus took off running and vanished into the woods as she heard Derek howl. Her smile grew even larger than her grimace.

The hunt was between both males and females, though the females were supposed to challenge their suitors here. There would be fighting amongst them – even between two who wanted one another – until they both had proven to each other that they were worthy.

Derek knew the Pack warriors would be targeting him with more ferocity. Some, because he was just such an easy and big target. Others, because they saw those who had left to the other world and come back as ‘outsiders’ and possible problem children. Some – because perhaps a female they were interested in was now showing him attention. Not that he wanted it. He had an advantage this time in that he wasn’t hunting just anyone.

The females were all over the place. Most had done this several times and so were well versed in the best places for hiding, and escaping and even outwitting their hunters. The newly initiated were being helped by the elder females, some of whom were wearing their own markings as off-limits.

Derek made his way into the woods and heard the howling ahead of him. Time to shift…and the blonde furred lycan was running soon at his top speed to catch up and get a little away from the main pack. It was his way – always had been. The lone wolf – or the edge runner – who would circle the prey and drive it back into the pack.

The woods were growing thicker, the higher one climbed and Mira finally found what she thought was a nice spot to crouch down and hide in until the others raced by. But her plan was shot when she heard the snapping of twigs and the quick steps of paws through the leaves.

Springing up she took off in the opposite direction and wasn’t even aware she was running straight for the lycan males that were making their way up into the woods.

It seemed every where she turned there was a lycan in wolf form or hybrid form. An older male cut off a young one that was chasing her at one point and Mira could hear the two scuffling as she ran at top speed towards where she thought Derek would be. Her heart was racing and at one point the succubus almost ran over a large female with black and white on her fur.

Mira had twisted to the right at the last second and lost her footing to land on her ass in the leaves hard. Her whole system was jolted and she yelped before she climbed back to her feet and started running again.

As she ran, Mira tried to figure out what was so exciting about this? To her, at that very moment, it was too close to another hunt, except that one hadn’t been for fun. Finding another spot out of the center of all the chaos she crouched down and cast illusions around herself to hide better. Now, at least anyone passing would not be able to find her. Several came close and sniffed the area, but all passed her by and that made Mira sigh with relief. Her heart settled back into her chest. Okay, well maybe she could see the appeal as it definitely got the blood pumping and the adrenaline racing.

Derek had nearly caught not one but four females before they decided to disperse on him in a pattern that told him they were well trained little heathens. He snarled and snorted, as two of them still ended up getting caught, because in their drive to be away from him, he had done his job – they ran right into three of the initiates. Now that would be entertaining to watch, he thought to himself. He wondered which would be taking the prizes or would they let the prizes get away? Sometimes it wasn’t the elders who caused the trouble.

That’s when he heard something familiar. The big lycan took off sprinting through the woods toward where he heard the sound. Soon enough his fears were confirmed. Mira had gotten involved. The problem was – she had no idea about how this ritual worked. Derek couldn’t leave her out there. He picked up her trail and began tracking.

When it seemed the coast was clear Mira climbed free of her spot in the base of the old tree and took off running again. She looked back and didn’t even realize her spot had been staked out until she ran right into the wall of a lycan chest. Muscled arms wrapped around her and Mira squirmed to get free. “Let go.. you’ll regret not letting go…”

A few seconds later she was loose and the lycan was standing there dazed and shaking his head to rid it of the cottony feeling that was going on. She watched him run off after a female that wasn’t even there.

Once more she took off and just changed direction everytime she heard even the slightest sound. Mira had to finally stop to catch her breath and was leaning against a huge oak rubbing her sides while breathing hard. If nothing else this was very good exercise, no wonder lycan were in such good shape.

He thought he had found her on more than one occasion – only to have the trail twist and turn. She had looped herself twice, probably having to run from other lycan. Derek kind of found this humorous. He couldn’t help but worry about her…and worry about the males that tried to take her, thinking she was one of the prey.  Or the females who might fight against her. Derek had to remind himself: Mira was tough. He loved that about her.

