It was early morning in the Weylyn cabin and Devon was sitting  at the table sipping fresh brewed coffee. His mate, Eva, was already out of the house and getting their young pups off to their studies and the older ones to training. It wasn’t often that Dev slept in but this morning he just hadn’t really felt up to climbing out early. Which meant that he’d missed breakfast. That made for a cranky Alpha.

Derek meandered in after locking the door behind him, still wearing the same thing he’d had on the day before.

As the front door opened the big man paused in drinking from his cup to see who was walking in. At sight of Derek he rumbled and went back to drinking his coffee.

“Where the hell have you been? And why do you look like you just had the best damned night of your life?” He didn’t like the look of the boy, the mischief he recognized in those eyes, the same eyes his best friend had had back in their younger days. Derek was the spitting image of his deceased father, after all. Sometimes, when he talked, Devon swore he heard his best friend’s voice come back.

“Because I had a damned good night, and I ain’t tellin’ you where I been. It’s my business, not yours.” Derek replied quickly enough. He walked past to get himself some coffee.

“As your Alpha everything’s my damned business, pup.” Finishing the first cup of coffee Devon looked the man he’d helped raise up and down. He licked his lips before wagging a finger at Derek, “Don’t play me for no fool son. I know you were at the Full Moon last night losin’ all yer money to the damned outcast.” His gaze narrowed on Derek a moment.

“He needs the money,” Derek muttered. Sketch had been a loyal friend. He was just on hard times. The only way Derek had found to get him a bit of money without wounding his pride was to play the guy at matches of pool. “I know he’s an outcast, but it’s not for something violent and dangerous. I’m hoping he can get enough money to move along and start a new life somewhere is all.”  Derek was also pleased that a certain half-demon hadn’t been mentioned by his Alpha. He took a drink of the black coffee and looked around the kitchen. “We goin’ out to eat? Looks like we both missed breakfast.”

Sniffing the air, Devon rose to his feet and stepped to the fridge to look inside to rummage for a bite to eat.

“And the demon? How’d she fit into that charity work of yours?”

Derek wore a grimace on his face for a couple of seconds. Busted. Shit. Well… time for slick maneuvering…

“Gabe wanted me to keep eyes and nose on the twins. I’ve been doin’ that a lot lately. If I can have a little fun while I’m investigatin’ why’s that so bad?”

“It ain’t bad to have fun as long as it ain’t the kind of fun that gets you trapped.” Devon look at his eldest, Derek may not be his by blood but he belonged as any other of the pups as if he were.

“Do ya smell sex on me, pops?” Derek asked straight out. He may have spent the night with her and he was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday to prove it – but he had never made any moves on her nor she on him. Derek kind of liked that fact. He’d had an amazing time with Mira and it had nothing to do with satisfying sexual urges. That meant something. “She got me some information she wanted me to pass along to ya. She called you honorable, so she cain’t be all bad, huh?” His eyebrows raised as Dev looked at him.  “So you still gonna condemn her? Or you wanna listen to what I got ta say, Devon?” He rarely used the Alpha’s name, usually Derek referred to Devon and Eva as mom and pops. They pretty much helped raise him and his sister for a long time, after all.

Devon’s gaze narrowed, “Watch it there son, ya might be too old to turn over my knee but ya never too old to get ya ass kicked by me.” The big Alpha moved from the fridge back towards the table, “Now let’s hear what she had to say.”

“She said there was a reason our trade through the portals has dwindled…” There was a knock at the door before Derek could say much of anything.

“What now..” Rumbled the big blonde as he turned to look towards the front entrance.

When the door opened, there stood the Tasker, his arm on the outside of the door frame and beside him, waiting in front of the door was Gabriel.

“We’re here to ruin your day, brother. May we come in?” Senias smiled brightly.

“If it’s worse than what Dare was about to tell me ya’ll gonna have to take a number and sit down.” Devon glanced from Sen to Gabe and then towards Dare. “He beat ya’ll here.. oh and there ain’t no grub ready. Eva’s off with the pups, then has her own plans. And don’t look at me, I ain’t of the mood to cook.” Moving to take a seat at the table his golden gaze went back to Derek, “Where were we? Oh – you were gonna share that information with me.”

Derek took a deep breath as the other two moved into the large kitchen space of the house. The kitchen and dining area was even bigger than the living room, because it was almost always in use and this was just…where they gathered.  Licking his lips he looked up into Devon’s eyes and just put it all out there.

