A short time later they were parking in his personal space and taking the elevator up to the main floor from the garage. Gabriel took a moment to explain to security about his expected guests right before the they arrived. Russ, he knew and it appeared he hadn’t changed much from his bad biker attire. He was Devon and Eva’s pup – son… but he was shorter and stockier than the others. He had darker hair and a rough demeanor.  Even so, he still stood at 5’10 and was respectful when he was around his mama. The other two he was unfamiliar with and so took a moment to put them to memory.  The girl was petite but not overly-so. With her red and black hair, tattoos and piercings, she reminded him of the old punk rock look  – band t-shirt, torn jeans and all. The male at her side? There was no mistaking that he was Sen’s. The naturally red hair and the way he stood looking at him in that cautious, studious fashion? He was shorter than Russ but maybe a few inches more than the girl. His tattoos and punk attire was more conservative than the girl’s clothing and accessories. Starr was short compared to his father, more slight of build, but then, Russ was the same compared to Devon. Most importantly, the three looked like they belonged together.

“I appreciate all of you taking the time to see me. Let’s start with introductions and then we’ll proceed upstairs for privacy. I’m Gabriel Kennedy and you madam?” He held his hand out to the young lady first.

Russ was looking from the out stretched hand to Starr and then Eva as if he wondered if Gabriel was serious.

Starr put his hands in his pockets and gave a short glare before he shook his head very quickly. Eva sighed. Gabriel had a lot to learn. First thing he’d realize was who Raven happened to be. That would be a surprise she had left for the moment.

Raven simply introduced herself without taking the offered hand. Starr would decide if the guy was okay to touch. Did he not understand how Chosen’s and kindred worked? “Raven Evansworth of Morias.”

Starrfire was watching, but didn’t offer his hand. Nor did he speak. Not yet.

This wasn’t starting off well at all. Russ squeezed his eyes shut a moment before trading glances with his mother and taking the lead in the moment. Besides, Starr and Raven trusted him.

Not sure why his hand was refused Gabriel started to turn it towards Sen’s son when Russ grasped it up to the forearm in the lycan fashion. It surprised him, but he grasped Russ in return. Eva was relieved that Russell had stepped in to help out. Gabe needed to be taught the culture of the dragons as well as the vampires. But mostly – that of the dragons. He wouldn’t even know how to recognize the smallest of slights or the largest of compliments if he never was taught.

“He’s alright. Seriously guys, he’s a bit of a starch shirt and I swear sometimes he’s gotta stick up his ass, but he’s cool.” The look Russ gave Gabriel said he better not fuck up because he was vouching for him with the couple and that meant a lot.

“Thanks… I think…” Gabriel’s gaze held to Raven as he looked her over while Russ released his forearm. She had off colored eyes, one green and one blue and she didn’t look like Sebastian at all. How was she related to him and did this mean that Sebastian already knew Starr? So many questions.. His brow furrowed with his confusion, but he held his hand out to Starr, “And you sir?”

Starr looked at the hand and then slowly grasped it, strength vivid. “Starrfire of Morias and Gorias. But everybody calls me Starr.”  He looked into Gabriel’s eyes. “You’re a Kennedy. Interesting.” He let go of the man’s hand and took a step back. “So, you wanted to talk to us for some reason?”  He was soft spoken and had an odd smirk when he was … testing someone.  

“This way.” Gabriel led them to the elevator and pressed the button for the fifth floor. He was quiet along the way as he tried to get his thoughts in order. They, too were quiet, though Gabriel had the distinct feeling that they could communicate without words. If Senias could, he figured most dragons could and would. Once they were in his private office, Gabriel waved towards several chairs as he moved to start the coffee maker brewing.

Starr walked in front of Raven as they entered, his hand always on hers. When they were inside, he looked to her being sure she was fine with him stepping away before he let go of her hand to walk over and touch some of the books that were lying on a side table. He was very curious.

“I’ll be honest with you Starr, I was going to plead your drakkar’s case, but that really isn’t my place to do so…”

“You’re right, it’s not.” Starr interrupted with that same, steady quiet voice. He pulled out a very decorative copy of Beowulf from the bookshelf he was perusing.

“Instead I hope you’ll grant me the opportunity to get to know you and perhaps you may have questions for me or want to know me. I will not push or force anything with you, but it never hurts to have friends or allies does it?”

Eva closed the door behind her and kept a small closed-mouth smile on her face as she listened. Gabriel wasn’t used to dragons. Nor was he truly used to vampires. He had lycan culture down with no problem, but this would all be new to him. How to begin?

