Thank you so much for putting up with the absence!  it was a much needed respite from life for me and my three best friends. In the meantime Dawn has had a very busy RL to handle. I won’t go into details there, because that is my writing partner / friend’s business.

Privacy matters. Unless, like me, you kind of just let it all hang out.  😉


As you can see, I’ve returned and will be continuing the editing and also the current series of stories. We ARE transitioning to PART 3… which means that PART 2 needs to kind of resemble a book.  That’s why even though we continued writing that most recent scene – because we have so much fun with them – it might not get included in an actual edited manuscript. However, we couldn’t NOT share it with y’all!

I am looking forward to continuing the main story of Gabriel and Senias, but also hope you are enjoying the introduction of other characters and other lives here and there. Most of the characters you’ll get to see again in the future. We’re not sure when, but each of them have told us (their writers) their stories and so we’re sharing them, no matter what.

Please let us know if there is any certain character or relationship that interests you more than others. Please let us know if you’d like more of the sexiness or less. We love it when people give us feedback. 

In the meantime, my furbabies and I will be chillin’ between writing and editing and streaming – when we bought our bargain house it had an icky pool that with a lot of hard work and patience has become a gathering place for the fam.  JoJo and Lupy say “HEY! You gots da bacon?”


If you want – follow me on Twitter for more fun personal and promotional stuff.  I try to boost other authors and artists there. I also try and share giveaways and bargains I find out there.  Kind of like this one – if you’re willing to get some emails from these folks, you can enter a giveaway for free Dresden Files stuff. Who doesn’t love some Jim Butcher wildness?


I hope you are all having a wonderful time while you come to read and hang out with us here on our website and as always, we truly appreciate follows, shares, likes, and comments – so keep that going!


For those in the United States, and especially to our service men and women and their families –  we hope you have a wonderful upcoming Independence Day!

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