I am pagan. And therefore, as you might imagine, this week and a half is very busy for me, what with travel to sacred spaces and rituals and parties (cannot forget the parties!). Our next post will be coming next week.

Thank you for your patience! No matter your belief and culture, this week is known for being a time to remember those who have passed on from this life. Light a candle and have some food that was their favorite in honor of them. Speak good things of them. Let them enjoy being close to family through the veil and then they will return to what comes next for them.

As our lycan say,

Gone to the fields have they

to run and jump and sing and play. 

Do not hold too tight to their souls,

but forgive them and let them see us live onward. 

They will in seeing and knowing,

be comfortable in going –

on their path through the golden fields – away, away, away!