Her trail was stronger now and he sped up the chase. Soon, he could see her. She looked pretty winded. Luckily she was only maybe 200 yards from a camp area. No hiding or hunting allowed in campsites. He shifted slightly, so she could see who he was.

“Mira? Are you okay?” he asked, reverting to his human form, the paints and blood upon him from the markings he received.

“Does this…” She rubbed her stomach and took another breath. “Mean.. you caught me?”

“Let me help you back to camp…” Derek paused and sniffed the air. Looking up the hillside, in the direction he’d need to take his lover was standing the black furred lycan Mira had sent on a wild goose chase earlier. There was a low growl and the hair on the back of Derek’s neck stood on end. But he fought shifting to try and plead out.

“She doesn’t know the ritual. It was last minute… She doesn’t understand the hunt, Jays. Let me get her back to camp then I’ll rejoin.” Derek stepped between Mira and the other lycan male.

“She doesn’t understand anything and she shouldn’t be here at all.” Jaysson growled and stepped more into the light so that it could reflect off his blue eyes. “You don’t bring ones like that around us. She’s dangerous…” He growled low. He hadn’t appreciated her messing with his head.

It was then that Mira realized just what the dark furred one was talking about. Of all the luck… She actually swallowed hard and backed up several paces. The way the lycan looked at her actually frightened the succubi.

Jaysson stepped into the way of their exit and there was a nasty grin on his face, “I owe her for fucking with my head..” He growled and darted forward, causing Derek to bat the attack aside and shove Mira backward a bit.

“You did that?” Derek stepped back to ask her while keeping himself between them and trying to keep track of Jays’s every move.

“Why are you mad at me now? I was defending myself!” Mira yelped a growl as she darted backward again when Jay moved forward and Derek slid between the two of them again, growling. Jaysson backed up to make a decision on which way to go. Derek took the opportunity to explain something to Mira.

“Because, you realize…you only got the one shot with a lycan. You can’t cast on him again… he’s immune to your magic, now.” It was something not many in the magical world besides closest friends knew about the less magical species. Part of their defense in living in the Other World among super-magical beings was – immunity to any spell survived.

“Well, Plan C is gone then,” Mirra muttered as she placed her hands on Derek’s shoulders for a moment.

“Pretty much,” his chuckle told her that she was not in trouble where he was concerned.  But right now, he had to deal with a pissed off lycan. Derek shifted into his hybrid form. Bones snapped and popped and joints realigned rather quickly.  

“I’ll give you the REAL deal and then I’ll come for her.” Jays wasn’t quite as broad or tall, but he was built for speed. Where Derek had the strength and build of a warrior, Jaysson had the experience. He cut in quick, low and at an angle instead of straight on. When he sank his teeth in it was on Derek’s side as he stayed out of the bigger lycan’s grasp. Jays knew if Derek got his arms around him that would end the fight pretty fast.

They were a snarling ball of fury, rolling down the hill to crash into the underbrush. Derek had felt the pain, but just used it to push himself onward. He broke the hold instead of going by pure instinct and ripping himself free. He at least learned enough to know better than to over react to being bitten. Then, they were grappling again. He thought he might’ve gotten a good claw in to the face, but then things went topsy turvy again. He hoped Mira would take the chance to leave. He’d never forgive himself if anyone got hold of her.

Mira wanted to help but if her talent wouldn’t work she wasn’t sure what to do. She did stay well out of the way, though and looked around to see if there were any other lycan close by that would help Derek. And that’s when she realized the hills above and around her were moving.  The huge wolves were moving closer to her, stalking her. The females that had wanted in on the possibility of hooking the hunt with Derek Weylyn? There were five left standing, some of them looked like they had bled before getting here.

There was another duck and swipe of razor sharp claws. Jaysson was going for much more than simple first blood. He had a great deal against the slick talking lycan who’d deserted to the other side. He came back in here like he was some sort of champion? No fucking way. And to top it off, they let that bitch demon in for him? That only added more fuel to that flame.