Russ looked towards his mom and hoped she’d at least guide Gabe a little before he really overstepped himself. How had the man survived this long as a Councilor and been so damned good at it without some knowledge of those he judged daily? Oh yeah that’s right he had a dragon Tasker to see to the troublesome bits. Everyone remained quiet. 

Looking around the place Raven was reminded of her father’s lab in the lair. This didn’t impress her anymore than the slides and microscopes did. She took a seat and leaned so that her elbows rested on her knees as she watched Starr closely. He was her concern and as long as this went well she was okay with it. When he started getting upset she’d want to leave. Right now, though he was both curious and fascinated with the human Councilor. Why – she wasn’t so sure. He seemed rather bland to her.

Starrfire turned from the books and lifted a strange wooden box. He looked it over and even sniffed it.  He liked the smell. Or rather, he liked the smell of whatever was inside. Definitely some sort of old tobacco. When no one else was talking, he looked over at the owner of the office.  

“So, what right do you claim with my drakkar that gives you the right to summon me and my Chosen kindred to you?” he asked point blank.

Eva grimaced just a bit. She began making her way through the office to Gabriel.

“Gabriel wasn’t trained with Senias. Obviously, your drakkar knows nothing about this meeting. But…” oh dear. Here was the part that she wasn’t sure about.  “Gabriel may be about to become your drakkar’s kindred. In that place, he has the right to summon you, but it’s not official clan business. It’s personal. This is so you know one another.”  She hoped she had said that right. For the love of the Goddess, she’d only been around three dragons her whole damned life. It wasn’t like she was an expert.

Now this caught her attention, given her own father’s history with Starr’s drakkar.  Raven looked towards her Chosen kindragon realizing this man really had no right to summon them. Then why the hell were they here now?

“So, you’re not his kindred. Are you trying to force yourself into that position? Because that doesn’t usually end well,” Starr asked Gabriel. He was very matter of fact about this.

“Let’s just leave Starr, we don’t owe this guy anything and he has no rights where you’re concerned.” Raven was already standing up, ready to go.

Starr tilted his head back slightly, ~ I’m curious. Besides, he knows about us. I want to know about him. ~

Pouring himself a cup of coffee and Eva one to hand to her, Gabriel answered in his same calm, patient tone.

“No, I don’t force anything on your drakkar. As a matter of fact he has thoroughly enjoyed pissing me off through the years that I’ve known him.” Gabriel took a sip and offered the others coffee as well before making his way to his desk to rest against the corner of it with one hip. “She’s right I have no rights and you owe me nothing. But I didn’t demand you come here for this meeting, I simply asked for it. You are welcome to leave anytime you like. I hope you’ll at least give me a chance though.”

The young dragon studied the man as he moved, didn’t take any offers, nor did he back down.

“How do you know of me? I doubt you heard about me from my drakkar.” Starr raised a brow as he placed the wooden box back on the table unopened.

“I was recently told about you and wanted to meet you. Your drakkar was actually upset that another had told me before he did.” Gabriel took another drink from his cup and set it down on the coaster that was a part of his neat and organized desk. “And to answer your unasked question, I don’t know if I’ll be anything more to your drakkar than I am right now. I hope for more, but won’t take what he is not ready to give to me. It isn’t how I work.”

“Well, that’s good for you. Because he doesn’t like leashes. Nor do I. When I make my decisions to trust, I mean them. I’m not sure about him. I can’t speak for him. I’m just confused about why you’d want to know us. Did we do something that pissed you off? Are you looking for an “in”? There’s usually like, some kind of motive behind wanting to meet someone, especially a dragon. So I’m just a little confused…”

“Starr, brother, just hear him out. I wouldn’t have told ya about this meetin’ if I had thought for a second that he was out to hurt you or Rave, ya know that.” Russ poured himself a cup of joe and drank half the cup down before licking his lips and refilling the cup to take to Raven. “Rave come on at least give him a chance.” Why was he helping Gabe? He didn’t know but for some reason he thought it’d workout better for his friends in the end.

Taking the cup Raven sniffed it, sipped it and then handed it off to Starr as she sat back down letting her dragon know she was willing to stay if he was.

