Over the past year, we have moved from 3 followers to over 600!

On Twitter, I’ve moved from the stale 83 followers to over 500!

The reason this is important is that – when you are looking for an agent and a publisher, they really also want to know that people like your writing and will possibly buy a book from you. If you have numbers to show them, they are more likely to take you on as a writer and publish your work.

No matter how creative your heart, this is also a business. And in my opinion (humble or not) it is the followers who can make or break this kind of business.

Thank you so very much for every like…follow…and share…comment. Each one brings us that much closer to our business goals.

As to our personal goals where this is concerned? We’ve already succeeded. You are reading the stories of the characters we love and adore. Their voices are being heard. That is just amazing…

Happy New Year!!!