I want to thank our followers, sharers, and people who comment, like, or seek us out for a bit of chatting (which usually happens most on my Twitter).   Dawn is the one in the shadows who is my quiet but deadly partner and she wants to thank everyone just as much as I do. I just happen to be the one with the big mouth and unceasing typing… lol.

Every bit of what you do helps us.

I am currently 1/3 done with the editing on Part One of Walking The Blade. Whether it is released by a publishing company or as an independent press book, we don’t know. But it will definitely be released.  The independent market is growing and where I once wondered if the use of it for publishing books was legitimate, I now know for sure that it is definitely a market I love. Most of the books I read right now are from indie authors.

At any rate, I wanted to give an update. The hubs and I have come back home from Ireland and I’ve already fallen back into step getting things scheduled and dealing with the oddest of interactions here and there.  As I’ve often stated – one day I WILL write a book just about my strange interactions with people through life.

We’ve been fortunate to have had the means by which to travel. My husband has found a career that motivates him and keeps him challenged – and allows me to travel with him. We do so whenever we can. And I feel that’s something a lot of people hold back on.  I wanted to tell you – travel!  Not just with your imagination… if you ever can tuck away a few dollars here and there – use it and GO!  Traveling opens your eyes to other cultures and other ways of life. It helps you to understand that not everyone can or should think the same way.  It helps you see other people, not as stereotypes, but as human beings.  Seeing people in other countries do things so very differently than we do where we are from is both worrisome and refreshing. Your way is not the only way. Their way is not the only way. Maybe we can learn from one another?

I videoed this young man in Dublin while people walked around him and even got him to smile and laugh for me before I thanked him and gave him a few Euros. I wanted to share it with you… the smell of the city, fresh rain still standing here and there, the cool breeze blowing through the tight corridors, the sound of busses at your back, the many languages being spoken all around you; some people moving by hurriedly, others pausing to enjoy the sound. Is that the smell of a sweet cigar? The gentleman down the way is lighting it, but having a bit of trouble because of the damp breeze. It’s so much better smelling than the cigarettes being smoked nearby. Everything’s so busy, but the sounds of the repeated pieces of song cover most of it.

Uh-oh. Can’t linger long, I’m being left behind…

~ Rach