Starrfire took the coffee and drank a large swallow without sniffing. The steam blew back out of his nostrils and he closed his eyes while enjoying the taste and aroma together. Then he walked over to Eva and smiled for her.  “I’m sorry mama wolf. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Eva nodded and held her arms out to hug the boy. She looked over his shoulder at Gabriel.  He really was a good boy.  But right now, she had a feeling he was talking more about what she’d just witnessed between the three of them than how he had questioned Gabriel. Her son had been allowed to get something for Starr’s kindred… and well, Chosen… and then the dragon had taken it without question. It meant that maybe there had been a step taken more than she was aware of between the trio. She already knew they were best of friends, like Devon and Sen were. Hence the use of the term “brother” and the trust. But had Russ actually allowed a mental bond?  Her gaze went to Russell.

Russ simply smiled for his mama. He was happy. He wasn’t going to be apologetic for his life. Never had and never would.

Starr also smiled for Eva before he pulled back and walked over to the desk and leaned back on it right next to Gabriel.

“So…do you want me to start asking questions? Because I can be pretty embarrassing just for entertainment’s sake. Or did you want to ask me questions? How’s this gonna work, Mr. K?” He took another drink of the coffee and relaxed a bit more. “Good coffee, by the way.”  

“Thank you and why don’t we just trade off as we go. It works better than grilling each other doesn’t?”

“Oh, I don’t grill human. Best to eat that after it’s been roasted,” Starr gave his kindreds a wicked grin before taking another drink of the coffee.

With a giggle Raven winked at her dragon before looking towards the wolves and then to the only human in the room. “Mmm crunchy.” Neither of them really touched humans in such a way or at least hadn’t in many… many years. The Councilor didn’t know that though so they could be sarcastic as they wanted to with him.

Lifting the box that Starr had been inspecting, Gabriel opened the lid to reveal the fine hand rolled cigars within, “Do you smoke?” He offered one to the young man. There was even a small smile at the play on words between the couple. What they failed to understand was that he was well acquainted with such word play between his own dragon and the lycans.

“Yeah, when it’s yummy.” He picked up a cigar and watched as Gabriel moved the box back. guess that meant it belonged to him, now? Good. He’d enjoy this. 

“What profession are you currently in? I know with such long lives it isn’t unusual to change professions often. But I want to know what interests you? Hobbies?” Gabriel felt starting with easy might work better than ripping scabs off wounds. He wanted to help both father and son, though he doubted either really cared for his help.

Starrfire let his greenish gaze fall on Raven and he smirked. He held the cigar beneath his nose and took in the rich, pleasingly sweet scent of it. Then, he threw the cigar to her for enjoying later.

“I’m a musician. I mix sounds, sing, and my favorite is drumming. I love rhythm. Rave’s a singer, too. We met at a concert.” His eyes brightened when he talked about her.  “Not sure what you’d consider a hobby. We help Russ sometimes. We like getting into and out of trouble.”  He pushed his hands down on the desk and scooted his ass to sit up on it.  

“You know any other dragons besides me and my drakkar? Been to a lair, yet?” Starr asked, willing to keep the questions going.

“Ah.. not yet, I know where one is but haven’t been taken to it as of yet. All in due time, I’m a patient man.” Gabriel was relaxed and his arms were crossed over his chest as he watched Raven sniff the cigar and tuck it away for Starr. “Music drew you together and that is a marvelous thing. Is there one particular type you care for or do you like variety? I prefer the classicals myself though it’s not for everyone. I even take in the opera and musicals when they are in the city.”

“Pretty eclectic. But love dark symphony music and we run our own band where in Raven leads and we use both heavy metals and symphony to back her up. Music is life. Right, Rave?” Starr looked over at her.

“It definitely makes life more tolerable.” Gabriel chuckled low, “It is one of the few pleasures I allow myself. As your drakkar would say I should allow myself to enjoy life more instead of working myself to death.” He looked towards Starr and smiled, “I’m not much for the party life as I’m sure you can tell. I’ll have to take in one of your shows though and see how pretty your lady’s voice truly is.”

“We love the party life, don’t we Rave?” Starr tried once again to get her involved in the conversation. She was being very quiet for some reason.  

Raven smiled for Starr but her gaze was still on the Kennedy. She was suspicious of him still though Starr seemed to be warming up to him. “More like the party life loves us babe.” The glitter in her odd colored eyes promised the human a slow painful death if he hurt her man. As far as Raven was concerned Starr had been through enough to last several life times in regards to his parentals.

