The two men could hear the sounds of lycan fighting as they drew closer to the end of the tunnel where it opened into a large chamber. ~Derek and Twilight?~ Dante used mental speech to ask the dragon.

~ I believe so. Which means we’re now dealing with two type of lycan. I can’t tell the difference, I’m afraid. I only had enough time to set the siblings to my mind’s eye. ~ Largos moved to the side of the tunnel wall as he walked forward a bit more. His eyes glowed, indicating he was definitely using innate magic.He was contemplating what to do.

~Should we step in and help them or would it be considered an insult to do so?~ The demon was more than ready to fight on and gather more energy in the wake. This was like some grand buffet to his demonic senses and he was loving it. It had him remembering his younger years and that was always pleasant.

~ It might be an insult, but it also might mean their lives. The siblings’ auras are weak, my friend. ~ Largros looked to the demon, ~ Can you help me sort them out with your ability to sense emotions? ~  

~ Let me take the lead and you go along with it.~ Dante could feel the auras emanating from the chamber.

There was a sharp female whine that was quickly followed by fierce snarling and snapping. Twi was forced into her human form by the nasty bite wound to her right side. She felt Derek at her back as the remaining enemy lycan circled around them. She cursed them in the old tongue and spit on the ground between her and the one that had bitten her. The pain was excruciating, but it only spurred her on to lash out with her lengthened nails.

Derek’s natural instinct was to be back-to-back with his fighting partner, and Twilight was every bit that and more. He didn’t have time to check her. The snarling and snapping was all around them. He growled right back and snarled viciously whenever someone came close. The rest of their team was further back in the tunnel. They’d gone ahead, not realizing they were being flanked. He was trying to formulate anything he could. But unless their pack caught up, he was afraid for them both. And he’d never actually told Mira he loved her.  That was the big thing that went through his mind in that desperate moment.  

~ They’ll fall. ~ Largros stated with a bit of concern this time. He didn’t know the brother and sister well, but what he had seen told him they were actually more honorable than he had been in the past. And honor was running on short supply in both worlds. They deserved to live.

~ I don’t think they have any of their own, left, ~ the demon pointed out. The pained sound along with Largros’ words had made the decision for the demon. He walked out of the tunnel as if out for an evening stroll with his thumbs tucked into his pants pockets and a relaxed air to his stance. “Look Largros we seem to have interrupted. I thought you said they wouldn’t start without us.” He was being sarcastic, but it worked as it drew the lycans attentions away from the siblings.

Largros had a raised brow, but he was to the side and slightly behind the demon – walking with him, playing along with him.  “Derek? Twilight? Do you mind if we join this little dance?”

Immediately, five of the seven lycan lunged away from the current game of ring-around-the-enemy to attack Largros and Dante.  

“That’s the thing about unhinged, Lycan. They’re so predictable…”  Largros leapt over the one that was lunging directly for him and sliced another with his blade – across the neck. It’d take a bit to come back from that. And the creature would be dead before he did.  

Dante let the three that were coming at him close in around him without making a move. He was still in his demon form and this seemed to cause the feral men to hesitate just a little. Good, he liked that feel of uncertainty from them. With a quick move he grabbed one by the shoulder and pulled him in to sink his teeth into the side of the lycans neck. The other two clawed his back but Dante simply shrugging them off as he ripped the chunk flesh free. He dropped the dying lycan to the ground and turned to the other two as he chewed and swallowed with a pleased rumble. One turned to run and was swallowed up by the shadows as his screams filled the air. The last one sprang at him and he caught the hybrid mid air with magic and slung him into shadows to join the other in screams.  

Derek took the opportunity to turn Twilight back toward the far wall. She was wounded and needed to heal. She didn’t need to be in the middle of this. He’d deal with her attitude very happily later. Right now, he faced off against the two who were left.

Five more enemy lycan trailed into the large cavern where the fighting was going on. Largros noted their presence, even as he took a nip to the shoulder. The “young man” slung the attacker off of him and turned to see the others.  

~ Get them out. Get them back to the section we just came from… take cover… ~ The injured dragon growled low, his eyes glowing deep green then red and black about the center. He was done with this.  

Wiping his face with his forearm the demon moved to the lycan siblings as his wings slid from his back and stretched out wide to shield them. With a swing of his left arm outwards the two that had Derek and Twilight blocked in went flying towards the chamber wall to hit with a hard thud. “Come on, stay close.” Dante didn’t give either lycan a chance to respond as he slid an arm around the females waist and lifted her off her feet before before doing the same to Derek as he moved them to the tunnel they’d cleared coming in.