“Wars started up again. And it’s between lycan not just around them. The twins ain’t even pulling trade through much at all. Ya’ll thought it was because of Skinner, and turns out, that’s just happenin’ at a fortuitous timeframe. There’s no trade to catch. Dante’s clients are empty handed and so is Skinner… and Dante.  At least on that side of the ball.” Derek’s eyes seemed haunted for a moment. “Twi and mama are over there, Dev. So is (Devon’s sister) and her kids.  We both know how wild Kieran was going when he was sent from the palace.  My mind is goin’ through so many possibilities right now and I’m worried. How long has it been since you got a message?”

There was a far away look in the Alpha’s eyes as he became lost in his own thoughts as he mulled over the information Derek had just given them. It had been a long time since he’d been over to see the family and just as long since he’d heard anything from them. It took Devon a moment to realize that Derek was waiting on an answer. Memories faded as he cleared his throat and answered his eldest, “It’s been awhile son… to tell the truth it’s been too long.”

Senias looked to his brother. He knew that he had not been in communications with the other side for a while. It took a lot of power and generally left him weakened. He was not in a good place to allow that to happen, but if it was necessary – “I can seek information, Dev. If you need it.”

“Might take ya up on that Sen. First I need to talk some thing’s over with Eva and then I’ll know how to act on this.” Devon turned from those at the table and moved to make fresh coffee. He wasn’t much of a cook but coffee was one thing he knew how to make. The mention of war amongst his kind had Devon’s mind going back to the days that he’d prayed to the Goddess it would never come again. He recalled the stench that went with the battles and the camps of soldiers. That bitter taste of days old coffee filled his mouth as if he were back in the prison camp huddled with the others enjoying the days old dregs of their captors coffee. It wasn’t much but it was that one perk allotted them every few days.

Derek had continued to talk to Gabriel and Sen, but Devon became lost in his memories and thoughts.

Watching the feral, Gabriel caught Sen’s attention and motioned towards the Alpha. They were old friends and if anyone could figure the man out it would be Sen.

Devon didn’t realized he was rumbling low until the hand on his shoulder was felt. His reaction was quick as he grasped the hand by the wrist and turned to be face to face with them. Comprehension of who it was took a moment in those golden depths, but when it was there, the Alpha eased his hold allowing freedom, “Sorry.. lost in thought and ya caught me off guard.”

“You need to keep your head about you, brother. We’re here to help you. Let’s have our coffee and talk this through. If I need to send out for food, I’m sure we can.” The draconic man had not flinched. He trusted in Devon to reign in his wolf.

“In the meantime, I’m tasked with investigating Minlial Nedian’s disappearance and we need to pick up the replacement Elven Councilor when he or she comes in this evening. Gabriel just got word.”  He looked over to the Councilor, hoping the man would fill in the blanks here.  

“Apparently the elven elders have already chosen Minlial’s replacement even though we have not confirmed that she is deceased.” Gabriel stayed standing as the others moved around the kitchen. “She is being sent through the portal this evening and I am to greet her upon arrival. It seems that of everyone on the Council, the human is tasked with greeting new arrivals to the world and to the Chamber.”

“You’re just so polite and amicable, Gabriel.  Send you and maybe the elf’ll remain and not flee angrily back through the portal.” Senias smirked.

That got one of those special looks from the Councilor to his Tasker that said he’d pay for it later. Not that Senias would mind paying for it later. Last night had been an experience both of them had obviously needed and enjoyed. 

“Since she’s new to this world, I thought maybe you could come along with us, Dev. You’re the one who’s most recently come through from a visit to the other world. You might be able to help explain things better than we could,” Senias pointed out.

Now the way that the two were going on with few details had one furry brow lifting on the Alpha. “Is that so? Or is it because before my lovely mate came along all I had were elven lovers?” Devon felt Gabriel’s gaze on him and heard Derek chuckle at the human’s reaction.

“You know how to sweet talk an elf better than anyone I know. And we need all the happy, friendly faces we can get on the Council right now. How’s that for honesty?” The dragon chuckled.  He wasn’t gonna bullshit the man. Devon could truly lay on some charm when he needed to, and around lady elves, that charm was thick.  He nor Gabriel would have been able to be that charming to people of a race such as the elves. He had been surprised that Gabriel had originally gotten Councilor Minlial Nedian to work with him to get the doppelganger case heard.  