Derek got some good bites in and was furiously trying to slam Jays, but he was having to hurt himself in doing so. He finally got hold on the other lycan and lifted Jays up to slam him into the side of a tree, which gave him a moment’s reprieve. Derek jumped the black mound of panting fur, only to find himself being climbed by claws again. He was on defense all the time with Jaysson. The guy was like a black whirlwind of teeth and claws. Derek wasn’t getting the chance to think about strategies that Devon had taught him. He was in too much pain.

Others had started to notice that this was much more than a friendly scuffle and were soon gathering around the twisting, biting, clawing, snarling mass. They were gaining a great deal of attention now.

Mira was looking at all the faces and trying to find the female Alpha, surely she would stop this..

Unfortunately, Twilight wasn’t there. With the opportunity present, the other females moved in around her and Mira found herself being forced into a fight. She couldn’t use her magic, so this would have to be physical – human form wouldn’t do. Since the lycan got to shift, it was only fair that she get to do the same. Her skin took that soft blue hue and her tail appeared to coil and snap out like a whip at those that drew too close. She was bitten and clawed but gave as good as she got! At least two females left whimpering with her claw marks across their noses. Her eyes glittered dangerously and she forgot her own aches and pains for the moment. She fended off the others while also trying to keep and eye on Derek.

Twilight had moved out when she heard the first yelp. She was getting closer to where the many lycan were gathering. That wasn’t normal for this kind of ritual. Normally the lycan paired off and went to their own spaces. Not tonight. She heard the commotion and then heard a yelp, which was odd for this kind of ritual. Someone had gone a little too far or… by the smell of the blood and the sound of the other lycan crowding, something was wrong. She lifted her snout to howl into the night – a howl for help as she made her way quickly to where the tangle was occuring. Her mate and the other elders would be on their way and quick.

The last two of the females were taking turns, trying to wear the demon down. If they had been surprised by her true appearance at all, it didn’t show. At one point, the two fights wound up crossing over into one another!  Derek swatted away one of the females that tried to get a back-shot at Mira, and then he was rolled to the ground by Jaysson, who was growling in a fit about how Derek had just treated his own kind versus the demon.

At that point, the females moved off, circling…they saw the Alpha running their way.

“Stop this!” Twilight yelled, a vicious snarling in her voice as she approached. Mira did as she was told, moving behind Twilight, while the others watched her closely. As for the two male combatants? They were far too infuriated to stop. And they were far too dangerous to try and break apart without use of all those available piling them at once – which could be dangerous as well. Kieran would be to them soon; with him came older, stronger lycan. Twilight had to wait this out.

Derek snarled and finally got a good bite in on the shoulder, and he tried to press Jaysson into the earth. He thought he had it. He thought the hold was working. And then he felt the world spin and he was going down again.

It didn’t matter that his shoulder was torn to hell. All that mattered was putting Derek down to the ground and making sure he didn’t climb back up anytime soon. Jaysson was on the big lycan’s back with claws buried in the upper muscle of the left arm as his knees pushed against the male’s spine. Derek wasn’t an easy opponent; it was like taking down a mountain. Every time Jays had him, Derek got free.

Everything in Derek’s senses screamed for him to move. His neck was open. It was too open. He pushed up, but it was the wrong move. For Jaysson was about to bite down. Derek felt the teeth scrape across his skin…


                                                                      …and then the sensation was gone…

This time Jaysson was moving in for that final strike when he felt himself grabbed by the back of the neck and pulled away like he weighed nothing. The next thing he knew, he was flying backwards away from Derek. Even before he landed strong arms were wrapping around him and holding tight. One was even wrapped across his neck to make sure he didn’t slip free.

A very infuriated Alpha in hybrid form stood towering over them all. Kieran reached down to grab Derek next and yank him up none to gently. There was a loud, rough, threatening and very dangerous snarl let loose that was meant to catch all of their attentions.

