Walking the Blade

The stories of those who walk the fine line between the reality most people know and the supernatural reality on the other side of the blade.

The Story

Walking the Blade is a series based in modern times but it calls upon mythical beings who are surviving in disguise within our world. There are Lycan of many varieties, Elementals, Doppelgangers, Demons, Elves, and even Dragons represented.  Creating the cultures of these beings and the Council of Crimson as the lawmaking and prosecuting entity that works hand-in hand with the enforcement entity known only as Crimson has been a lot of fun.  We hope to lend a voice to not only all of our characters, but also the various relationships that they have… for such things are often repressed in reality.

The goal? To addict people to Walking the Blade – for it is a series about many, many lives and adventures orbiting a single gay couple who happen to both be leading secret supernaturally laced lives. We want to share our story and their stories with you and perhaps some day be able to make money from our passion.

Consider the series as you see it here – the FIRST DRAFT.  We are asking for feedback and just really having fun with it before major editing. Once that’s been done, we’ll be promoting it for publication one way or another and the finished version will be fine tuned accordingly. 

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Rachel D. Adams & Dawn McClellan 

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