“It’s kind of early… you stayin’ at your lair these days, Scales?” Dare asked without a thought to discretion.  He figured, if he got grilled about his night, why couldn’t he ask about theirs? Besides, after the heaviness of the information, he needed some light humor. Devon’s enjoyment of elves aside…   

Sen looked at the pup and growled before responding, “Well, I’m not spending my time with demons. So who cares where I lay my head at night?”

“Ouch,” Derek didn’t even act wounded by it.    

“Eva does.” Devon responded and when they all looked at him, he shrugged. “Between my mate and that female he’s got at the office I’d say it’s a miracle you ain’t missin’ vital bits. If ya get my meanin’.”

“I know how to dodge,” Senias remarked casually, but couldn’t help the chuckle. His mischievous eyes looked over to Gabriel. Truth be told they had spent the night at his Sanctuary. But that was no one’s actual business.  He took a drink of the coffee, which… was followed by a grimace.

Clearing his throat and adjusting his tie before smoothing his hands over his suit jacket, “Mrs. Shepherd and Eva can be intimidating but they also know their limits with my private life.”

Chuckling low Dev looked from Gabe to Sen and just gave a slow shake of his head.

“If ya say so. I know her aim is better than ya think and that limits are only good until her maternal side kicks in and then they go to shit. But if those thoughts help either of ya sleep better at night more power to ya. As for the demon and our pup here? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see how she takes that won’t we?”

“I did find out some interestin’ information that has to do with this side and not the other – when it comes to said demons.” Derek tossed out there. “But I need real food and coffee before I share that.” He looked at Gabriel.

“Wait…” Senias looked between the two men. “I’ve missed something here?” His gaze narrowed. “I agree we need breakfast and good coffee, and I’m willing to get us to a good diner,” he poured his cup out into the sink and rinsed the thing as he spoke, “But uh…” he moved a hand between Derek and Gabriel. “What’s this?” The pup had gotten information to give Gabe?

“I’m a Councilor. I have spies and informants all over the place. Dare has been keeping an eye on the twins and the club for me. Since the mess with the doppelganger’s, I want to know what they are up to before it gets so far out of hand again.”

“And you think it’s wise that your Tasker and the pup’s Alpha don’t know about it?”

“Look, don’t keep calling me a pup. I can take Devon doing it, but you, too? Come on…” Derek got up and stretched, popping his back a couple of times before he continued. “Food. Coffee. Please. Now.”

“Heh… you sound like a pup,” Senias shook his head.

“Let’s go enjoy a meal while discussing this matter and the information further.” Gabriel moved towards the door as a sign that he really wasn’t going to discuss it further.

“Alleyway behind Elmo’s Diner it is. Time for some real breakfast food. Let’s eat outside, less chance of people around us.”  Sen announced before tossing a portal out to the frame of the front door. The purple-indigo swirling energy glowed.

The diner was in an old mill building in a small town outside of Whitley.  They appeared on the back side of the place, behind a dumpster, not the finest of travel, but it was quick and easy. Since most people here walked to their breakfast place, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for them to show up the same way.  

“Look, you and Wulf were both not more than pups when I met you. The terms stick.” Senias explained.

“So you call your kid a pup, too?” Derek asked.

Senias stiffened, “No… I call him a little asshole. Would you prefer I call you that?” Sen’s accent was a bit more northern islander as he spoke with irritation.

The diner was well decorated inside a brick portion of the building, brick had been washed and left for decorative purposes here and there instead of being painted or covered.  There were shelves with plants high up and the windows were the old palladiums that had been installed back in the early 1920’s.  

“How many, gentlemen?” The man was tall and had his hair in a bun. The darkness of it was contrasted with slight auburn shimmers here and there when the sunlight hit it.  He wore a t-shirt and jeans, the logo of the diner on the pocket. The place was casual, comfortable, had tables, a bar, and old 1950’s style booths. However, they weren’t sitting on the inside.  

“Four, but we need an outside table, si vous plait,” Senias was quick to take the lead.

“It’s kind of nippy out there, but sure thing!” he grabbed some sheet menus and led them through the main diner to the outdoor area. It was a beautiful patio lined with wrought iron with hanging ivy and ferns.  “You guys got it all to yourself. I’m Rusty, I’ll be your waiter for now. Can I bring you a coffee pot? Anything else?”

