As they crested the hill to the East of the castle, Devon had paused to study what was going on while also giving the others a break. Something wasn’t right, he just hadn’t put his finger on it. If his sire was responsible this place would already be in Kieran’s hands. There was no way that the ole man would let his family home fall to others. But Kieran wasn’t here, there were guards; probably guards loyal to his brother-in-law. 

“We’ll wait here for Wulf and Jaysson to return. Can’t get closer without tippin’ em off that we’re here and I don’t want that yet.” Devon moved to rest his back against a tree and sighed. Things weren’t looking good and soon he’d need to contact Eva and Sen or the dragon would be charging over hell bent on saving the day.

~ You shouldn’t be so grumpy, Devon. You have friends here to help you. ~

Devon’s head turned as he frowned at Zenlial, “You in my head?”

Zenlial looked up at her friend, confused. “You said you did not like someone in your mind, Devon. I would not do such a thing.” His words now had the elf on alert. How had someone come close enough to intrude on her friend? 

~Dunno who this is but get outta my head.~ He rumbled dangerously at the mental intruder.

~ How saddened I am that you don’t remember my mental voice. I helped your pack win wars like your brother did. Am I not worthy of being considered for sisterhood? ~ Inea’s wicked words paused to see his reaction.

Standing up taller,  Devon looked around quickly, “Come on out Nea, I know ya here gal.” He actually chuckled softly as he moved away from the tree and stepped passed the elf in search of the dragoness.

“Nea?” Zenlial arched a brow. She had heard a name similar – and knew it well.  She didn’t like that the sorceress could speak to her friend in such a fashion as to bypass polite convention. Inea was not a name to be trusted among her people or among anyone else so far as she was concerned.

The dragoness moved forward from the brush, where she had been hiding, in her human form. She held her arms open for a hug from the big lycan. She’d not come to see him or Eva since Michael and Aaron’s birth. She hoped he wouldn’t be upset with her about that.

Devon wrapped his arms around her and lifted the blonde off her feet as he hugged her. “Now what ya doin’ way out here? Ain’t heard from ya in so long that I forgot what ya voice sounded like.”

“I come bringing gifts. I hope you don’t mind,” she held a faded turquoise necklace out to him. “Your mate needs to hear your voice, Devon. I believe that trinket matches the one you left with her?”

Taking the necklace he clipped it around his neck as he listened to her. “Yeah it does and I sure need to hear her voice too.”

“Who else do you have with you?” Zenlial asked, her eyes having directly landed on a demonic energy not far from where the lady made her entrance.

The smile faded as he became protective. Slipping himself between the females and whomever Inea had with her.

“My demon and Devon’s father. We … ran into him… along the way.” Inea smirked and turned toward the others.

“Your demon? And..” Devon’s gaze narrowed as his father stepped into view. “Kieran.” Devon acknowledged as he looked the elder lycan over. They’d both changed a great deal over the past years. He looked rough, but not drunk or worse for the wear. The demon he looked at but then looked back to his father as if acknowledging he was there without really greeting him.

“Ran inta is one way ta put it, claw.” Kieran smirked at Inea before stepping forward to face his son. He was several inches taller, but about the same width and build as Devon. “They were set ta fight, but they listened to me. Seems bein’ magicals helps ‘em see I was tellin’ truth.”  He swallowed and looked his son over. Kieran wasn’t quite sure what to do next. He’d been hateful last he’d seen Devon. Things had gotten worse before they had gotten better for him and his life. He wondered how things had gone for Devon.

Instead of giving the brush off any notice, Dante stepped to the side so that father and son could see one another face to face. It was obvious the two had things to talk about. He moved to Inea’s side and stood quietly. Inea didn’t speak, either. Instead she motioned for the elf to walk away just a bit to give the two a moment. That was why she and Dante had agreed to bring the scruffy old bastard here, after all.

Zenlial didn’t like it, but she moved aside, making her way to a tree so she had a good view of everything.