Once inside the tunnel Dante released them both as his wings folded in to vanish again and he shifted to his human form. Facing the mouth of the tunnel Dante used both his hands and the blood that was upon them to create demonic sigils that would create a barrier and protect them from what was coming. He turned to draw the lycan siblings close again affording them additional protection.

The magic slid from Largros’ human form and the burst of magical light stunned the lycan that were swarming him. The next thing they knew, they were either being forced by some unseen force to be crushed against a wall or they were the unlucky ones… the ones that were still alive to understand their error.  

Twilight turned and wriggled against Dante’s hold. “What’s happening? You left him?” She had forgotten in the moment what Largros was.  

“He’s fine now shut up and stay close!” Dante snarled and held tight to both lycan.

There was a very sudden rise in temperature all around them. The lycan knew what that meant, even if his sister may not. Derek shielded Twilight and buried his own head into Dante’s chest.

There was a roar from both the inferno and the dragon followed closely by abbreviated screams and howls. Then, there was silence punctuated by a crackling sound here and there. Largros walked from the cavern, his shirt in tatters from the magic and blonde hair steaming here and there. In the tunnel, Dante unwrapped the two.

Turning to take in the damage, Dante kept the two recovering lycan behind him as the smoke cleared. He watched Largros appear and walk through the wards to join them. “You alright?”

“And that is why you never piss off a dragon,” he moved his shoulder to readjust it, but the bite mark was gone from his skin. The shifting had healed him. “Now, are there any other tunnels that need to be… cleansed?”  

Derek looked to Twilight cautiously before turning back to Largros, “Yeah,” he nodded. “I can lead you through them.” Derek turned back to his sister first, “Will you be alright?”  

“I’m.. I’m alright brother, it’s just takin’ it’s time to heal.” Twilight stepped away from the demon to lean against the tunnel wall. “I hear our men coming. Let me go let ‘em know that we’re okay.”

“The entryways all come together in the cavern you just lit up. If you two came this way from the palace, then you probably got everybody on this side.” Derek watched as Largros nodded and didn’t hesitate to hop up behind Twilight, ready to go back through. Twi moved the to opening of the tunnel and watched her men pour out of the tunnel across the way.

“They almost had your back, huh?” Largros smiled before moving on into the cavern to look around the walls for the other tunnels. He had his assignment and he was going to see to it.

~Angelus, ~ Inea used her mental speak to get the attention of her demon. ~ There is a cage of innocent lycan hung from the ceiling rafters in the throne room. Can you handle getting them? If you can get them and get out of there, I’ll handle the rest. ~ She was looking around this main atrium, taking in the size and comparing it to what she saw through the magical clairscience to the next room.

~Ahhh but of course. Your wish is my command. ~

Angelus looked to Derek, “Can you handle this? I’m needed…”

“Largros is in full swing. If you leave, need to tell him. Twi!” Derek called to his sister; she was standing in the tunnel opening to the cavern, still. Their men would want to check her out and be sure she was safe, but she might also want to go help Kieran. He’d give her the choice. She was the Alpha in this place. Whatever she decided would be what he did. Words didn’t have to be said. She’d know what he was silently asking.

“I will.” Dante assure the lycan male before turning away from him to look at the sister. He could take them both…

“No. As much as I want to go to them, we need to cleanse these tunnels. We don’t need enemy swarming into our people’s backside.” Twi was still healing, but refused to remain down for long. Their men had found them and she was barking orders at them to finish off the remaining tunnels so that the enemy were gone. She looked at her brother and could see the question that he was silently asking. “If you wish to go Dare, then go I won’t stop ya. We have a lot of work here to finish.”

“Go!” Derek would remain with his sister and the others. They had to be sure the tunnels were clear and they had a shifted dragon to lead. He hated it, and he knew she did as well, but this was the proper call.

~Largros, I’m going to aide Inea and the others at the palace. Remain here and help the wonder twins finish clearing the tunnels.~ There was a momentary pause before he added, ~And… take care of yourself.~

~ Why, I always do. Be sure to do the same, ~  the overly polite mental reply came to the demon. Largros continued down the first tunnel a bit before beginning to cast his spell work again.

~I try.~ Dante grinned as he walked away from the rest. Pushing his palms out from his chest, the demon twisted them quickly to create the interplanar tear that would take him to his target. The demon’s form went back to human as he stepped into the dark void to disappear.