“I need cream and sugar,” Senias pointed out.

“Okay, anything else?”

“Orange juice?” Derek asked.

“Got it, anything else?” Rusty looked between Devon and Gabriel expectantly. His eyes tended to linger on Gabriel a bit more, though.  

“I like mine plain but would also like some toast please.” Gabriel held his menu out to the young man as that was all that he would require. He didn’t even notice the gaze on him as he looked towards the big man to his left.

“Milk, the rest I’ll order after I have a cup of coffee in me.” Dev grinned as he nodded to Rusty and caught the look his was giving Kennedy.

As the waiter left to get their drinks the Alpha couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he looked over the menu. He was pretty sure Sen was thinking the same thing he was, they couldn’t take the boy anywhere.

“You gonna fight for his honor, Scales?” Derek chuckled under his breath.

Having been in the process of checking the time and mentally adjusting his morning schedule, Gabriel had obviously missed something occurring. The look he gave Derek said as much too before looking to Sen for some kind of explanation.

“Easy fellas we’re in public.” With a deep sigh Devon gave his boy a sympathetic look. Sen wasn’t going to be easy on him considering Derek was treading on thin ice when it came to the other two and their personal lives. They’d be lucky if Gabriel didn’t close off once he realized what Derek meant by that remark.

“People recognize Gabriel from his company. Around here he’s a fuckin’ celebrity. You think just because some pretty boy gives ‘em the eyes that affects me?” Senias lowered his head just a bit and made an opposing point, “You gonna fight for her honor when she’s fucking somebody to feed on their soul?”

Derek growled. Senias had his foot in the boy’s crotch from across the table immediately. The growl became and higher pitched yelp of surprise as he straightened up in the chair.

“You’re really feeling aggressive this morning, pup. Maybe I need to remind you of how much older I am and how much more experience I have?” the dragon left the heel of his boot in the sensitive area as their waiter came back out the door. The dragon smiled sweetly for Rusty.  

“Okay, pot of fresh coffee, check. Cream and sugar, check…” he was placing the items on the table as he spoke. “OJ, check. Milk, check. Toast, check… the spreads are on the end of the table and I brought some butter in case. Annnnd… cups…”

“Merci, Rusty,” Senias went into the Jean-Michel act easily enough.  

“You’re welcome and I’ll give you a few minutes before I come back out for your orders. Let that coffee sink in. It’s from a local roaster. Good stuff.” He smiled for all of them and turned to go.   

Gabriel was quiet as he picked up the butter and spread a thin sheen of it on a piece of toast. As he set it down and reached for the pot to fill his cup he thought of what Derek had assumed of the young man.

“His sister was recently accepted at my downtown office as an intern. Mrs. Shepherd made sure that she was placed within the secretarial pool so that she could work more while interning for the next year.” He took a sip from the cup and eased back in his seat to enjoy the flavor of the brew as he inhaled the delicious aroma. Everyone believed he never got out of the office but in fact he did so quite often for business brunches in the area.

“You shouldn’t assume Derek, because in the end it can make an ass out of you and me.” Gabriel took a bite of toast and enjoyed more coffee. “I’m just having my toast. I’m not up for anything else.”

Derek cleared his throat. “Sorry. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Guess I’m cranky for it.”  he could admit when he’d screwed up.  

“Well, then, since Rusty’s seating other people and we have a moment, what other information did you have for us concerning the twins?” Senias looked over the table at Derek.  

“Dante has a secret lover. Not even Mira knows who it is. Since you were looking for a chink in his armor, I thought that might be important.” He was speaking in a low tone, even though they were alone outside.  “He never partakes of anyone at the club, or at least I’ve not seen him do that. If he’s monogamous to this person, that means she’s a powerful supernatural.”

The dragon’s brow knitted. He was actually thinking back on Dante… the boy was right.

“I never thought about it. But I’ve never seen Dante actually with someone, not in a very, very long time. It’s been… decades. He plays a good game, he flirts, he threatens, he draws energy even, but from emotions.”  Sen pointed out.

One hand lifted up to rub knuckles along his smooth jawline as Gabriel thought this new information over. “With as strong as all of you seem to think Dante is, how powerful would the supernatural have to be to feed him? If he’s been with him for so long they must be strong enough to feed his hunger and survive. You’ve always said surviving their hunger is a roll of the dice haven’t you?”