“How’s Evalynn? I take it your journey to the other side worked? You got pups, now? A better life?” Kieran asked.  

His guard was up, but then again why wouldn’t it be? The last time he’d seen the ole man was to take the Alpha position from him and place the cuffs upon himself. He’d told his father then that the Pack was going with him to the other world or at least the majority of it. His sister and her mate were staying in the palace with those that wished to remain. “It worked, she and our pups are doin’ well over there. I take it that ya been stirrin’ trouble since we left?”

Kieran took a deep breath. “At first, I stirred trouble. I got free, but by then I’d made connections and friends on the darker side of the pack, of the world? Alyssa couldn’t handle her ole man in the pens so she freed me and gave me a pack and coin and sent me on my way. I asked that my friends who were not penned for anything against the pack be allowed to walk with me. The pack had plenty of others. They would survive without us.”  

“Alright so you were free and had others with ya. What happened then that kept ya raidin’?” Devon rumbled as he shoved his thumbs into his pockets while his father had his full attention.

“Yeah, you’d be told about the raidin’. Alright, then. Let me explain. That no good mate of hers didn’t allow us go free. We were set upon by slavers ten miles from home. They had no idea what they’d gotten inta. And they had no idea what kinda talent I had with me. After we took their camps and rallied the other slaves and prisoners, we interrogated the slavers. Turns out he had been willing to pay a lycan contact for slaves. Somebody in Ethan’s court. Somebody Ethan trusted.” Kieran waited to see if Devon was following.

Now this information irritated Dev and the rumble that left him let them all know that. “Had he done that before?”

“I don’t know if that was the first time he’d done it. But it was the time I realized I couldn’t just let him be. Unfortunately, I had…” Kieran looked down at the ground, “…an addiction and a bad reputation and dishonor that I had to overcome. All of which had been brought on by my own doing. I’m not…I didn’t mean to make ya think I blamed you. Ya made me face my demons.”

“Faced ya demons and how’d that go?” Devon was actually curious now.

“Thing is, I decided to use all that to my advantage. Raidin’ got me supplies and allies and information that bein’ a stand-up citizen wouldn’t allow. It’s how I found out about the bridge group between Sarian and Saba. And workin’ between them folks got me my mate. So I cain’t say as it was all a bad thing.”  

“Ya mate?” Devon glanced at Inea and then back at his ole man. “Didn’t know ya had another mate.” He wasn’t sure how he felt about that idea. His mother had been miserable and so he wondered how this mate fared. He knew Kieran and recalling his childhood and how the elder had been made him wonder if he were the same with the new mate. Then another thought came to mind, “More pups for ya then?”

Kieran smiled and chuckled, “No! Oh hell naw, she uh… she’ll let me know when she’s ready for pups. I was told when we first met that everything would be accordin’ ta her timeline and I’ve been good about that. She’s worth it. She’s …” Kieran looked down. Yer mama, she never belonged ta me and I never belonged ta her.  Her heart never belonged ta me. I could’ve stood up to the Elders and made them choose someone else for my mate. I could’ve told them I wanted to wait and let the Goddess provide. It took me bein’ at my lowest ta realize how wrong they were in forcin’ their will on the pack as if they had the ear of the Goddess. They don’t.  The Goddess taught me more while I was on my own and away from the Pack than I ever learnt there. And my mate is mah gift. She set me right. She brought honor back ta my heart. I’m not raidin’ anymore. I’m tryin’ ta stop this war from takin’ our pack. But if Ethan wants ta call gatherin support against him – raidin’ guess he can…”  

“Ethan isn’t the only one I’ve heard it from.” Devon rumbled the words to his sire.