Tossing Derek into the strong arms of the other two waiting warriors Kieran prowled around the blood smeared chunk of earth. He looked from one to the other and could still feel that heated anger rolling off of them. Torn to hell or not, they would go at each other if they were unhandled by their fellow lycan. Reaching for one of the buckets that had been lugged along by a few of the stragglers, Kieran tossed the icy water right into Jaysson’s face and reached for another bucket to turn and toss into Derek’s face in the same hard fashion.

Derek shivered and cried out at the surprise of the icy water being tossed all over him. He growled and then shook it off as best he could. Shifting, from being exhausted and injured, he more or less now leaned back against those that were holding him instead of even attempting to fight.

Wulf held his friend as the Alpha’s took control of the situation. The female that was squared off against the others was yanking her arms free of others that thought they’d restrain her. He had to keep his grip on Derek tight as she did so.  “Easy brother, catch ya breath.” he whispered.

“What happened?” Ashley was huffing and puffing as she finally made it out here. She saw Mira had taken on at least a portion of her demonic countenance. “Why did you have to shift?”   

“They didn’t much care for my inclusion in the hunt.” The demoness assured her friend as she watched the other females move away from them.

“Are you… okay?” Derek asked Mira with just his lips, not his voice. She was still in her demonic form or in a partial change – he wasn’t sure. She’d not shown him before this. He would’ve preferred seeing this side of her in a less combative a setting. She was beautiful. But, she’d wanted to see what pack was… and sometimes pack wasn’t a positive thing.

“I’m alright.” Mira wiped the trickle of blood from her mouth.

“Now do I have your attentions?” Kieran shifted as well. The man still stood nearly seven feet tall. When no one replied with anything more than nods and silence he went on. “Good.” His gaze shot around to the others and he growled, “Get back to your own business – now!” There was no need for an audience for the rest of this mess.

The two females that had been fiercest in fighting against Mira to gain an advantage to Derek now waited nearby, and shifted to step forward and help pull Jaysson from the scene. They might have lost their battle, but they now had a new hero. Despite his wounds having to heal, the older lycan would probably have a very good rest of his night.  

“Please let me go, Wulf,” Derek asked quietly. If Jaysson was allowed free and he hadn’t said anything about being enchanted or whatever he’d said before, this matter was settled.

“On one condition.” Kieran looked between them. He knew his mate would not be happy. But there had to be a line drawn somewhere.  

“What’s that?” Derek asked.  

“If you’re wantin’ her, leave this side. Ya’ve visited long enough. Say yer goodbyes to yer sister and be gone. I’m tired of trouble and you ain’t nothin’ but. Things are different on the other side and maybe in other packs, and that’s not my call. But here? Hunts are gonna take time for changin’ and lycan tend toward lycan as it should be.” Kieran’s eyes moved over Derek, Mira, and then Wulf. He said nothing else, and walked away.

Derek coughed up some blood and pulled easily from Wulf to sit on the stump nearby.

Wulf didn’t leave, he stood by Derek as he had many times before the other lycan had gone to the other side to stand with Devon and Eva.  After all, Kieran’s words were not just for Derek, were they?

Mira moved to Derek to look him over as the Alpha left them. Twilight stood there for a few more seconds, tears in her lovely blue eyes before she turned to storm after her mate. She was obviously furious over what he’d said.

“Twi, don’t.” Derek called, then groaned from feeling the pain in his chest. It was already healing. Hurt like it was on fire. He didn’t want his sister to fight with her mate over something that was fine by him. He could visit her elsewhere. Maybe things would change in the future. Who knew? But right now, all he knew was that he didn’t belong here. Not anymore. He had come to that conclusion before Mira showed up. Her presence simply cemented the fact.

Twilight paused and turned on a foot in time to see her brother’s next actions.

He pulled Mira close to him and placed his head to her neck so he could breathe in her scent and he felt himself calm down all the more for her presence.

Ashley placed her hand over her heart at watching the couple. Mira had said they had a thing. Perhaps that was demon speak for love. Because it seemed to the young woman that love was what they had.

Taking a deep breath, Twilight nodded very slowly to her brother. Then, she turned from him to catch up to her mate. They would have words, to be sure, but she knew where to end them. She understood both sides of this tale.