“Yeah, it was part of the thrill for me. The lover would have to be a dragon or a powerful elemental – maybe an old lycan but that would have to be supplemented by energy from their realm or other lovers. They don’t even feed off of one another for sustenance. It’d take several demonic lovers to sustain someone as powerful as our handsome prince.” Sen pointed out.

“The other big question ya’ll are missing is how the hell do we find out who she is and what do we do once we know?” Dev drank his own cup down and refilled it.

“Or he.. I don’t think he’s partial to one gender over the other. I’ve seen him flirt with both.. Or am I wrong?” Gabe looked at all three sure at least one of them would know. The Alpha was a traditionalist but he didn’t knock other’s choices in life.

“Mira said she. So unless Dante has hidden the gender and let her assume,” Derek looked over at Gabriel, considering the previous conversation, “I get the feeling it’s a female.”  

Rusty came back outside and smiled for them as he pulled out his order pad. They all told their orders and as if he needed confirmation, Gabriel was called by name.  

“Would you like me to bring anything else out, Mr. Kennedy?”

“No that will be all Rusty, thank you. Although you might want to bring another pot with you when you bring the food. It would be appreciated.” Gathering the menu’s he held them out to the young man with an appreciative smile.

As he watched the waiter walk away Gabriel responded to their conversation, “It’s a female and she is powerful enough to make Dante a threat if he so chooses to be. More concerning though right now – is she powerful enough to release his father from his banishment?”

“That ain’t really much of a concern is it? From what I hear there ain’t no love lost between Dante and his ole man. Unless there is another reason he’d wanna pull his father back over here.” Devon looked at Derek, “Ya don’t think Mira would be able to cajole her brother into doin’ that do ya?”

“Well, she’s definitely a daddy’s girl,” Derek wouldn’t go into details here. The way her eyes had sparkled when she talked about her father’s nickname for her, the way she was so warm when she spoke of their father? That was her business. She had shared with him more than he was telling them and he didn’t want to over-share with the others.  He already wondered if he had gone too far when talking about Dante.  He felt like it was a tidbit that might keep Gabriel satisfied for a while without causing too much damage.

“We need to find out who this female. Our good friend Professor Raudine is more than capable of doing that. Derek, I need you to keep meeting with Mira and see if she says anything more about this unknown lover or of any plans to bring their father back.” Gabriel was very serious in this. The last thing they needed was for Darius to be back in their realm.

“Whoa, wait a minute now.” Devon rumbled low, “My pup ain’t gettin’ killed over your snoopin’ Kennedy. The twins find out what he’s up to and that’s exactly what’ll happen.”

“I don’t mind, Pops. I’ll be around her anyways. I promised to teach her how ta surf and we were talkin’ about a trip to the mountains. If it comes up, so be it.” Derek replied quietly.

“I mind enough for the both of us. Mira’s deadly all on her own. I know ya like her and ya don’t want to see her for what she is, but she could drain ya and move on to the next male. Do ya get that?” The look Devon gave Gabriel could make blooming roses whither. He didn’t want his pups put in dangerous situations. His pups and his mate were his whole world and intentionally tinkering with them was a dangerous thing to do. While he thought highly of Gabriel, if anything happened to his boy, Sen wouldn’t even be able to protect him from the Alpha’s wrath. He prayed to the Goddess that Gabe understood that.

“I highly doubt she’d hurt him.” Gabriel sighed heavily and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Is that so, Councilor?” There was sarcasm that he doubted Gabe even picked up on. “Go ahead an ask my brother there how many lovers he’s seen that leech syphon off of and then toss like yesterday’s garbage? Ask him what he’s seen her do when her feelin’s get hurt or her heart gets broken.” His hand fisted on the table top. Being human, Gabriel hadn’t gone through anything like they had. It was why the Alpha didn’t take the threat of the twins lightly. His own blood brother was a former warlord that had decimated continents of people.

“I’ve felt her wrath. I’m not sure I will again. Seems she’s found other folly.” Senias pointed out, his eyes on Derek.  The boy had this look of patheticness on him.  

“Why ya gotta gang up on me? You got your own dragonling out there somewhere. Go find him and leave me out of it.” Derek drank a couple of swallows of his orange juice.  

“He’s not playing with as much fire as you are, Dare.” Sen turned to look at Gabriel, “And if you want to encourage someone else to do something like this, you should understand that you’re in that fire, too.”

