Though he still felt a little rough, Sebastian had decided after just a few days that he could no longer stay confined to the lair. He’d made an appearance at the Council Chamber and had even given insight to a couple of cases that Crimson agents were currently working on. After that he had went to the clinic to see how progress was going with Samantha and her special patients.

While the staff looked his way they didn’t try to stop him or dissuade him from making his way to Dr. Keene’s office. He wasn’t there to disrupt her day or pull her away from patients that needed her attention. Sebastian simply settled into the couch and awaited her arrival.

Sam walked into the office and went directly to the opposite side where her bookshelf was. She moved the tip of her index finger over the spines of the books until she found the one she needed. She picked it out and opened it immediately to the index. Then she was flipping back through the pages, her focus solely on it. She was behind her desk and flopped down in the chair and continued to read. She reached to her side drawer to open it up and grab out a granola bar.  The doctor hadn’t even noticed she had company yet.

Quietly Sebastian sat there and watched the good doctor focus so deeply in her work and literature that she hadn’t even realized he was there. She was beautiful though she didn’t think so. To him, Samantha Keene was breathtaking and the energy she gave over warmed him more than the sun ever had or would. He could honestly sit and watch her work all day.

It was at least thirty minutes of just watching the beautiful blonde pour over the pages before he cleared his throat and watched the startled reaction from Samantha.

“For the…” She had stood up and felt her heart leap into her chest. For the longest moment, she must have had the absolute dumbest expression possible on her face! She was trying to figure out who it was, then how he got here and how long he’d been here and why didn’t anyone tell her – all at the same moment.  When she finally got hold of her brain, Sam put the book down facing the desk to hold her place. “Bastian, I didn’t hear you come in or… were you here the whole time? Holy shit…”  

“The whole time.” Sebastian grinned, “I was enjoying watching you and was in no rush to interrupt.”

“Jerk. You nearly gave me a heart attack,” she scolded, but she was actually trying not to laugh at both herself and the situation.

Rising from the couch he made his way to the desk to look and see what she was so focused on reading.

A treatise on blood diseases was the old book sitting on the desk. Sam saw his gaze move from her to it and she motioned with her hand to it.  “Sometimes there are clues for an ailment in the older texts that have to do with magic. When I wear out normal science and medicine, I try that out and then ask shamanic sources and now – I also ask you. So, this is step 2 in treating one of my patients upstairs.”

“She’s having a lymphoma-like reaction to life. But her blood cells are not human. She’s not sure what to tell me about her parentage. She… she didn’t know,” Sam sighed and sat back with a flump into her chair again. This case had her not only baffled, she was upset with the situation.  It was pretty damned obvious.   

“How can somebody just leave, you know? Especially like this?” Sam looked over at him. “I know the legends and I know humans can be just as culpable, but it just seems to me like a supernatural parent would be more diligent about their kids and their procreating. Now this girl? She’s gonna pay for it.”  Sam opened the granola bar she had pulled out earlier and took a big bite. She was starving. Had she eaten?  

Resting against the edge of the desk the elder vampire took a moment to think her case over. As Samantha ate the repulsive bit of grain Sebastian’s nose crinkled and he lifted the book from the desk to thumb through it. “Perhaps she’s was abandoned because she’s a half blood. It isn’t unheard of for supernaturals to leave behind prodigy that aren’t pure. For hundreds of years lycan were well known for it. It is why they had Packs that were built to hunt rogues. Of course it is extremely rare for vampires to procreate with those outside our race. To be quite frank it is nearly impossible. My daughter is the only exception that I know of. Dragons can, but generally don’t as a rule given the high percentage of mutations and deaths in childbirth. Elves do, of course it is harder to tell their halflings from other races.”

“This girl looks and acts human. No telltale signs at all, until she started getting sick,” Sam sat back down and pulled up the girl’s file on the laptop in front of her before turning it for him to see.  “Guess I’ll skip a couple of steps and let you tell me anything if you can?”

He reached out and ran a finger over the screen as he read over the notes. “She’s vampire for sure, but it seems that she may be more than meets the eye. You should take me in to see her and speak with her. Do you by chance have blood samples on hand?”

“It’s the first things we collect in cases like this. I’ve not had a spinal tap done, yet. I wanted to save her some pain if I could.”  

Sebastian’s hand lifted to rub at his chest as an odd sensation caused his whole body to tingle.  His eyes widened a moment as his heartbeat raced. There was no doubt that he looked rather odd to the good doctor right then, but it was just gut reaction.