“Ever the outsiders?” Wulf whispered to Derek.

“Always, brother,” Derek replied in kind.

Wulf nodded and turned to walk back toward the palace. Kieran’s decision had been meant for the both of them. He had already made up his mind to find his place, the lands his family had once thrived on…lands that were once considered Pack Rourke, UnderMount. He hoped Zenlial wouldn’t take long in coming home to him. Kieran’s words had just driven the young lycan to get to moving quicker. He needed to settle things and pack.

“You’re hurt.” Mira spoke softly as her hand moved over Derek’s upper body looking for the worst damage. “I’ll get us to Iona and my friends there. We can get you healed there.” She wouldn’t let him refuse as she slid her arms around him to both support and hug him. She had missed him and the way she held on would tell him so.

Derek stood slowly and held Mira as best he could with as beat up as his body was.

“Ashley come here so we can get out of here..”

“Of course.” Ashley joined the couple, placing herself to Derek’s other side so that Mira could easily shadow them all.

“I’ll need to come back to get my things,” Derek warned.

“Psssht, yes, fine, but only after you’re healed and well rested. We have a lot of business to handle and a nasty twin brother to get out of jail on the other side.

“What?!” Derek was caught unawares.

“Shhh… it’s fine. I’ll fill you in on everything. But right now, I need you safe and healing.”

Mira shadowed them not waiting for anything else to happen to them. When the darkness faded away they were on the side entryway to the grand home of Rashgun and Saysha of Findias. In but a few moments they’d be inside where they could bathe, eat and recover.

“Oh…wow…it’s like a Roman City Palace Home… thing,” Ashley was just in awe.  

“Inea told me to come here. I’ve been here before. They own the small colosseum on the other side of this estate. They are also dragons of the Findias Clan. They are friends with Inea and I’ve been a customer in the past.” Mira walked slowly with Derek up the wide steps between the huge columns.

Ashley finally turned from ogling the marble and stone and cement-like structure in front of them to place a questioning gaze on Mira.  Had this been the place her step-father had planned to take them? The name… it was his clan…

“Look, I knew they existed over here, because I’ve traded with them before, but I never knew there were dragons on the other side until recently.” Ashley’s gaze made her feel like she needed to explain herself. “What?”

“Nothing. I mean… it’s fine. It’s just a lot to take in is all.” Ashley felt an excitement deep inside of her at being here. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt like she was supposed to be here.

“You sure they won’t mind blood on their fancy floor?” Derek chuckled. He was in a better mood now that he had Mira near him.

The half-demon smiled at him as Ashley rang the bell to announce their arrival. “They won’t mind. From what I understand, Saysha likes the excitement and believe me she’s probably spilled more blood than you’ve trickled.” She knew that sounded bad, but Saysha was a dragoness and it was the truth.

As the door opened Ashley cleared her throat and turned sideways to reveal Mira and Derek. “Mira says we’re expected.” Then, Ashley moved inside a bit, “Hello? Inea?”  

“You’re talking to air Ashley.” Mira laughed softly as she stepped past her friend to enter the room with Derek at her side. “The dragons tend to cast magic on their guest housing. It’s self maintained. Inea and the other’lll find us when they get to it, trust me.”

“Could have said something before I looked like an idiot.” Ashley muttered to herself as she stepped in after them. The door closed and she looked back at it suspiciously before she followed the two up the stairs.

Ashley found a waiting guest room with her name written on a papyrus near the doorway. There were some other people here and there, meandering about the second floor of this lovely building. It was a rectangle, she could tell and there were at least four floors visible with balconies that overlooked a lovely garden in the middle atrium with a sunken pool. She couldn’t wait to explore, but heeded her friend’s warnings to wait until she had Inea or Mira with her.  

Mira also warned Ash that food and drink would be available as would fresh clothing – because that was how the enchantments worked. The half-demon didn’t need to hear her human friend start screaming about ghosts in the middle of the evening.  

Back at her own room, Mira helped Derek to a chair and then went to the bathroom to start a bath for him.