“Of course, he’s not. And I want it that way. Least I want everybody that’s not worth mah spit ta think I’m still a lowly nothin’ raider. But I ain’t the dangerous one here. Traditions’ve let that shit put our pack in the wrong place. People are honor bound ta him because you made him actin’ Alpha. They don’t see past the elders and the elders grasp the traditions, thinkin’ he will be honorable. He ain’t that, son.” He looked away and then back at Devon. “You know I got Eva for ya, because I did wrong by not goin’ against the Elders for ya mama’s heart’s sake. And for that I lost not just her, but a friend and my pack. Thought I’d lost both mah sons…”

Kieran knew it was a lot to take in. What he was saying was near blasphemy to be honest. But, he hoped bringing in Devon’s own personal life as an example might help. The Elders never would’ve allowed a slave girl to be married to an Alpha’s son. They bullshitted their way into the situation and by the time the rumors were up and spreading, it was too late and the goddess had blessed the union. His son had been raised a traditionalist, but he had wanted someone that tradition would never have let him have.

“I know what ya did for me but I also know what your capable of. I just need to be sure history ain’t repeatin’ itself.” Devon was stubborn, but he was also smart, logical and in most cases easy to reason with when the situation was reasonable.

Kieran stepped closer to his son, “I ain’t apologizing for getting things done what needed ta be done. Somebody had ta get claws dirty and mine were already in the mud. And I won’t be lettin’ ya put me on the ground again just ta prove something.” He huffed, “We got better things ta do. And we’re runnin’ outta time.”

“Yours were in the mud cause ya put ‘em there a long time ago. But I get what ya sayin’ so lets get to it. Ya say Ethan is dirty, does my sister know this? I can’t see Alyssa bein’ alright with the slave thing and I don’t see her just sittin’ by lettin’ it happen around her pups. Have ya talked to her about any of this?”  He wouldn’t challenge the elder again unless Kieran gave him a reason to do so. Finding a new mate that supposedly changed him for the better wasn’t a reason. Nor was doing things to ensure the safety of your Pack.

“I’ve tried ta get to her, but she won’t see me. I almost got myself hauled in by guards gettin’ too close. I like ta think she don’t know. She’s my baby girl, Devon. I didn’t raise her ta think less of intelligent creatures. She knows what slavery has done to our kind. I want ta think best of her.”

“Well now that all of this is roses and sunshine why don’t we get to how we are going to get your family out without being harmed.” Dante hated to interrupt the family bonding moment but they really did need to get to the point of this visit.

Inea remained quiet. Her eyes moved to Zenlial, who had not relaxed or taken her almond eyes from them since they had shown up.  Good little guardian Devon had there.

“Now’s the time.” Kieran explained. “I was goin’ ta get my mate and the other troops, but I don’t think that’s possible in the time we got here. I sent a scout to ’em. I say we moved from the Northern forests down to the lakeside. Most lycan won’t meander through the northern forest – too much magical disruption for their liking. I came this way because I found out about the other packs’ plans. They got a good grudge against Weylyn because Ethan’s fucked ’em over like he did me and mine. They’ve been workin’ on the tunnels…”

“They ain’t in the palace. Alyssa and the pups are at the pond for the day. Ethan is in tendin’ to business. From the sounds of it the business ain’t goin’ well either.” Wulf and Jaysson returned from scouting with their news. At the sight of Kieran, Wulf rumbled and glared at the ole rogue outcast.

“I ain’t here ta fight ya, pup. I’m here ta help and ask help. Whether you lot like it or not, we’re on the same side.” Kieran barely showed teeth.

“Twilight may’ve been able ta talk down two of the packs against us, but the others? They’re out for blood. And they won’t give a damn who knew or who didn’t once they get to the palace and the village outside. You know that.” Jaysson pointed out. “Ethan’s fucked us all. We got ta reestablish our honor, now.”

“What’d ya think I’ve been tryin’ ta do! There might as well be two Weylyn Packs at this point!” Kieran growled. Then he looked over at his son. “Well, three. One on the other side. What we need is stability. We need one leader. We need one pack. But as long as Ethan’s dealin’ with ne’er do wells, I refuse ta bend a knee. He sent free lycan to the mines. He ain’t no alpha of mine.”    