“What’s wrong? You just flushed, Sebastian… are you okay?”  Sam was concerned, obviously so. She gave a very big damn about this man and he had just gotten better from a really bad poisoning.

Moving back to the couch Sebastian sat down and with elbows on his knees, he rested his face in his hands and the mixed emotions flooded through him. “Damn him…”

“What?” Sam came around her desk and grabbed one of the patient chairs to turn to him. She sat right in front of him.

“I’m.. I’m alright, I just need a moment to catch my breath.” There was that assured tone to his voice as he focused on breathing through the damned dragons recent fool hearted decision. He mentally forced himself to shut out what he was feeling from the other and had to close his eyes to cement that door closed. No contact was better than what was being felt right now.

“You don’t look alright, Bastian,” Sam pointed out, her fingers moving to his face, checking for fever or clamminess.

When his world finally righted itself, Sebastian lifted his head to look at her. “One day I promise I will explain, but right now I need to focus on something else so let’s go meet this young woman so I can perhaps get insight for you sunshine.” He held his hand out to her as he rose to his feet.

Her eyes turned suspicious.  “What did he do this time?”  

She had a right to ask. And she was fairly certain she was right about the “who” and Sebastian would know who she was talking about. She’d given this man her heart and on more than one occasion the same damned idiot brute had caused him not just emotional pain, but physical wounds and pain. Sam was getting damned tired of it.   

“It’s called bonding..”

“I want your help. I do. But I also want this to stop,” she moved her hand indicating she meant this thing he wasn’t admitting to at the moment.  

“I’m not a big fan of it myself. I don’t think he ever meant to do such with me. Ours was purely accidental and I doubt he even realizes our bond is there.” Sebastian looked away a moment as memories of long agos and far aways rippled through his mind. With them came the pain, the heartache and the anger. “He should have stayed part of my past. I closed my mind to him though, so it won’t be a problem any longer.”

“You sure?”

A shake of his head said that he didn’t want to delve more into this matter as it would dredge of a past that was better left in history. Sebastian took Samantha’s lovely fingers and wrapped them around his arm. “Let’s go see your mystery patient. I really am more interested in her than what that bonding involves. But if you would really like to know I will be more than happy to show you.” His smile was true as his eyes sparkled like rubies.

“Okay. You can talk to me about it later. And…we will talk about it. But for now, if you can figure anything else out about my latest guest, that’s more important.” Sam always put her patients ahead of her own needs. Her own needs were to find out as much about what was between her guy and the Tasker – who was apparently a dragon.  She had been trying to wrap her mind around their relationship. But then again, Sebastian had several odd relationships she had to deal with.  

“This is a Crimson case. I am the only doctor allowed on it and I’m not really supposed to be going to a consultant unless I have all of that bureaucratic red tape handled. So, this is not happening, okay?”

“Of course,” he replied.

They walked up the stairs quietly, before coming out to the hallway that ran the length of the building. These were the inpatient rooms.  She knew better than to even whisper to Sebastian details about their patient. After all, most supernaturals had extraordinary senses. That included hearing.  

She knocked on the door and pushed it open just a smidge. Inside, the patient continued to stare at the wall in front of her.  She had a weakened tone to her, her eyes were sunken behind strong cheekbones. He could tell by her skin that she looked bi-racial, which was odd considering Sam thought she was also bi-species when it came to being supernatural. She was attached to an IV and had a bandage covering her opposite shoulder.  

“Hi, Jane… can I bring in my colleague? You know the one I talked to you about?”  Sam asked. Jane was for Jane Doe. Sam hadn’t been able to figure out who this girl was. Her memories were strangled for some reason when she first was brought in by Crimson, and now?  

“She’s been lost for 36 hours. I thought maybe you could speak for her. You have a talent with your mind…” Sam looked to Sebastian, hope in her eyes.   

“Markings?” Sebastian asked.

“The skin over it was burned off enough to keep us from tracing it. It’s on her wrist.” Sam moved slowly to pull the girl’s hand out from the blanket. Her fingers were cool. The doctor let Sebastian see what he could make out.  But he shook his head.

“Let me get ready. Let me read over everything I can instead of just skimming her record. Then, I’ll see what I can scan in her mind without harming her. Sound good?” He waited for Sam to nod before he reached for the local tablet. He didn’t want to make any leaps, but the girl reminded him of Samantha’s own resident. He was half vampire and half lycan.

He was Eva Weylyn’s son.   

~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018