“I love the old stuff. I use it. I collaborate with people in the classical and symphony musical scene to create a lot of our work when we can run our own projects. Gothic rock with a European vibe and African drumming can sound like it’d be horrible, but when done right? It’s like a perfect storm for your ears.”  Starr got a little more excited when he spoke about their music and Raven. They were the two things he was devoted to entirely, other than his friendship with Russ, which he had been part of since he was a kitling. “Raven can break glass with her voice. She’s a true talent. Natural and now trained.”

“Delightful, I really do look forward to hearing both of you. Perhaps I can even entice you to join me one evening for the theater. Taking senseless debutants becomes boring as they never really enjoy the talent that is being presented to them.” Gabriel lifted his cup to drink more.

“You should take my drakkar. He’d at least make you laugh by Mystery-Science-Theatering the whole thing. Or he might surprise you and cry. Depends on his mood or the play or opera.” Starr was realizing that Gabriel knew very little about anything. This was really odd to him.

“Why take debutantes? You still in the closet?” Starr asked.  

“I’d take him had I thought he’d be interested and yes I am..” To change the subject Gabriel looked to Raven and it was like her gaze was trying to peel back his layers and expose him to the very bone. “Such beautiful eyes, they are quite unique and unlike any Evansworth’s I’ve ever seen. Must take after your mother.”

There was a slow intake of breath and Raven’s chin lifted a notch, “I’m nothing like my mother. She’s a crazy bitch that’s obsessed with something she can never have. Glad you like my eyes though, I’ve thought of contacts before but Starr insists they are perfect as they are.”

“My apologies if I over stepped Raven. This is all new to me and I really am trying.” Gabriel’s voice had softened.

“No apology needed she really is a crazy bitch, ask Starr.” Raven actually smiled then as she looped one of her legs over the chair arm and swung it gently.

Starrfire nodded. “More crazy than my paranoid parentals. So yeah, bordering on batshit crazy.” He nodded toward Raven, “She’s not really Sebastian’s if that’s what you think. She’s adopted. But he treats her well. I like the guy. He’s a science geek and I can dig that.”  

Russ poured himself another cup of coffee to sip. Walking over to his mama, who had stepped back to nearer the door than the desk, they stood watching and listening together. He spoke low to her, “What brought this on in Gabe? Has it really gotten that serious with the ole claw and him?”

“It’s more serious than either of them realize. Sen was ready to fight your dad about keeping Gabriel near him not long ago. But then there were a few weeks of nothing that I was aware of and I thought Sen had once again shown his true colors. Gabriel wouldn’t just drop it without at least talking to the old one. Next thing I know Gabriel is cornering me asking if I can help him find Starrfire. He also told me your dad needed ta talk to me about the other side. Now we’re here.  Something had to’ve happened. I just don’t know what.”

Hmmm.. other side huh.” Russ rumbled low as he watched the interaction between the others in the room with them. “Ya boy there is causing ripples in the waters at Crimson. Dad would go into defensive mode and Sen would shadow Gabe even more than he does now, so I’m letting you know, mama. He’s diggin’ in the archives and askin’ questions of some of the elders that are makin’ them nervous.  It’s all about dragons. Ya know he pries too much and it’s gonna draw attention. Warn him mama and talk to him when ya’ll are alone about bein’ a lil more discreet in his diggin’.”

“He means well. But I’ll warn him. I thought perhaps this meet-up might help curb his appetite for research a bit. But seeing the way his eyes sparkle, I bet it means he’ll just be all the more curious.  I know that not all dragons want to be known or … saved from Crimson. I get it.”  Eva watched the others.   

“He’s far beyond curious mama, look at him. Gabriel is determined and we both know that he won’t stop until his puzzle is solved as he says it all the time. He just needs to be more careful at it that’s all.” Russ pulled his pack of cigarettes out and tapped one loose to tuck between his lips. He didn’t light it just yet as he listened to what was being said now. Starrfire was talking to Gabriel. 

“Look, you can call him here if you want to. I’ll tell him where he can put it if he’s pissed off about me saying something. I mean, these things usually happen when I open my mouth and end when I get told what a fucking asshole I am for pissing on his life. This time, he has somebody trying to play mediator is all. So, whenever you’re bored with talking to us, you can get the show on the road.”  Starr watched Gabriel. “Which one was it?  Mrs. Matthews? Lady Vanishte?” Starr crinkled up his brow as he thought back on the people he’d talked to about his drakkar recently. “Or maybe it was one of the other dragons that had been looking for him and didn’t know his alias, yet?”  Shaking his head he continued, “Naaaa… that was a long time ago. Only one that was more recent was Largros. He wanted to know about the possibility of aggression. So I doubt it was him.”   