At the mention of Derek’s sister, Devon couldn’t help but be confused as to what she had to do with all of this. The last they had heard of Twilight was when her mama had come back across with her to live. “Then we’ll have Wulf and a few others head for Alyssa and the pups while we head to the palace and get things under control.”

“We don’t have no worries on our backside. Twi’s command of our troops back there. She’ll make sure they keep the line. But knowin’ her, she’ll have her brother and be makin’ to flank.” Kieran looked over at the demon and the dragoness. “And you two’re here, so wonder where the other dragon’ll wind up?”  

Inea smirked, “Well, well, well, ole man knows his secrets and ours? Not bad for someone old as me.”

“I ain’t lived this long being dumb and unprepared, claw.” Kieran replied.

“Perhaps underground?” Dante chuckled and shook his head. “I’ll be more than happy to scout the underground and help clear it out.”

“Do that, love. You and Largros are perfect for that duty. The tunnels and caverns beneath this land are ripe with possible hide-outs. If the other packs are familiar or have help on the inside, it could be devastating. I’ll remain with the pack we have here and push forward into the palace grounds themselves.” Inea made sure to use the word ‘love’ to let them all know how well protected Dante was by her. If he were in trouble, she would be at his side in an instant. If any of the lycan got too much ripeness in their balls and tried to take a swipe at the half-demon, they’d be bitten in half by the dragoness an instant after their mistake.  

Zenlial hopped down from her tree and took a step forward.  “I’ll go with the sorceress. I’m not afraid of the magic. I can scout ahead and make sure and take out any with my bow as are needed to be handled. Hopefully things are as I had left them and the guard are still holding and not being picked off.”  The elf looked to Inea and spoke in the draconic tongue a phrase of partnership.

Inea smiled and bowed her head.

“Devon, you need to contact Eva. Before we go.” Zen whispered in Elvish to the lycan. Her purple eyes were on his, not letting him move until he acknowledged. None of them knew what this day held. He needed to speak to her and hear her before this battle. It was a luxury he had never been afforded before.   

“I’ll do that Zenny don’t ya worry that pretty lil head of yers about it.” Devon rumbled back in Elvish and watched as the others glanced their way. He hadn’t so much as muttered a word in the Elven tongue since leaving this world. He lifted the amulet and turned from the others to let him know that he was about to use it and didn’t need any of them interfering.

Zenlial cleared her throat, and stamped a small foot. She held an air of command that most never would have guessed her to have. She pointed for them to all to leave her friend alone. He had business of the most important matters to handle. She followed them all out as they began grouping up into their planned assignments.

“I’ll go directly for the palace. I’ll be drawin’ attention from everywhere. But maybe if I’m right – a lot of the guard are on that wall still. They’ve surely all heard the rumors. With Devon here and me ta boot, maybe it’ll confuse their loyalty. Maybe we can get in and turn them to the defense quickly?” Kieran offered.

“That’d be a good idea. I doubt your own would fight you if you came in under a … well, in the other world, they would use a white flag. Elves would use a tone of horn. What would they use among your people to let them know you wish to parley and not fight?” Zen asked.

Wulf replied to Zen’s question, “He gives a good howl and they’ll know. That’s all we lycan ever need.” He watched the dragoness move away with the demon and kept the others moving to give them a moment to themselves.

Oh… howls. Of course.” Zenlial looked over at Wulf and Jaysson. The others were still out ahead of them. “I sometimes wish elves had such methods. Simple and to the point. No secondary pretense and hidden agendas…” she let the words flow into a low mumble as she spoke.  

Wulf had a very surprised look on his face when the elf spoke of her own kind in such a way. But he kept moving them forward over the next forested hill.

Inea stepped aside with her demon and took his face in her hands. Smiling she leaned into him and kissed his lips.  ~ Keep the blessings of the elders with you, Angelus. I want you in my arms after this battle is done. ~  

Sliding his hands up Inea’s spine Dante pressed his forehead to hers, ~ I know nothing of these blessings but I will fight hard, keep my wits about me and try my damnedest to return unharmed to you, if you swear to do the same. ~ He held her close to feel every sweet curve and imprinted it to his mind as he made sure to brand his taste to her lips. There was nothing really gentle or soft about him and yet Inea had never shunned him for it.