Inea was perched on the balcony that was built between the atrium and on the other side overlooked the main throne room of the Weylyn Palace. Devon, Jaysson, and Kieran had come into the courtyard and had tasted first blood. They were making their way to the atrium at the moment, gravely injuring or killing one traitor to their pack at a time. Unlike them, she had been trying her best to be discreet so that they could find as many captured Weylyn lycan as possible before giving their enemy reason to actually kill.  A heart attack here a stroke there an aneurysm…. She closed her eyes and found the leadership.

~ Who is up for finding the big bad wolf? ~ She couldn’t resist.

~ I want Ethan! He is mine! ~ Devon snarled mentally as he grabbed the closest foe by the throat to lift the heavy set male off his feet. The fool had the audacity to look scared right before Devon rammed him down onto the hard packed floor with enough power to crush his throat. The lycan strangled in his own blood. Devon would not waste all his time and strength on this lot. He’d make this short and get to the real target. He knew his father was right behind him.

~ Don’t come to the throne room. I’ve got this. And the back side of the palace once that’s handled. Ethan’s in the master suites upstairs, that’s where you want to go, Devon… Kieran… ~ Inea warned them.

Having taken out three more with quick rapid moves, Devon started up the stairwell, leaving his father to finish off the last of the treasonous bunch. Men and women were losing their lives because of his manipulative brother in law. Just the thought brought a vile taste to the back of his mouth. ~Which suites, Nea? There are three… ~  Devon had grown up here and lived here once upon a time. They had suites for the guests and proper palace help, they had suites for the children, and they had the master suites for the royal family’s privacy.

~ Mmmm… secondary door. But I sense several others with him. My clairscience is being blocked by magic. Interesting. ~ the dragon sorceress replied, before letting her mind scan over the rest of the palace. It seemed so very empty.  She walked from the front of the balcony back through a doorway to overlook the throne room. It was in such disrepair. That kind of made the dragoness feel better about what she intended.

~ We go through the throne room and there’s a back way to the suites… ~ Kieran offered as he caught up to his son, who was making way to the side staircase.  

~ I know that the throne room is a trap. Let us give them a surprise. Go the route Devon’s taking you both. I’ll handle these idiots. ~ Inea pushed herself off the balcony handrail and landed perfectly on the ground 20 feet below. She stood from her landing squat and walked toward the door. Brown eyes scanned the large throne room that was beyond for signs of life. She saw several lifeforces and noted they were elevated above the ballroom. They were frightened and some were crying. “Well, that explains what happened to most of the staff here,” Inea mumbled under her breath. Her eyes moved to the outer edges of the throne room and behind the throne itself. Of course there were guards loyal to Ethan all around. They were waiting to ambush any heroes. Alas, they thought the heroes would be lycan. Not so.

Devon and Kieran wasted little time in making their way up the side stairwells toward the master suites. Inea waited until she was certain they were on the upper floor and away from this area.

~Angelus, ~ Inea used her mental speak to get the attention of her demon. ~ There is a cage of innocent lycan hung from the ceiling rafters in the throne room. Can you handle getting them? If you can get them and get out of there, I’ll handle the rest. ~ She was looking around this main atrium, taking in the size and comparing it to what she saw through the magical clairscience to the next room.

~Ahhh but of course. Your wish is my command. ~

Inea loved the way he treated her like she was in command of him. Scoundrel…

Dante slipped through the plane like walking through a doorway from one room to another and appeared within the rafters of the throne room. He walked the beams to the chain that the prison hung upon and scaled down it to find the captured lycan that his dragoness had spoken of. He peeled the bars open and stepped inside to watch the lycans scramble back from him. The things he did for the woman he loved. Making a shhh motion with one finger, the demon turned and used the same motion to create a tear for the lycan to escape. Dante urged the lycan through the linked tear to the northern forest, emptying the cage while the lycan below were none the wiser. By the time their captors had realized what was going on the last one was already through and Angelus slipped out of the cage himself with a chuckle. He loved the primitive ways of this land.

~ Get out or be ready for heat. ~ Inea warned, as she shifted into her dragon form. Unlike the males, her scales were creamy with greens and blues and browns, forest colors.  

~ I’m always ready for heat, lover, but for now, I and all the captured are moving through the forest back to the castle. Seems these lycan want to fight just as much as we do. And now, they can. ~  Dante chuckled as he watched lycan shift and take off toward the fighting instead of cowering away. ~Apparently, you have another magic user in there. Kept them from shifting… ~ The demon did NOT like that. He looked to the palace, his ruby eyes narrowing.