Eva took a step forward, “Do you not care who knows you’re dragons? Do you not understand how dangerous it is for you and him if others know about you?”

“Yeah, I do. But most of the time people think I’m crazy for saying I’m a dragon. Humans eat it up. It’s as dangerous as you make it. And I only talk to people about it when there’s a legit and important reason… or they already know and they’re just asking about us or him.”

As he began to rub the bridge of his nose there was a long, slow sigh from Gabriel. “I don’t want to call him here but now that you brought up the subject of outing him to others let me explain something to you. Dragons are black listed with Crimson and Council. Do you know what that means Starrfire?”

“Means we’re on order for execution. It’s been that way since before I was born,” Starr answered.

“Far beyond a simple execution order, it means that if captured you’ll be placed in chains and kept there until you give information on all the dragons you know of. They will in turn hunt them down and do the same. Once you’ve given everything they will execute you and taint your body so that you cannot rise to the stars. Raven will be imprisoned for knowing of you and she will face Council judgement who will decide whether she lives or dies. The same will happen to all other dragons and those that know or love them.” His voice was solemn and low as he explained to them what he doubted they realized.

“I am trying to change that but you are not making it easy by revealing yourself and your drakkar to others like the doppelganger. Please don’t do that anymore.” Gabriel looked from Raven to Starr, “I don’t want to see any of you suffer.”

Starr stood up. He moved to stand in front of Gabriel and he began explaining something.

“Largros is a dragon. If he reports Senias, he’ll be indicting himself. Vanishte was legit. She would NEVER tell another person what Senias is. She knows what it would cost him. She’s already had to pay a similar price. She and her people needed help and I knew you and he could give it to her. Besides, she doesn’t even refer to us as dragons. It’s not in their vocabulary, it’s learned. And Mrs. Matthews is related to you and unlike you, she’s actually an official kindred to a dragon, so she would never say anything. Besides, she makes fantastic chocolate chip cookies. Once she brought those out, I couldn’t resist.” Starrfire smiled and his eyes were full of mischief – just like those of his father.  He backed up and looked around the room. “I know it’s a serious thing going on, but I can tell you now that anything I’ve said couldn’t possibly be as dangerous as say… digging around for books and documents pertaining to dragon kind without covering your tracks really well.”  He said the last two words in a sing-songy voice. Then he looked over at Russ.

“As always, gentle as a sledge hammer,” Eva said quietly as Russ wanting her to talk to Gabriel with tact just went flying out the door.  

Russ winced as he looked towards Gabriel and then at Starr. This wasn’t going to be good.

As his spine stiffened Gabriel drew in a deep breath and let it out, “Be that as it may I can at least justify and explain my interest. If asked I can tell them my curiosity stems from old history of the Council and how I’m simply researching old rulings. I’m a Councilor and research is what I do.” He hadn’t known his aunt was married to a dragon but then he hadn’t known Sen was a dragon until recently.

“And spying is what other people do around that place. Hence I stay my ass away from it. Why my drakkar feels like he has to be part of it…” Starr muttered as he made his way back toward Raven. He sat on the free arm of her chair and looked back at her for a moment. This guy was crazy.   

“I will continue my research whether anyone likes it or not and I will present the case to the Council for review to try and remove dragons from the black list. I will also be part of your drakkar’s life as long as he wants me. I’ll be part of yours if you’ll let me too – though I’m not official.” Gabriel finished his coffee then moved to set it on the tray to be washed by housekeeping. He made sure everything was in its proper place as he waited to hear Starr’s response.

Starrfire watched Gabriel and noted the preoccupation with straightening. But that wasn’t as important as his words. He wasn’t just curious. He wasn’t just looking for information to get power. He wanted to remove dragons from the list?   ~ Do you think he’s for real, Rave? ~

Reaching her hand up to rest against Starr’s back, Raven purred softly for him as she looked towards Gabriel. ~Yes, I think he is truly determined to get the dragons off the list. ~ She smiled slowly, “What are you missing for this grand case of yours to be presented?”

Gabriel looked away a moment then back at her, “I need to speak to the dragons that were alive when that ruling took place. I have to know the rationale behind the judgement. Something happened to bring such wrath from the Council. I get that and I can present it.”

“You’ve really got enough besides that?” Starr asked. No one had bothered taking the case seriously. And no dragon had been able to come forward to do so – for fear of death.