She took the forceful kiss and pressed forward as well as she could to match. When they pulled apart, finally, her lips ached as much as her flesh did for him. The kiss ended, and Dante stepped back as the darkness began to creep up around him. His gaze remained with her until that final moment when he was drawn into the abyss and the darkness dissipated to nothing taking the half-demon with it.

Taking a deep breath, the sorceress turned to rejoin the others. Devon would be along once he was finished with his conversation. “So the North Forest route to the front of the palace. If you allow, I can mentally let you know what’s happening,” Inea offered.

“I’ll do the same, maybe between you all? And then I can meet up with you?” Zenlial asked Wulf and Kieran and Jaysson. “I’ll be in the trees until that’s not needed.”

“Trees’ll be good and definitely come from the North.”  Devon agreed from behind them. He seemed to have got more of his spirit back, just from being able to talk to his mate through their magical amulets.  “But, Zen, when you get close to the palace front, I need ya to turn your attentions to the pond. That’s where Alyssa and her pups’ll be,” When he saw Zenlial ready to argue, he spoke up quickly, “Ya to make ya way to the pond. We got family there and they’ll need help that’s for sure. Wulf’ll be headin’ that way too, once we come in from the side courtyards.  Jaysson, the ole man and me? We can settle things up at the palace.  Inea can make her course forward from the northern forest to the palace. If I need back-up, Zen, I’ll call on ya.” 

“The pond?” Zenlial pouted. “Very well. I can make that my end destination, Devon.”  Zenlial would always accept his advice in his lands. Even if she felt like she was about to be on a sitting mission instead of an action mission, Devon knew her capabilities and his pack and she trusted his judgement.  

“Inea, once the palace is in hand, head to the pond and help my family please.” Devon’s gaze went to the dragoness’. Her lover was going with the dragon to clear the tunnels, so he knew where her mind would be though she did not say as much.

“Very well. As quickly as I can.” It would be easy, actually. She had sleep spells a plenty. She had all kind of magical fog that could render things in the forest to snoring and resting and unable to resist slumber, and therefore be easy for those coming behind her to tie up.  After all, they didn’t want to kill these people unless they had no choice. These people were fighting a common enemy – unfortunately, they didn’t know that. So long as things remained honorable, Inea would not fight to kill.  

Zenlial didn’t waste time. She nodded once and turned to take off in the direction of the hills above the palace, where she knew the pond Devon referred to was. On all of the maps, it had simply been referred to as “the pond” and so that had to be it.  She supposed that was because the lycan lands were dotted with small streams, the deepest of which could barely hold a full grown dragon. Having a pond in your packlands was a boon – it was so very unusual and often put to good use by the inhabitants.   

As the females left them Dev turned to look at his sire and nodded, “Looks like we’re up ole man are ya ready for it?”

“Hate ta say it against my own pack and family, but a traitor is a traitor. I never been more ready, son.” Kieran half-shifted, his bulk growing and his claws lengthening.

Unlike most in his Pack Dev had trained hard on partial shifting and it showed as his fingers flexed and spread while shifting to long, powerful fingertips with 2 inch long claws that were sharp enough to shred flesh from bone. “Let’s go get the palace back and help our pack.”



They had made their way up though the eastern tunnel system of the packlands, taking out scouting groups, tying up stragglers, or leaving the enemy lycan so wounded that it’d take hours and hours to regenerate. When they came to the gap in the earth behind their main line, Twilight shifted forms again to hybrid and crouched low. Soon enough her hunting pack and her brother rejoined her.  “The others will come around the front just as you suggested. We can drop down here and take ‘em by surprise. It’s a good plan.”