~ Yes, I felt it. Dev and Kieran know. And now… ~  Inea turned her huge head toward the center of the room and blew the doors open with her fires. The lycan who had decided to double-down with a horrid leader were now caught by surprise. They had made their bed, now they would die in it. Inea filled her bellows with air and flaming liquid. The next time she pushed fire through, the entire room would be engulfed. She had seen what had been done already. There was nothing of any worth left in that room. They had been looting and murdering and… something else… magical… as they went. This place would be cleansed of vermin and ready for being rebuilt by the time they were done.  


Devon didn’t even waste his time on the lessers that were guarding their Alpha, he simply slung them out of his way or plowed right over them and stalked straight for where Ethan would be. Kieran took on every guard that Devon tossed to him. He showed no mercy. They had backed a leader that had shown no mercy to others of their kind.

“ETHAN!!” Devon growled his challenge to the other Alpha. He shoved the doors open on the master suite. As the confrontation was begun, the rumble could be felt from Inea’s clearing of the throne room below them.  

Kieran tore through every warrior that came at him and didn’t stop as he stayed right behind his son, the rightful Alpha, to protect his back. The scent of fresh blood was heavy in the air to the point that Kieran wasn’t sure exactly where it came from any more.

Devon looked to Kieran and then back at door, “If it turns bad, rush that bastard…” He mumbled to his sire when Ethan finally came into sight. There was no way they were letting this one live to win control of their Pack. Kieran nodded.

There was movement behind Ethan within the curtains and seconds later an elven female stepped forward. She was wearing a sheer silver and black dress and there was a very evil smile on her full red lips.”Ahh look Ethan.. look who has decided to come home.” Her nose wrinkled as she lifted a hand to cast pain on the two enemy lycan. “Bad time for a family reunion.”

“Did you really think I’d just sit idly by and let you take by control of the Pack from me?” Ethan gave a rough chuckle as he slid an arm around the elfs waist and drew her close to nuzzle against the side of her neck and drew her scent in. It was intoxicating and his brown eyes dilated just a little from the impact it had on him. “I called on the one that’s always backed me and mine.”

“Ya sick fuck! Don’t ya even care about yer mate?!” Kieran felt the pain hit him hard. But instead of falling to the ground he shifted further to become the big wolf. He tore into the next enemy he came to. Unbeknownst to any of them, Dante had successfully made his way to the side of the room out of sight and reached into his belt to find something fun to use just in case.

“She was a means to an end. And she will be again. She dared question me and my methods? No. Whatever happens out at the pond, it’ll bring more people to my side of this war. Nothing is more appealing than a grieving leader. All of the other packs will turn on Simoan…”

The elf pushed more magic at the two enemy lycan.

“Won’t work bitch!” Devon snarled at the magic used and his whole body gave a full shake as if to rid himself of it. “We’re already hurting and lycan thrive on pain battle.” He grinned nastily at her, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that?” His golden gaze glittered even as she tried to cast the same spell again. “Oh, right. You cast your lot in with a lycan that ain’t worth two coins in battle. So you wouldn’t know.” Devon growled low and stooped, ready to pounce.

“I know how to fight!” Ethan yelled. For a just a moment, fear and uncertainty flashed across Ethan’s face.  “Try something else Elyssia, that’s not working…” He was sweating as he moved away from the elf to fully shift into his hybrid form. He needed to be ready to fight.

That was his last mistake. Devon went straight for the big lycan and left the elf for the others to deal with. The Alpha pulled back and lunged wrapping his arms around Ethan and they went straight through the window while grappling with one another. Devon knew he was wounded and wouldn’t hold much ground in a fair fight – so he took the other option. Honorable battle be damned when you had such a despicable, cheating scoundrel to take out!  

Dante came round the corner and tossed the crystal in the air in front of the elf. “Eliminato!” he yelled. The crystal shattered all over the elf. She screamed as all of her treasured magical toys became nothing more than pretty trinkets at the same moment and her spells that she had memorized were forgotten. The demon grabbed hold of her and held her down, stomach to the ground and arm behind her back.

“Poor pathetic wench. Did you think you were the only ones who knew how to use magic?” Dante growled low. “I can smell it and so can my Lady. What have you done? Why are there so few loyal Weylyn people here, bitch?”