“Strip out of that mess and get in the tub.” She sprinkled herbs in it that would help the pain and the healing.

“First she comes to a whole other world for me, then she fights for me, and then she orders me into a tub. Woman of my dreams,” Derek chuckled as he began unfastening his pants. That’s all he had on, considering what Twilight and Kieran had had in mind for him.  

“Hmm,” Mira kept herself busy as he stripped down. “From where I stood on that hill it looked like there were at least five women of your dreams.” She moved to push open the windows and let the fresh night air in. The moon was still full and heavy in the sky though she swore it should be dawn by now. It always seemed like the nights were longer here.

“You know, I never thought they’d actually try and set me up like that. I figured, just go with it, have some fun on the hunt but don’t actually catch anybody…not like I give a damn about them anyway…and all would be well. Then I realized Twilight had made sure to get the girls who had been around – she got them together for it. When Wulf told me, I was going up to the both of the Alphas to tell them I wasn’t going to hunt.”  He stood up and shoved downward on the pants, dropping them and leaving himself naked. Moving stiffly into the bathroom, Derek slowly stepped into the bathtub. “She meant well. Hoped I’d find interest. But I’ve got the woman of my dreams here. So… somebody else needs to fuck ‘em not me.” He seemed a bit drunk and that was because he was healing from a lot of injuries. Jaysson and Wulf – and Rawly for that matter? They were scouts and upper tier warriors compared to him. That’s all they did. So getting your ass handed to you by any of them and walking away? That was a pretty nice feat.

“Doubtful you’ll be fucking anyone any time soon.” Mira smiled at him as she finally looked towards the tub. She was still in the black bra and leggings. She flitted across the room, looking for more herbs and oils to help him with. The light moved across her blue-grey skin and lit up the subtle pattern here and there almost like that of a snake. She had her tail out of view and when her back was to him the long slits for her wings at her shoulder blades could be seen.

He looked at her, in her true form and he sighed.

“Sorry I’m so much less ethereal than you and others like you. Makes me wonder how someone as beautiful as you are… inside and out… could want to be with a scraggly lone wolf like me.”  Supporting his weight on the sides of the tub he slipped himself into it, groaning as the heated water soothed his muscles.

His compliments made Mira laugh softly. She calmed herself down a bit and took a seat at the side of the tub. Her fingers trailed through the warm water as she looked him over, “Not many would say I was so beautiful inside as you seem to think I am. Thank you for the compliment though.” Her color changed as she took on her human form again. “I’d ask in return, ‘why would a handsome young lone wolf be so interested in one such as me? My kind aren’t known for being faithful. It’s not in our nature. Don’t you think I’ll be the same with you?’” She reached for a washcloth to lather up and started to move it over Derek’s chest to take away the body paint and blood.

“How many men have you taken to bed for simple pleasure since we started meeting up?” he asked, throwing caution to the wind. If he were right, the rumors about them absolutely needing to have sex to sustain themselves was just that – rumor. And when she had showed him and explained how she and her brother could draw off of emotions, it made sense.

Mira paused in what she was doing to look him in the eyes, “None, but what difference does that make.”

“I never told you, you had to save yourself for me. And you never told me I had to save myself for you. I just don’t have an interest in anybody else. And maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I kind of hope you’re not really interested in anybody else either.”

Again she went to washing him up, and let him wait a few moments before answering.

“I’m not interested in any others in the least. Just you. I should warn you though, I did pull a nasty trick on someone before all of this mess with the lycan went on. I’m telling you because there will no doubt be repercussions for it. I don’t want you to get tangled up in it. I want you to hear it from me.” Mira dipped the cloth and soaped it up again.

“Is that why I got called in by Nea?” Derek asked.  “She said it was to keep you from pulling anything worse than you already had. That Senias couldn’t go to help Devon, so she was.” Derek smirked. “You found out what they are – both she and Raudine? Or should I call him your Frenchie?” Derek gave her a wicked look. “Don’t hold that secret against me, either. I knew them both back before we came to your realm. That’s how I knew what they were. Not my secret to tell. And you know what? I won’t hold your nasty trick against you.”