“Do we flank or do we drive onward from here into the packlands?” Derek asked now. They could go back and end this on the east side and have faith that the others would handle the palace and main packlands… or they could let their troops make that stand and go into the packlands further to help.  Derek’s cool blue eyes looked to Twilight’s matching cool blue eyes and he knew the response without a flicker of hesitation.

“Flankin’ would be the better plan. Less of a chance of ‘em over takin’ all of us that way. Besides it gives us a better advantage.” Twilight nodded to her brother, “Divide what we have and let’s show ‘em how our Pack works in battle.”

“Then we part here, sister. You take the right and I’ll take the left and we’ll meet in the middle of our defeated enemies.” He took her arm and pulled her into a tight hug. She had faith in Kieran and he had faith in Devon and the dragons. Well… and the demon, he supposed. He’d never seen the demon fight and he’d miss out on that opportunity for now, sure. But this was important. If they stopped the progress on this front, the enemies within would not have back-up and their elders would have a chance to deal with what was transpiring at the palace without too much trouble – well, hopefully.

They had been apart for so long and now it seemed they may be parted once more only this time for much longer as the golden fields did not let guests in. Twilight returned the hug and rumbled to him, “Stay safe and I’ll see ya again soon brother.” Letting him go the hybrid female took off with several others to the right trusting the rest to follow her brother to the left.

Derek growled his orders in the hybrid form, but shifted back to wolf as soon as he could. They could move faster this way. He saw with very pleased eyes that the wolves had accepted him as their lead now. They were putting their lives in his paws. He would not let them down. These were his sister’s trained best – they were now under his protection. They would all fight honorably side-by-side. They would win this day.  

As they came into the back side of the battle, Derek stopped and watched. The other packs were pushing forward against Weylyn. Well… that was about to be stopped, wasn’t it?  He yipped three times so as not to give warning to the enemy – just letting his lycan know it was time. As he ran full speed into the left flank of those warriors, he shifted and began using his hybrid form to shred as many as possible. He kept a look out for those warriors around him and he helped with every battle he could. He howled as loudly as he could in victorious rush and was very happy to hear his sister’s howl from the other side.

Their timed flanking gave the already war-weary throngs of Weylyn lycan a boost of energy and spirit! They not only kept fighting, but the fought with much more vigor now that they had their leadership back in the fray right alongside of them.

Soon enough… the enemy front was unsteady and wavering. Before long, many were either giving up or turning back. Their coats were the color of crimson blood, but they were defeating the other pack without the need for murderous revelry. This was about defending what was theirs – about laying the groundwork for peace. They did not need to kill to turn the rest back. Enough of that kind of damage had been done between these packs. It was time to stop it.

When the enemy turned back Twilight heard the howl from her brother and howled to let him know where they were. Like many from her Pack, she’d suffered some bites and scratches but nothing that wouldn’t heal with a good cleaning and a good meal. Wiping blood from her mouth she shifted to her human form and clutched her injured upper arm as she made her way to the rest.

“There are injured that need tendin’ on both sides. I think we’ve staunched the attack from this side. How ya fare?” Twi was covered in dirt and blood but didn’t care as she moved towards her brother to look him over. “My mate’s not far off now. We’ll be seein’ ‘em soon?”

“Twi – I doubt it. They need you here. You’re their alpha and the leader the other packs need ta see. Kieran was headed to the palace last I heard from the dragon…” Derek confided. “We may not get there before this is all over. You really want ta head on in, sister? Leave these men?”  He honestly wanted to go and join the others. Yes. But was that the proper choice to make? No. Not in Derek’s heart, it wasn’t. He didn’t have a mate out there, though. Twi did.

Taking a deep breath Twilight sighed, “Ya right brother, I’m just worried about him.” She admitted as she watched her men take control of those that surrendered. Then, she went back to looking him over. 

“What’d have you worried over Kieran? If he’s back to his better ways, he’s a damn good fighter and even better leader. I remember trainin’ under him as a pup with Dad, Dev and G… the others.” Derek swooped around the name he preferred not mention. He chuckled as she checked his wounds. “I’m fine. So are you. Could use a quick jump in a lake or stream and some food.”  