“I’m well aware of that fact. I don’t take such things lightly. I’m well aware of what will happen should Derek get harmed in any way.” Gabriel looked from Sen to Dev, “But we need intel on the twins and it’s obvious that Mira is very interested in Derek so wouldn’t it be logical to get what we need while the interest is there. Who knows how she’ll feel in a few weeks and our window of opportunity will be gone.”

“Look, I’m sorry if you think I’m beating a dead horse, here, Derek, but despite how much you try my patience, you’re still like a nephew to me, like a friend, even. I want you to understand the risks you take in this. As a Tasker, I’d prefer you be prepared for the worse case scenario, even if it doesn’t apply…yet.”

Rusty came back outside with a fresh pot of coffee for them. “Sorry gents. I’ll make it quick. You seem to be discussing something important.” he offered to pour for anyone who wanted it and then traded out the carafes.  “I’ll have your food in another ten, promise.”   

“That’s fine Rusty, the rest of this can wait until after their belly’s are full.” Gabriel assured the waiter as he lifted his newly filled cup to his lips to drink and enjoy.

Once Rusty was gone, Derek looked back at Senias. “So warn me.”

“She’s pretty harmless up-front. She knows better than to drain you dry. She knows who you are and what you are. She’s not going to want to cause trouble with a pack that’s both powerful on this side and the other – considering their trade. But if her temper gets hit, she isn’t always rational. She’s the opposite of Dante. He’s cool and calm and calculated. She’s wild and chaotic. He’s had to get her out of a lot of binds. She loves antagonizing people who belittle her or hers.” Senias looked over at Devon. “That’s where I need to caution you and Eva… if he’s gonna do this, stay out of it. You piss her off or put her down, you’ll have an invisible target on you at all times. If she can find a way of getting even for a slight, she will.”  

“Even if she’s not dangerous to you, her brother and father always are. Just because Darius is bound from entering this world, doesn’t mean his reach isn’t felt within it. And keep in mind,” Senias looked between both Derek and Gabriel, “It doesn’t matter what bullshit is brewing between Dante and Darius – the Demon Lord will always defend his children. They are treasures to him. Demons don’t have children they don’t want. They adore their offspring so much more than any other race I’ve come across.”  

“In other words son, she feels like yer playin’ her or she feels fucked over by ya.. We will all pay for it. Not just you and not just Gabe, but all of us. Her brother will round us up and haul our asses to the other realm where daddy dear’ll be waitin’. Unlike Gabe here, you’ve been on the battlefield and ya know what a field of dead and wounded look like. Ya know the stench of it and how it clings to ya tongue and ya senses like a festering wound that never heals. Just remember when ya with her that if ya fuck up that is what’s waitin’ for those ya love.” Dev had tried talking Dare out of all of this so now maybe he just needed something he could connect with. While the wars wasn’t a topic Dev got on often or rehashed, in this case he felt it was needed to ground his eldest before he soared through the clouds of this girl…woman. Mira hadn’t been just a girl for a very long time.

“Thank you for your concern and advice.” Derek knew when it was time to keep his mouth shut.  It was that time. He took another drink of juice.  They were all dangerous creatures. Any one of them might have the same conversation being told of them. But there was no point in arguing.  


Devon noted that Senias was looking directly at Derek. The Alpha did as well.

“Yeah, what?” the younger lycan acknowledged.

“Why exactly was my offspring brought up so much?” Senias asked out of the blue. 

Derek’s blonde brows knit again. He looked over at Gabriel.  “Uhhh… nobody told him about the Council Chamber stuff?”

Senias first looked to Devon, who seemed a bit surprised, though not as much at a loss as he was. He then followed Derek’s gaze to Gabriel. “Something I need to be made aware of?”

“Damn…” Dev muttered before grabbing his glass of milk to drink down. This was not going to go well.

“What Derek is referring to is what went down in the Chamber.” Unlike the big lycan in front of him, Gabriel wasn’t intimidated by Senias. The man needed to know. “Vanishte had an informant that was giving her information on you. It is how they found you in that pub the night she flew back with you. Your son was her informant. He gave you over to the shifter of his own accord. Is there a reason he’d do such?”

“Because he hates me.”  Senias took a drink of his coffee and closed his eyes, trying to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the full-bodied coffee. 


~  Rachel Diane Adams and Dawn McClellan © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2017