Author: Helen Scheuerer  – @HelenScheuerer   –   – Order Heart of Mist (Amazon)

I began this book before I left North Carolina for our trip to Ireland. I read it at the airports. I read it on the plane. I read it while waiting on the room to be available. I read it when I had that first night of hardly any sleep due to exhaustion and excitement… I kept reading because I couldn’t stop piecing the puzzles together in my mind. Helen Scheuerer has not only painted a stunning setting with her words – lands from sea coast to ancient forests to courtly cities – and those are just the ones the characters actually step foot in! I can see the fiery land Fiore hails from and I cannot wait to imagine the continent of Oremere.  Another thing that captured me was her ability to make sure each character came to life. She definitely did not fall short in making me care, even for one character that I tried not to care about. When I end a novel and I feel like I cannot stop asking more questions or feel I need a break just to collect myself – it’s a novel worth sharing. That’s why I’m writing this review for my followers. Please look into Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer – which is now on audiobooks!

~ Rachel