She actually gave a breathless laugh as she was held down. Twisting her head so that she could look up at him with that evil twisted smirk on her otherwise lovely lips, “You’re so mighty.. figure it out yourself.”

Kieran made his way to the balcony window that Devon had gone through. Gripping the railing he peered down at the two unmoving bodies below. “Devon…!” Shoving away he raced back out of the room and headed down to the ground floor as fast as he could.

~Devon’s down in the courtyard! He needs help!~ Kieran  was practically jumping the stairs ten at a time in his mad dash. He didn’t even pay attention to the smoldering remains of the throne room as he charged through it.

Inea, shifted as she now was, joined the older lycan to run out and help. She’d not lose her friend. That had not been the plan and it wasn’t going to happen.

Pulling his hand free of Ethan’s chest Devon rolled off the dead male to collapse on his back and close his eyes. There wasn’t an inch of him that didn’t hurt, but slowly the pain was actually beginning to have a numbing effect. At the sound of others coming, Devon rolled his head to the side. He turned onto an arm, and coughed, his chest rattling and spit blood out of his mouth. There was a rough smile on his lips as he looked up at his father and the sorceress, “Eva is gonna be so pissed…”





Deep within the cave the injured female wolf snarled defensively while shielding the whimpering and frightened young that were behind her. Her emerald green eyes narrowed dangerously on the elven female that was crouched just inside the mouth of the cave. Growling and baring teeth the black and grey wolf-hybrid snapped her teeth in warning. She crouched, prepared to fight any others that dared harm her siblings or herself.

“I’m not here to harm you. I think we’re on the same side, you and I,” Zenlial didn’t dare make a move. Nor did she look the angered, hurting lycan in the eyes. She knew well enough that such would be taken as a threat. She spoke softly and as calmly as she could. “I suppose you need proof, though. If you just…”

There was a barking growl and a snap of teeth only a foot away from Zenlial’s face. The elf took a breath and swallowed.  

Instead of giving chase to the few that bolted off, Wulf made his way to Zenlial. She had called out to him with that hint of fear that he felt was something unusual for the elf. When he saw what had her so still, Wulf paused to take in the whole scene. Devon’s sister lay dead close by along with her eldest son and from the sounds coming from the cave the rest were deep within behind the snarling she wolf.

“Just stay very still Zenlial..” It took Wulf a moment to put together who it was they were facing off with. “Nikita..” Her name left on barely a whisper. “It’s Devon’s niece and I just bet the rest of her siblings are in that cave behind her.”

“She’s very upset, Wulf. She doesn’t know who is what,” Zen whispered. Devon had warned her about situations like this.

He moved ever so slowly and watched the wolf’s reaction. When the green eyes shifted to him, the big lycan mentally spoke to his companion. ~ I’ll draw her out and you can get the pups. I don’t know how long it’ll be before other enemies come so we gotta get ‘em and get back.~

~ Very well. Be careful. ~ The elf waited for the chance to move on to the children. She didn’t move, but her muscles were ready.

Wulf gave a low deep rumble and moved forward, drawing closer to the female, but then pulling back toward the cave entrance. His growled taunts worked. Just as he knew she would, Nikita lunged at him. He was sure this was her first shifting and so wasn’t used to the form she was in. Wulf dodged left and wrapped his arms around the wolf and landed with an “ooof!” on his side with Nikita squirming in his grasp.

Zenlial crouched and then pushed herself forward in a tumble – just in case Nikita got lose.  She was with the other two children and immediately let her innate ability – a calming magic – move over them. Her back glowed softly where her wings had once been as the magic poured forth. She had not dared do it before, worried that it might trigger the protective female.  

“It’s okay. We’re going to where it is safe, loves. We are here to protect you. Come, come… we must be away before others of the bad pack attack again. Please? Please come from there, dear ones,” she whispered and coaxed with her hands. Within a minute, first the little boy and then the little girl came out from under the outcropping of stone inside the cave and hugged to her. “”It will be fine. You must be brave. You must be brave little ones. We must go back through horrible things. But be brave. Wulf and I will protect you,” she slowly pulled them back from the inner cave toward the entrance where Wulf was still dealing with a very angry lycan.

“Don’t… bring them… to far out… yet.” Wulf was grappling with their sister and she snarled and bit his arm while scratching any area she could on him in an attempt to gain ground.