“Trust me he deserved it.” Mira rested her chin on her free arm as she went back to washing him up with the other. “Is the water helping with the pain? I can draw from you if it isn’t. It’ll at least numb things for you while you heal.”    

“Anything you want. I’m not ashamed and my body hurts. It’s been awhile since I got into a real battle like that. I mean, I did for the Pack a week or two back, sure. But those weren’t as tough as Jaysson.”  Derek slowly leaned back in the tub. Once he felt secure enough, he let his hands go down into the water to get off any dried blood. All of his cuts had healed now and were bruised skin moving through the motions of healing internally.  

“You didn’t mean to go that far.” Derek whispered, his eyes closed.

“What are you talking about?” Mira asked as she dropped the cloth to place her hand in the center of Derek’s chest. She pulled the pain away, easing it with her own energy, which she pushed into him very gently.

“You didn’t mean to go that far with the dragon. You know how important they are. You know that the one you got some revenge on… he’s an ass… but he has a good heart. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have cared so much that he no longer had an interest in you.”

Slowly Mira withdrew her hand and eased back from the tub. She looked away from him as she dried her hands off.

“No one likes to think they are no longer wanted. He could have done so a better way. I chose to show him that error. He wouldn’t have become so ill if he’d stayed and that fang hadn’t come for him.” Her voice showed that she felt bad about it all. Derek was right. The succubus stood up and moved away to leave Derek in the tub.

She wasn’t used to sharing so much of herself with a male other than her brother and her father. They were usually the ones to chastise her like some bad child. She still wasn’t sure what to expect of Derek in such situations.

“And what would you have done if they had given you the chance?” Derek asked.

Picking up a towel Mira turned to look at Derek as he sat in the tub looking kind of lost in a way. Her hand smoothed over the fluff of the fabric as she thought about what he was asking her.

“I would have watched him throw up until he couldn’t anymore and then I would have poured the antidote tonic down his throat and told him goodbye.”


“Because that was how it had felt when he left the last time. I told you that I was no saint Derek, Raudine had been my lover for years before that. When I met you he had already moved on without even telling me and that is why I was hurt enough to do that.” Mira set the towel down beside the tub, “And before you even think it – no you aren’t a rebound. I care about you Derek or I wouldn’t have gone to that place looking for you. My lovers come to me, I don’t go to them.”

“That’s good to know, because truth be told, when I found out what happened, it made me feel like I meant a little bit of nothing to you.  You were wanted, just not by him. You were wanted by me. I guess I thought maybe that didn’t matter as much as being wanted by him.”  He looked over at her and took a deep breath.

“It was a bit of revenge for him, not that I wanted him back,” Mira assured. “I want you.”

“I still want you. Even if you’re muddier than me right now.” He chuckled. “I’ll just be sure not to piss you off so much that I get the wolfsbane treatment. Uh…keep in mind, that don’t act as a poison, it just gives us the shits. It’d be equally bad for you as it would be for me.”  

“Good.” Mira leaned over the tub to cup Derek’s cheek with one hand, “Don’t give me a reason to give you the shits.” She scooped water and poured it over his head as she laughed softly, “Now unless you want me in there with you, you might want to finish up so I can wash up too.”

“I’d take the challenge, but, you may want nice clean water.” Derek stood up and stretched just a little before reaching for the towel. He was already feeling a bit better.

Not modest, bashful or shy herself, Mira watched with open interest as he reached for the towel. Being just a touch faster she snatched it back into her hands before he could get it and danced away.

“Come and get it, but it’ll cost you.” She moved backwards and held the towel up before her in one hand while she unsnapped her bra with the other. The material slid it off to drop it to the floor. “I’m a mess and it’s only fair that you wash me up after I did so wonderfully on you.” Her gaze moved slowly over Derek’s naked body. She could already feel and see what kind of reactions he had because of her. This may have started off as a bad night, but it would definitely wind up being something different altogether.  


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018