“And once that is lifted what does that mean for dragons?” Raven stood up and moved to rest against Starr where he was perched. Her back to his chest so she could feel his heartbeat.

He moved his hands unconsciously over her arms. They were like one, the way they moved.

“It means they are truly free to exist in this world. It also means they can request a seat at Council and plead cases for their brethren like we do.” Gabriel explained as he gathered the other cups to place with his own.

Eva turned to see Senias at the door. He was leaning in it, had been there for a bit. “He’s going to make it so that you running your mouth doesn’t bite me in the ass. And he’s going to make it so that who I am doesn’t harm you.”

Starrfire was up and ready to move in an instant. His hand was on his Chosen. He shifted his gaze momentarily to Russell. All associations with his drakkar since he had grown into a dragonling had ended in confrontation. He didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

Senias knew he was risking a flight from the trio of trouble. So he didn’t engage his son immediately. Instead, he focused on Gabriel. Considering part of the conversation he had heard, he felt his lover needed some legitimacy when it came to the others in the room.  

Russ moved to Starr and Raven standing close to his best friend and helping him tuck Raven behind them to shield her. Growing up he’d been around the old claw more than the couple and he worked with him so that gave Russ a bit of an advantage. He knew Sen wouldn’t hurt them but instinct said defend when Starr went in defense. There was a shared glance with Starr as if something unspoken was being said between them. Russ urged his friend to relax and assured him that Sen wasn’t a threat right now.  

He’d never understand how the man found him so easily. As Sen moved to him, Gabriel smiled and turned his face to him. He wasn’t sure what to say at that point. He’d done all of this behind Sen’s back. He knew later Sen would surely have to say something about all of this but not here in front of everyone.

“It means we won’t have to fear for our children anymore.” Senias walked into the room and moved to Gabriel immediately. He moved close to the Councilor, looking him in the eyes.  

“Hello again, I was going to meet you at the estate after this.” Gabriel offered no explanation at this time, but would give one if Sen needed it later when they were alone.

Instead of fussing with the man, he placed a hand on the left side of his face and leaned into him, nuzzling the right side with his own. It was something Gabriel had never experienced alone, little on in front of others.  He paused there, just for a moment. Whether Gabriel realized it or not, Sen was showing the others what Gabriel meant to him. Such a gesture was intimate for a dragon.  “Official can be handled, but only when you’re ready and I’m free,” he whispered before kissing Gabriel on the ear and moving behind him to the drink caddy.   

There was a slow inhale from Gabriel even as he enjoyed the odd greeting and intimate display. As Sen moved past him one hand lifted to touch his cheek where the rough stubble of his lover had just been. It was while he did this that he caught the awe struck looks of the others. Obviously the action had been something more than just a greeting, but what exactly? He looked from the trio to Eva in confusion.

“Guess that answers ya question huh bro?” Russell was the first to speak as he eased and relaxed his stance as the shock of the blatant claim that had just been staked wore off. If there were any doubt how serious the old claw was about this man, well now they all knew it was very serious.

Wow.. of everything she’d heard over the years about this male, the one thing everyone seemed to have been certain of was that he was a womanizing rogue that would never settle down. Here he was claiming Kennedy in front of his son. No one would ever expect a kindred claim from him and especially not with a Kennedy given history and all. Raven squeezed Starr’s hand making sure that he was okay.

First, his drakkar had said ‘children’ as if there were more or were to be more. And then he had burst their bubbles by claiming Gabriel Kennedy – one of the family descendants of those who kept dragons as slaves – as his own?  Sure, Starrfire had eased into treating the man with civility before, but he’d not really thought the two were this close. Even the human seemed a bit confused by it all. And Senias? He was acting very nonchalant, pouring liquor? Talking and not yelling?  ~ Who is this man and what has he done to my drakkar? ~  Starr asked, just a tinge of humor in his mind-speak to his two kindred.  

One side of his mouth lifted at the hint of humor and it stayed there even as he caught his mother studying them. He’d have to explain soon that was for sure. Glancing over his shoulder at Raven, Russ winked at her. Her hand rested on his back while her other did the same with Starr’s. ~ He’s an uptight business man. He’s nothin’ like his family though bro and I think he kind of boggles yer drakkar’s whole way of life. ~

~Who knows maybe he’s just what your drakkar needs. It’s pretty obvious babe that he is your old man’s opposite. What better way to balance him? ~ Raven pointed out as her two self appointed bodyguards looked back at the elder dragon, Raven smiled. Her halo, however, would always be crooked. 


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2017