“Stay here… here behind this stone. Please. Don’t look. Close your eyes,” Zenlial whispered to the two young ones. When they were holding each other’s hands and quiet behind the stone at the front of the cave, she turned her attention to Wulf and Nikita. She focused on the girl. The calming effect moved from her body to the struggling lycan. Now that she was being held, Zemlial was willing to risk a bad reaction. If nothing else, she’d get close enough to knock the girl out. But if this worked, things would be much better.   

She couldn’t let them down! The pain in her body reminded her of what the enemy was capable of and what lack of care they gave to the age of their targets. Nikita panted and struggled trying to get free, but it was becoming harder and harder for her to keep up.

“I don’t want to hurt her, but damned she’s tryin’ to hurt me.” Wulf rumbled low as he held on and shifted his hold so that he was on his back holding on to the young female. He started to roll her beneath him but that seemed to panic Nikita so he stayed on his back with her clutched to his chest.

~ Talk her down, Wulf. She’s wearing out and I’ve pushed a calm over her. She still sees me as a possible enemy, same as you – but if you know her, maybe she’ll recognize you? ~

“Niki..” Wulf rumbled low in his chest and held her as the clawing and snarled ebbed away. “It’s Wulf, Nikita.. Ya remember me don’t ya. I… took ya’ll to the fields and let ya run in the tall grass.. Ya skinned ya knee and I.. I carried ya back.” The big lycan hoped it was working and it seemed to be. Her fight was slowing and she was calming.  

Slowly the voice worked through the haze of panic and fear to reach Nikita. This was familiar.. His scent, his voice.. He was familiar. The fight left her and her form shifted painfully back into the thin, wisp of a girl with long dark ringlets of hair that were plastered to the tatters of her clothes. She was covered in splatters of blood but no wounds were visible. There was a shuddering sound of a sob before she passed out against his chest from sheer exhaustion.

Zenlial let out a sigh of relief. Her magic faded from the area. “You did it.”

“As…as did you?” He’d not expected her to use magic. As carefully as he could Wulf sat up and shifted the unconcious girl in his arms so that he could stand up. With the waif cradled to his broad chest Wulf walked to Zenlial and the pups. “We need ‘em looked at. Let’s head to the palace, but we’ll play it cautious in case it’s in enemy hands.” He started off only to stop and look back at the cave. “I need to put her ma and brother in the cave can ya watch her and the pups while I do that?”

“Of course. And… there is a dead Simoan in there as well. I took his life. He was attacking her,” Zenlial took a knee and let Wulf settle Nikita against her. She kept her eyes on the other two, who were peeping out, now. “No, no. I told you, close your eyes, loves. You can come to me and your sister, but you must keep your eyes closed. I know you can do it. Use your wiffer sniffers, dear ones,” Zen treated them as she would have wanted someone to treat her own children. She was being gentle, but also making a bit of a game out of getting them to her, so they could focus on that and not see their mother and brother dead. Not like this.  The two kept holding each other’s hands and moved slowly toward her, using only their sense of smell.

“Oh, so perfect. You’re doing so well! You’re almost here. Oh, there you are, come here for a hug. You’ve been so brave,” she whispered as she hugged first one and then helped move him around to her opposite side and hugged the little girl, too. She now knelt, the sleeping girl leaning against her and a pup to each side. “So brave. So sweet. Keep your eyes closed and I’ll be sure to fetch you a special treat when we get back to the palace. You know, I was taught how to make sweet elven bread by my friend Minlial. I had never made it before coming to this world. It tastes so lovely and I want to make it for you, because you have been so very brave.” She hugged them both to her, one on each side while watching Wulf take care of their family’s bodies.  She hadn’t told Devon. For once, she was reluctant to say anything using the mind speak.

Carefully Wulf wrapped Nikita’s mother up and carried her inside the cave. After laying her down he drug the dead Simoan out and tossed his body to the side like the garbage that he was. There was a special place of rot and torment for ones like him that attacked innocents. As he settled the fallen son beside the mother, Wulf made his way from the cave and pulled the heavy slab of stone that was above the entrance down to cover it to protect the bodies from scavengers. He had been listening to the elf speak to the children so sweetly. She sounded like a mother, not a warrior. How much did he not know about her?  Shaking his head, he knelt in front of the blood and dirt covered elf. She held the children tightly to each side of her and their teenaged sister slept against her chest. For the first time since their walking through the forest, when he had gotten angry with her, their eyes met. The sadness, the concern, the weariness? It seemed that both of them felt the same when it came to this situation; words needed not be spoken.