It’s coming up on winter here in the NE of the United States and so I wanted to share a photo of our first snow this year. Sometimes NC gets no snow at all, but this storm swept across the Southern States and didn’t leave us out as it went north.  Winter is a magical time of year and also a very full of festivities time of year.

Since Thanksgiving (our American holiday of harvest) Dawn and I have been posting smaller posts to the second part of the series so that we could keep the quality and yet not be stressed. We are hoping to post longer posts once again beginning next Friday. Thank you for your patience!

Also, I am editing the first part of the Series for promotions. Therefore, it will be somewhat different from what we have posted, which is essentially a second draft when you read it, not the final.  Give us any polite, constructive feedback you can and just enjoy! If you enjoy, let others know you enjoy it by liking and sharing our website with other people.

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