“He’s my mate it’s kinda my duty to worry about his hide in battle.” Twilight did smile though as she wiped a trickle of blood from Derek’s face.

“I’d say you may want ta talk to these men who just fell. We can get them on our side, if they understand what side we’re really on, don’t ya think?”

“True. Let’s go talk some ole lycan.” She led the way through the injured and defeated until she and Dare were standing right in the center. Taking a breath she looked down at the closest one as she spoke the old tongue to them with rumbles and growls.

“Each of ya fought hard and ya fought bravely, but where ya loyalties lay are not honorable. The ones ya fightin’ ain’t the ones ya think. The ones we all fight are dishonest, deceitful and they don’t care that they’ll get ya killed for a palace and a title to a Pack that ain’t rightfully theirs! Many families suffer losses already and we don’t want more to suffer. Both Weylyn Alpha’s are here fightin’ for peace! They’ll stand with your pack as well! They want peace! They’re right this very moment tryin’ ta take the pretenders out! The question is – are ya gonna stand with the rightful Alpha’s of Pack Weylyn or are ya gonna stand against ‘em – ” Twi looked over at her brother, “…against us – and leave ya families mournin’ ya loss?”

“But Pack Weylyn sold us out… how’s that honorable?” one yelled back.

“Not Pack Weylyn!” Derek growled as he looked at the man. “I’m Derek of pack Weylyn, and Devon and Kieran and Twilight are Pack Weylyn. We would never sell any lycan out! The ones in the palace let power go to their heads. Devon returned to stop that…”

“Devon’s here?”  There were whispered conversations all around them. Some mentioned his name and the names of others. After all, Dev had been a recognized figure among the ranks of many packs while he had been on this side. These people knew who the two bright-blue-eyed siblings were, as well. They had a history before this singular war. 

“He fights on Kieran’s side!” Derek took the liberty of announcing. He wasn’t completely sure of it all, but Twilight had told him enough for him to be sure they were all on the same side. He took his sister’s hand and looked into her eyes. “The pack from this side is joined by the pack from the other side! We are one! And we are here to stop this war!”

“We are united as one – and for all of our packs to survive we must unite and face those that would rip us apart!” Twilight’s blue eyes sparkled as she clasped her brothers hand and raised their joined hands high in the air for all to see. “My brother Derek Weylyn, his Alpha Devon Weylyn and my mate and my Alpha Kieran Weylyn will face the betrayers and rid our Pack of them! Help us set our Pack right! Help us bring back peace and harmony among our packs and our people!”

Amongst the rumbles of approvals there were still the random whispers which she knew would go on. That was fine. So long as they could get enough loyalty to keep things copacetic here. They had business back behind them…. the packlands needed cleaning up and the traitors needed taking out.  She Kieran and Devon were as united as she and Derek were – given their history.

“Need to get these warriors healed and ready for battle and for holding this front from any who think we’re weakened. We need to give Kieran and Devon a chance by keeping the possible second wave strong.” He whispered to his sister. These were her men. He didn’t dare give the orders, though in the moment, he certainly had almost done so.

Their hands came back down and he turned slightly, rubbing a shoulder. He hated admitting he hurt. But this had been one hell of a fight. Lycan vs lycan – when you all fought for perceived honor? It could get tough.

Looking to her generals Twilight rumbled, “Get food and water goin’ and lets get ‘em healed up. We’ll need all hands ready to stand hold this position for any oncomin’.” One of the generals turned to walk on as he gave a shrill whistle and howled as he twirled a finger in the air as a signal to get things moving. The other headed in the opposite direction as he howled and rumbled to those close by to get them moving.

“Ya got hurt and thought to lie to me about it.” Twilight didn’t have to see the males motion to sense his pain. “Go eat and get ya shoulder tended brother so ya ready for what comes next.”

“And what’s that, sister?”

“You, me, and a few hunters get our asses back to that palace, through those tunnels. That’s what.”


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018